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Day 2 - September 3, 2012

I love park maps! Before I moved to Florida permanently I used to spend hours in my room in Wisconsin observing every last inch of my Disney maps. While taking a look at any Disneyland or Magic Kingdom map you will notice something very interesting. The park is actually set up to be similar to the hub of a wheel while all the paths leading to the different lands are meant to be spokes (as seen in the picture below).

When Epcot was being planned the Imagineers had to make some decisions on how the park was going to be outlined. They knew it would be similar to a world's fair (which we'll get to on another one of our 30 days), but they also knew they had had a lot of success with Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom due to the layout of the parks. The decision was finally made that the best thing they could do was bring their two influences (Disneyland's layout and the idea of a world's fair) together and make a new type of layout system.

While walking through Future World the idea of a hub and wheel has remained intact. The fountain that sits in the central area of Future World acts as the hub, while guests can then travel to Future World East, Future World West, Spaceship Earth, and World Showcase from this central location. While dealing with World Showcase Disney decided to use the influence from world's fairs where you can't really jump from one section to another, but instead are encouraged to pass several locations and explore to your hearts desire.

Since Disney wanted guests to take World Showcase at a more leisurely pace this new layout was introduced and it complemented the feel of Future World and the hectic jumping from idea to idea extremely well. With the marriage of these two ideas Epcot received a feel that was filled with both excitement and leisure. Take a look at the map below to see how the two sections of Epcot both vary and compliment one another at the same time:

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