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Day 27 - September 28, 2012   

Warning! Today's Ellen's Energy Adventure article may take 3-5 minutes to read with no stops!

Ahh, the Universe of Energy! An opening day attraction on Future World that has gone through some pretty big changes throughout the years (mainly adding Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy), but the heart of the matter has remained the same: energy.

Keeping with the idea that Future World truly is a showcase for the future, Disney really knocked it out of the park with this one. While some attractions will discuss futuristic opportunities, it is typically up to you, the guest, to make those futuristic opportunities a reality. With Universe of Energy, however, Disney has practiced what the preach. On top of the attraction, while also being visible from ground level, guests can spot over 80,000 photovoltaic cells.

These cells provide 15% of the energy used to run this attraction! While the remaining 85% is typical throughout the rest of the attraction, Disney Imagineers keep using their brain power (see what I did there?) to discover new ways to energize not just Universe of Energy, but other attractions as well. While it may not be the most popular attraction, this opening day attraction appears to still be going strong! Here are five facts about the attraction you may not already know!

1) The attraction is the longest (time wise) found throughout Walt Disney World.

2) The role of "Stupid Judy" is played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Also on board is Alex Trebek playing himself!

3) After going through the attraction you'll approach a radio station called "KNRG" which when read slowly sounds like K Energy, or Kinetic Energy!

4) The man who discovers fire in the video is Michael Richards, famous for playing Kramer on the hit TV show, Seinfeld!

5) The current attraction was originally called Ellen's Energy Crisis, but the name only stayed for a few days when it was renamed Ellen's Energy Adventure!

Speaking of energy, stop by again tomorrow as we take a look at one of the most energized attractions found throughout Epcot!

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