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Day 25 - September 26, 2012   

Spaceship Earth is truly the icon of Epcot and since the park opened it's been a symbol of the future that's recognizable by Disney fans and non Disney fans alike (although some people may think its a golf ball we'll still pretend golf is the game of the future).

Spaceship Earth's design was based off of Buckminster Fuller who had designed them in past for different World's Fairs and expos, however there was a big question going around Imagineering before construction: how on (Spaceship) Earth could a full geodesic sphere be able to stand on its own. The solution came, from all places, a garage in California (actually not really, just at Imagineering). John Hench, who is probably most famous for Space Mountain suggested the architecture should focus on two parts where the top of a table was connected to the support system while the other was hanging from the bottom of the table. Amazingly enough, it worked! There is more to the building than that, however! Here are five fun facts about Spaceship Earth!

1) There are 11,324 triangular panels that can be found on the exterior surface of Spaceship Earth. All of these are made of an aluminum alloy.

2) Have you ever noticed that water doesn't trickle all the way down to the lower part of Spaceship Earth when it rains? That's because there is a draining system that collects all the water near the top half of Spaceship Earth and drains the water out in World Showcase Lagoon!

3) There are actually two spheres that make up Spaceship Earth. The exterior is what guests know the best, while the inner sphere is actually made up of a rubber like coating!

4) The support beam that sits across from the entrance to the attraction actually has an elevator inside! This is how maintenance workers, along with Mickey in the famous 1980s/90s commercials get to the upper levels of the exterior level of Spaceship Earth!

5) Spaceship Earth stands at 180 feet tall, but during the 100 Years of Magic celebration in 2001 a Mickey hand, along with a wand, were added making the attraction stand at over 200 feet tall, the only Walt Disney World attraction ever to do so!

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