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Expedition Everest

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The Story: What better way to enjoy the continent of Asia than taking a nice relaxing train ride to the top of Mount Everest?

Unfortunately for you, there is an evil that has been lurking around the mountain for years. He's been looking for people like you to make sure they stay off his mountain. Who is he?

The Yeti.

So head to the Anandapur Travel Agency and load up on your supplies for your treacherous journey, or if you planned ahead, make a quick stop to pick up your items. No matter what, you'll need to board a train that runs with the Anandapur Rail Service and make your way up the mountain.

Watch out for the Yeti!

The History: At times it's difficult to remember Disney's Animal Kingdom without Expedition Everest, but this was the case for eight years.

The evolution of Expedition Everest can be traced back to 1959 when Disneyland first introduced the Matterhorn. From there, a birth of Disney "mountains" were born. In the early 2000's, Disney realized that bringing Mount Everest to Disney's Animal Kingdom would help guests truly feel they

were in the continent of Asia. Work began, and in February of 2006, Disney introduced their newest mountain, but not in Florida.

In actuality, Disney had a publicity stunt in New York City's Time Square. Disney covered several buildings with billboards which showed pictures of Mount Everest and it's neighboring peaks. Upon these pictures was a runaway train and the Yeti looking for its next victim. In addition to the billboards, different acrobats and rock climbers scaled ropes up these mountains, and then did cartwheels, somersaults, and more on the way back down!

Expedition Everest officially opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 7, 2006.

Height Restriction: One Yeti foot tall, or 44 inches.

Attraction Length: 4 minutes

Fastpass? YES!

Fun Facts: You never actually reach Mount Everest. The Yeti has other plans in store for you!

Location: Asia

Touring Tips: Most people don't realize that Expedition Everest has a single rider line! It can be found around the corner from the Fastpass Return line on your right hand side!

While Expedition Everest is a popular attraction, Fastpasses are usually still available in the early afternoon.

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