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Day 23 - September 24, 2012   

Prior to 2003 when Nemo and the gang started calling Epcot their home, the pavilion, which was practically the same but without the Nemo theme, was known as The Living Seas. When The Living Seas opened in 1986 it had one unique feature that has left unchanged to this day.

While searching for Nemo today, your clammobile passes through the aquarium, which guests can explore in more depth after the attraction. This aquarium held the distinct honor of being the world's largest saltwater aquarium from 1986 through 2005 when Georgia opened one that was larger. While that seems impressive taking a look at it (as seen in pictures and a map of the area below) there is something even more amazing about the size of the tank that most guests don't realize.

Looking at the map you can see that the aquarium expands a lot further than what guests can actually see.

Hidden Mickey!

Like I was pointing out, the size of the tank is so massive that it actually has a diameter of over 200 feet! While that doesn't seem to be amazingly large, consider this. If you removed Spaceship Earth from its stands and rolled it over to The Seas pavilion, you could completely submerge Spaceship Earth (without breaking it into any pieces) with no problem at all! Now that, my friends, is an extremely large tank!

Speaking of Spaceship Earth, stop by again tomorrow as we travel through time about our very own Spaceship Earth. "See you in the future!"

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