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Day 24 - September 25, 2012   

At the end of yesterday's article I pointed out that we would be visiting Spaceship Earth today. Yesterday while at Epcot, however, I discovered something which was added in Future World that has inspired a new article.

We've spent a lot of time over the past 24 days discussing the past of Epcot, but as we've pointed out over and over, Epcot is a place to showcase the future. While the past is great, the future always has something in store for us that could be even more amazing!

Test Track officially opened up in 1999 after going through years of construction and instantly became the fastest attraction in Walt Disney World, along with being one of the most popular! While the attraction had delighted guests for ages, earlier this year it closed down to go through some changes that have been quite secretive. We know that guests will now get to design their own Test Track vehicle and have it go through four stages of testing, but other than that things are still quite up in the air!

Near the exit of Test Track there has always been an area known as Cool Wash which kept the theme of the "crash test" while providing guests with the chance to purchase frozen cokes. Walls went up around Cool Wash shortly after Test Track closed as well. However, during a walk yesterday, I discovered that the walls are down!

While in the main area you can find what our new, futuristic car looks like. More importantly, however, on the head of the Crash Test Dummy appears to be the new logo for Test Track. So as we've been looking at over the past 24 days, things at Epcot will all eventually disappear to make way for new things. And in the very near future, we will be getting something new! I'm excited, are you?

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