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Day 4 - September 5, 2012

America, spread your golden wings...

The American Adventure has been part of the backbone of World Showcase since October 1, 1982. At the time it had the most advanced Audio-Animatronic (Ben Franklin appears to walk during the show) and was planned to be the signature pavilion of World Showcase, but did you know it wasn't originally going to be located where it is today?

That's right! The American Adventure, which today is located so dominantly across World Showcase Lagoon wasn't originally going to sit on that side of the lagoon, but actually right at the entrance to World Showcase. Just after crossing the bridge from Future World to World Showcase you will notice that Canada can be found to your right and Mexico to your left. The reason these two pavilions are located here is due to the fact that they are the only two countries that border the United States.

Shortly after the planning of Epcot was in full force Imagineers began to worry that some overly patriotic guests wouldn't care about all the countries around World Showcase and stop at the first stop, The American Adventure, and that would be it. They decided to use the pavilion as a "weenie" (Walt's own term for a visual element that would draw guests to a location) across the World Showcase Lagoon forcing guests to travel past the other pavilions!

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