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13 Spooktacular Days

Day 9 - October 27, 2013   

 After passing the endless hallway, your Doom Buggy will pass a casket (with a resident attempting to escape) and a crow sitting nearby. While today we all know and love the Ghost Host as our guide, this is actually the first time in the attraction we catch a glimpse of our original host.

When the attraction was in its early stages of development, a raven was the (not so) obvious choice to guide guests through the Mansion while discussing the storyline going on. Audio was recorded and Audio-Animatronic ravens were created and then an amazing problem occurred. People realized it would be difficult to have a host outside of the Doom Buggy interacting with all the guests passing by.

Due to this, the idea of the Ghost Host was created giving each Doom Buggy their own personal audio. The raven can still be found in quite a few scenes throughout the attraction, but luckily (due to a terrible soundtrack) the problem occurred.

After passing the casket, guests will pass several doors with figures behind them trying to enter the hallway. While the doors typically get all the attention, the portraits that hang on the wall are the true stars of this show. Take a good long look at all the faces here. While they may not seem familiar during your first visit to the Mansion, guests who have ridden multiple times may realize their familiarity.

So who exactly are these portraits of and why would guests possibly know who they are? While they aren't exactly the stars of the attraction, these portraits are of the multiple ghosts you can see within the graveyard!

Tomorrow we will finally meet one of the stars of the attraction, Madame Leota!




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