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Day 15 - September 16, 2012

Ahh, movies! They have been one of America's favorite ways to sit back and relax for one hundred years now. So naturally, while plans for Epcot were put into motion the idea of having different films around World Showcase to help educate guests on the different cultures, customs, and overall feel of different countries.

While some of these countries received a simple viewing area like Norway:

Other theaters received a whole new experience for Disney guests. While videos like the Norway postshow would give guests a feeling of what Norway was all about, Disney truly wanted to immerse the guests so everywhere they looked they'd be surrounded by the country they were "visiting." Their solution? Use the Circle-Vision 360 camera!

The Circle-Vision camera had been used prior to this, but it had never been used to tell such a grand story before! It almost felt as if it was created so guests could see all aspects of The Great Wall of China or watch a group of Mounties circle them. What's amazing isn't the technology behind these classic film attractions in Florida, but this history behind it.

A few weeks ago on Fun Find Friday we discussed a reference to Ub Iwerks over at Disney California Adventure. Ub had been working with Walt since the 1920s before Walt even began his own film studio! He would go on to draw practically every frame of Steamboat Willie and would eventually head off to start his own company. When his company failed, he returned to the Disney family. Walt put him to work for different attractions at Disneyland from a technical standpoint.

However, the films over at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom had a problem where the film strips wouldn't always head right back to the start, but instead Cast Members would have to unwind the film to restart it. Ub, along with his son came up with a brand new concept of having film strips go through a series of wheels which would eventually cause the end of the film to meet right back up with the start of the film. This allowed the film to be played hundreds of more time since there wasn't as much wear and tear. That's why films like Reflections of China are going strong after almost 30 years of play time. It's all thanks to this famous father/son Disney Legend duo!

Tomorrow we will head back over to Future World as we hit the ground running for the second half of 30 Years, 30 Days and discuss the icons of the Future World pavilions.

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