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Day 9 - September 10, 2012

There's no doubt about it, the monorail is one of the coolest things on Earth. While I love Disneyland's monorail more than Walt Disney World's (it is truly an attraction over there and not just a mode of transportation), the monorail loop that travels from the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) to Epcot is one of my favorites. The highlight is traveling above the Epcot parking lot and then soaring over Future World East, the bridge that connects Future World and World Showcase, and then Future World West before headed back outside of the park. The story of how this loop came to be is an interesting story in itself.

Prior to October 1, 1971, guests visiting Walt Disney Property had the chance to explore the Walt Disney World Preview Center (now the athletic club over near Downtown Disney) to get a taste of what the Magic Kingdom was going to be all about. When Epcot was being built the idea of having a monorail run through it was one of the original ideas, but the loop itself was designed for a very distinct reason: give guests a preview of Epcot.

Shortly before Epcot would open, but while it was still in the final phases of being built, guests could hop aboard the monorail and actually get an in person preview of what Epcot was going to be about. There was a preview building at the park prior to opening day, but just imagine the thrill of being able to ride above a still being constructed park. It marked the only time any Disney park allowed guests to actually ride above the park while still in the construction phase and it's all thanks to a monorail loop that still entertains guests to this day!

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