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Day 17 - September 18, 2012   

Just yesterday we discussed the different symbols that represented the different Future World pavilions in the early and mi 1980s. The great thing about Disney is the fact that even though an attraction, restaurant, or shop may disappear from time to time, they will always pay homage to it in one way or another. Sometimes these nods to the past can be small like the Nautilus that can be found in Mr. Sanders tree in front of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Other times it can be large like the heads of Melvin, Max, and Buff at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in Disneyland.

Back in the 1980s, the pavilions were the true stars of Epcot. True, some of them only featured one attraction like Horizons, but others, like The Land, focused around multiple attractions. So as time would go on and not just attractions, but entire pavilions would disappear Disney made sure they would still get some recognition. While inside Future World there are still three locations where guests can find the famous Epcot Future World symbols.

The first one we actually discussed the other day. Before Lieutenant Dan took us on our mission to Mars over at Mission: SPACE, Horizons used to show guests what the future was going to be like for the typical family. While the entire Horizons building was destroyed and changed, you can still find the old Horizons logo in the center of the spinning wheel while in line for the attraction as seen in the picture below:

The next pavilion we will head over to is The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Amazingly enough, this pavilion has probably changed the least amount over the years. There are some major changes like the addition of Nemo, but the same track, aquarium, observation area, and more are still in place. Because of this, it is surprising that you can find the symbol for The Living Seas here (especially since it's difficult to find symbols for other pavilions that have had major changes like Test Track). While in the lower manatee observation area you can find a posted on your right hand side (while facing the manatees). At the bottom of the poster you can find the following image:

The final retro Epcot symbol that we will look at today is also the largest and most likely the only one seen by guests every time they go to Epcot. Only problem is, most people don't realize they are standing on top of it. Just after you pass the fountain in Future World and are about to cross the bridge to World Showcase you will walk over a giant section of ground that is constantly changing back and forth between two colors. When taken from a slightly higher angle though you will see what it truly is:

That's right! Right there in the center of Epcot is the original symbol for Epcot which just lets guests walk all over it. These are the symbols that can still be found while visiting Epcot, but that doesn't mean past attractions don't have a nod to them found hidden throughout the park. We will be taking a look at these nods in the future, but before we do that, make sure to join us tomorrow as we figure out why on earth the Epcot symbol pictured above is located here of all places. As they say in Spaceship Earth, "We'll see you in the future."

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