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Day 18 - September 19, 2012   

During yesterday's 30 Years, 30 Days article we ended with a look at this picture:

As pointed out yesterday, this image represents the original Epcot logo. But why is it here? If you ever read my original Fun Find Friday article you would have read about a timeline found over at Future World West near the times board which is pictured here:

This timeline, more specifically the light gray circle in the center, is the exact center of Walt Disney World. If you were to take a ruler and measure both East and West from this point and North and West it would be equal distance. I'd suggest using a ruler that is longer than 12 inches to save time if you really plan on doing this. As pointed out in that article, it is very random that the center of Walt Disney World would be placed in a random area like Future World West instead of near Spaceship Earth.

However, while doing construction it was discovered that an endangered bird was living not too far off from where The Land pavilion was originally going to be placed so construction had to be moved over to the East for the entire park. Due to this, the center of Walt Disney World is not at the center of Epcot, however, the original plans for the park remained intact. So if the original plans would be located where they were intended to be, the entire park would have been shifted over and the picture found at the top of this article would be where the proposed center of Walt Disney World originally was meant to be!

Make sure to join us tomorrow to find out how Epcot ended up inspiring a brand new Disney park!

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