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Mama Melrose's

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The Story: A struggling Italian actress is living in Hollywood trying to crack her way into the big time. Unfortunately, no one seems to give her a second glance when it comes to her acting skills.

However, when she begins to bring lunch to the backlot featuring some of her family's greatest Italian recipes, people really start to take notice of her. She realizes that instead of trying to start an acting career, she should start her own restaurant on the backlot.

When she does, almost every actor and actress dines at Mama Melrose's Restorante Italiano on all of their breaks! So next time you are on the backlot, stop by the place that the stars dine!

The History: The restaurant had it's grand opening in September of 1991 after being a small pizza shop for a few months.

The Menu: Coming soon! In the meantime, take a look at this: The Chicken Flatbread (my personal favorite!)


Fun Facts: Check out the walls throughout the restaurant to find pictures of some of the stars of Hollywood that have dined here (see picture on left). Can you find the hidden Mickey on the picture on the right?
Here's the Hidden Mickey closer up! You can find this statue on your right hand side just after entering the restaurant!

Location: Backlot

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your review of Mama Melrose's Restorante Italiano, please submit a review to

Return to Backlot Dining

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