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Day 13 - September 14, 2012

Authenticity is the key to World Showcase. While trying to determine what landmarks to use for each specific pavilion, Disney tended to lean towards the landmarks that would tell the most interesting story (not just for World Showcase but for the country itself). When it comes to China, Disney had so many possibilities to chose from to help share the history of this amazing country. Today we will be taking a look at a few of these locations around the China pavilion while comparing to their real life counterparts (courtesy of pictures from our friends over at

Temple of Heaven. Pictured on the left is the China pavilion, while the right is from China!

The centerpiece of the China pavilion is based off the Temple of Heaven which is located in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven when seen from the sky is circular, which symbolizes Heaven in China while the base is actually square, which represents Earth. Unfortunately the China pavilion wasn't built on the square base, but it does have the even greater find on the inside of both temples.

The architecture in the building creates a phenomenon where when a guest stands in the center of the room and talks the sound bounces off the wall and the sound echoes back into your ears. For an exact location, check out this short video I created three years ago:


While inside the building guests can learn about the Terracotta Warriors based off of actual stone warriors built to protect Chinese Emperors. These statues were all unique from one another with no two being duplicates of each other. Disney has created a miniature small scale duplication of the display found in Xi'an, China. Below you will find pictures of the Disney version (top picture) and the actual one in Xi'an (bottom picture):

Speaking of protecting, the Chinese have guardians that would protect their homes and families. All around the Forbidden City visitors can find guardians on the corners of buildings with a figure of the Emperor sitting on the corner. The more guardians found, the better protected the Emperor would be. While in the China pavilion, guests can find these statues above the Nine Dragons Restaurant. In the pictures below you can find the China pavilion picture on top, and the actual guardians from the Forbidden City on the bottom:

So while architecture found in the United Kingdom may have derived from Mary Poppins artwork, you can clearly see that Imagineers truly did their homework while researching the China pavilion. To learn more about China and see several more pictures dealing with it, stop by the China section of Safari The Globe!

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