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Day 5 - September 6, 2012

Two days ago we talked about how the absence of Mickey Mouse at Epcot led to the creation of Hidden Mickeys throughout the parks. The absence of everyone's favorite mouse didn't just stop there though. With Mickey representing the Magic Kingdom, Disney decided they needed to have a character that would represent EPCOT Center as well.

Enter the television show Magnum P.I. As the show goes, well know Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter was watching the show when a character said the line, "Figment of Imagination." The creative muscles inside Mr. Baxter began to turn and he began to wonder who on earth was this Figment and voila! A park icon was born.

But Figment didn't come alone. The Dreamfinder, a man who traveled around "searching for sounds, colors, ideas, anything that sparks the imagination" joined Figment in March of 1983. Figment gained so much popularity that he soon would become known as the unofficial mascot of Epcot. Unfortunately as we've stated throughout the past few days things have changed throughout most of Epcot keeping with the idea of everything changing over time and evolving into bigger and better things.

Unfortunately, this wasn't exactly the case for Figment and Dreamfinder when their staple attraction closed in 1999. There was such an uproar with the new attraction, which no longer featured either character besides a cameo by Figment, that two years later Figment returned to Journey Into Imagination. There was no Dreamfinder in sight unfortunately.

As time went by, Figment slowly faded into the background of being the unofficial mascot of Epcot. Who took over? Well, some day Duffy while others say there is no mascot anymore, while other say that Figment still is. There really is no true answer. I know what you are thinking. What on earth happened to Dreamfinder? No one really knows, but you can still find his Dream Catcher mobile over at Mouse Gear to this day!

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