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Day 21 - September 22, 2012   

As the story goes, while Walt was in the hospital during his final days Roy would visit him on a daily basis (with the studio being located right across the street). During the visits Walt would use the ceiling tiles in his room to explain the plans of EPCOT to his brother. After Walt passed Roy made the decision to come out of retirement and make his brothers final, and greatest, plans become a reality.

He convinced the Florida Governor at the time to sign an act which would allow Disney to create the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), which still exists today. This was the first step he would need in creating the city Walt wanted to be completed. More importantly, with this step it helped us receive the Walt Disney World we all know and love today, but we'll get to that.

Roy's next goal was to convince the members of the board that now was the time to move forward with Walt's EPCOT plans. That's when he hit his roadblock. Even though he could convince a state that this was a good idea, members of the Disney team had a big fear: Walt, the captain of the project, wasn't there to guide it through so they shouldn't attempt to do it. Devastated, Roy knew he had to figure out something that would eventually lead to his brother's vision. He knew that would be Disneyland East, or the Magic Kingdom as we all know and love it as today. With little hesitation, the Disney team agreed that the Magic Kingdom should be built.

Roy saw this as a stepping stone. When people realized how successful Magic Kingdom was on the East Coast surly they would agree to build a city. Unfortunately, shortly after the Magic Kingdom opened Roy passed away as well. He did make an impact though because after his passing talks of EPCOT came into being once again. It was decided that Walt's plans may have been possible with him at the steering wheel, but with Walt gone (and now Roy as well) it was still possible to showcase Walt's ideas that would be featured in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Like I stated earlier, thanks to establishing RCID Disney could actually figure out the most efficient way to transport guests around property. If Roy didn't do that it would have been tough to establish an entire fire department unit, bus unit, etc. It as also decided that EPCOT, while not being a city, could focus on the newest innovations that would allow guests to see what the future had in store. Sure, they may not actually see it in an actual situation where people are truly living there, but they would see some ideas for the future and then, hopefully, in turn bring them back to their homes and towns and make a difference in their own communities.

Due to the 1964 World's Fair helping establish the idea of EPCOT in Walt's head originally, it was decided that a World's Fair theme would be present throughout the entire park. The final step was to include Walt's idea of having his EPCOT help bring the world together. While they couldn't do this by changing the way city's are around the world, they could bring in different countries (9 to be exact on opening day) and let guests get a better understanding of what other cultures are all about while putting aside certain stereotypes and our own beliefs and see how we actually connect instead of how we differ.

Speaking of World Showcase, join us tomorrow as we take a look at the World Showcase that almost was, but never came to be!

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