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Backlot Express

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The Story: Welcome to the Backlot! The Backlot Express Restaurant gives guests the first indication of actually being backstage at a working studio lot. Here you will dine in the Prop Shop and find several fun finds! The restaurant is broken into two sections. On one side you will find the paint department which consists of both finished and unfinished pieces of artwork, while on the other side you can find the stuntman's area, along with some of the props that they may use for filming on the studio set!

The Menu:


Fun Facts: In the Stuntman's area of the restaurant, you can find a prop from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This "car" was the stand in for Bennie the Cab. Above it you can find pictures of what the scene looked like before and after the animation was added to the scene.


Location: Backlot

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