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13 Spooktacular Days

Day 12 - October 30, 2013   

Welcome to the attic! While the attic storyline has changed somewhat throughout the years, there has been one element, or character for that matter, present: the bride! The original storyline featured guests entering the attic and having a heartbeat beating somewhere within the room. As guests continued their journey through the attic, and past several items that were presumably wedding gifts, they would eventually reach a bride whose bright red heart shone through her dress.

As time went by, the Haunted Mansion received updates and eventually the bride's official storyline became more prominent. She became the third official character to receive a name by Imagineers (Constance) while her five husbands all received names as well. Guests who travel through the Mansion's attic now will pass five wedding portraits which flicker back and forth between Constance and her husband and Constance and her decapitated husband.

The closer we get to Constance the more we hear her say different play on words for her wedding vows ("In sickness and in wealth," "I do. I did"). The five husbands do help us get to know Constance a little better while the final wedding gives us a clue as to how she has made the Mansion her new home. The wedding years and grooms are:

Ambrose in 1869
Frank in 1872
Marquis de Doome in 1874
Reginald in 1875
George in 1877

So how does George connect Constance to the Mansion? As we have discussed in prior articles, the storyline of the Mansion isn't one set in stone, however Imagineers have put out a few items that allow guests to put the pieces of the puzzle together. As the tombstones in the line clearly show us, Master Gracey is the master of the Mansion. However, it is a long rumored belief that Master Gracey's first name is George.

If this is true, a second tombstone for George Gracey can be found in the stretch room. One of the paintings features a women sitting on top of a tombstone which simply reads George. However, the George in the painting also shows that he was decapitated, much like the George we find here in the attic. To connect all the dots together, this would mean the lady sitting on top of the tombstone would in fact be Constance who, after the death of poor Master Gracey, is now the rightful owner of the Mansion!

The tour for the interior of the Mansion comes to a close with Constance as guests then exit the window. The exiting of the window is one of the most amazing, yet most overlooked, details in the entire attraction. Prior to leaving the Mansion the ghosts found throughout the attraction are rather transparent, however, in the graveyard they seem more solidified than before. Why is that?

Well, when exiting the attic guests travel six feet down the hill. Why six feet? Six feet under is the often used term for someone who is buried after the pass away. So how does this and the ghost connect with one another? While exiting the window, guests are actually falling to their deaths. By the time they are six feet under, they are now one with the ghosts and therefore can see them a lot clearer due to being one themselves!

The final clue we have to us being dead is the groundskeeper and his dog. While it appears they are terrified of all the ghosts found throughout the graveyard, take a look at what they are looking at. It isn't our fellow ghosts, but us, the guests in the Doom Buggy, that is giving them a shock. This is due to the fact that when he looks at us, he truly is seeing a ghost!

Join us tomorrow as we wrap up our 13 Spooktacular Days inside the Haunted Mansion!



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