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Cornelius Coot

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Who is it? Cornelius Coot

The Story:
When Mickey's Birthdayland Opened in 1988 it was stylized after the town of Duckburg from the then popular show DuckTales and the Uncle Scrooge comic books. To keep the connection to Duckburg alive, a statue of Cornelius Coot, the founder of Duckburg (and Scrooge McDuck's Great-Grandfather), was erected into the middle of the town square.

When Mickey's Toontown Fair replaced Mickey's Starland it was decided that Cornelius Coot should remain in the area. He was given a new plot line that connected him to the land which could be read on the plaque beneath his feet:

                      This is old Cornelius Coot,
               Who Turned his corn crop into loot,

             And founded Mickey's Toontown Fair,
                   To him we dedicate this square

Location: Mickey's Toontown Fair

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