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13 Spooktacular Days

Day 6 - October 24, 2013   

Haunted Mansion Stretchroom

Our tour begins here in this gallery...

Yesterday we spent a good deal of time looking at the tombstones in the queue for Haunted Mansion, but today we will be looking at what can arguably be considered the start of the attraction, the portrait gallery.

As the ghost host points out we see paintings of some of the guests in their mortal years, but they aren't the real star of the show. Before we reveal the star, let's take a look at the interesting history that deals with the portrait gallery or as it is more notably known as, the stretch room.

While the Disneyland version of the Haunted Mansion sat abandoned in New Orleans Square for years before opening, there was one little item that always was present. Guests would need to descend below the ground in order to get to the actual ride building (which was on the other side of the train tracks). So how would they go about doing this? Taking an elevator of course!

The fact that guests were riding in elevators was hidden through the addition of the stretch room where former guests portraits would stretch and reveal more to their portraits. The Imagineers loved the effect so much they decided to add it to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion too. Since Walt Disney World's Mansion didn't need guests to descend below ground, the room stayed the same but the room stretched upward instead of the room descending.

After the room completed its stretch, guests are revealed the ghost host (also found in his now not so mortal state) hanging above head. His body is hidden throughout the entire stretch due to the ceiling being a scrim (which like the Omni-Movers discussed earlier this week, was created for the 1964's World Fair).

However, the real star of the stretch room in the Florida edition is the gargoyles. After guests find a way out, they often rush off to hop aboard their doom buggy. Guests who stick around for a few seconds afterwards, however, are given a special surprise: the gargoyles instruct the guests in hushed whispers to "stick together" and "get out!"

Tomorrow we will continue our journey through the Haunted Mansion by taking a look at the Sinister Seven!

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room




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