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Day 28 - September 29, 2012   

Good Evening! These two words, spoken by voice of Winnie the Pooh Jim Cummings, make guests stop each night.

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth made its debut on Epcot's 17th anniversary: October 1, 1999. The fireworks show was created in honor of the new Millennium. In fact, while watching the show you may notice that around World Showcase Lagoon 19 torches blaze on before, during parts of, and after the show. Each one of these torches symbolize one of the centuries that the world has completed.

The shows storyline is a lot more complex than guests ever give it credit for. In fact, the chaos at the beginning of the show is meant to be just that: chaos! There are three acts during this nighttime spectacular. The first focuses around the creation of the world, while the second goes through the history of mankind on this planet, while the final act is a glimpse into the future and an entrance into the future.

The show has stood the test of time and has become a fan favorite. In fact, just three years ago Disney decided they were going to change the show and after one night of a new show there were so many guest complaints that Reflections of Earth returned! There are a lot of things that make this show a winner though.

For instance not only is there fireworks, but lasers fill the sky, and even the pavilions get into the act and light up at different portions of the section. Morocco, however, does not light up due to religious reasons. Since Morocco doesn't light up, Disney decided they needed to put a nice balance between lit up countries and non-lit up ones so Norway, which is almost on the opposite side of the Lagoon, doesn't light up as well.

In addition to these two countries playing a role (or lack thereof) in the show, Mexico probably plays the most pivotal role of all. If you head over towards the Mexico pavilion take a look towards the top of the pyramid. Here you may catch a glimpse of the Cast Members at the top that are working in the control tower for the show.

The true star of the show isn't one of the 2,800+ fireworks that launch of during the show, but the gigantic globe that takes center stage during the show. The globe, which is 28 feet tall, has over 180,000 lights upon it which can broadcast images. This gave it the honor of being the very first spherical video display in the world! Towards the end of the show a giant torch emerges from the globe symbolizing the beginning of the 20th century.

And who doesn't love the music done during the show? At times it's dramatic, at times it's upbeat, but throughout the entire show it's extremely moving. If the style of music seems familiar to the typical Disney fan it may be due to the fact that Hans Zimmer, composer of The Lion King, also helped create the music for IllumiNations as well!

Speaking of music, join us tomorrow as we embark on a musical look at Epcot which consists of us make believing we're a tiny little seed, remembering that if we can dream it we can do it, and a whole lot more!

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