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Min and Bill's

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The History: Min and Bill, a 1930 MGM film, is the inspiration behind Min and Bill's Dockside Diner. Due to the fact that the film took place on a waterfront, it is appropriate that the restaurant is a "boat." Also taking a cue from the 1930's the film is designed to look like a boat in the "California Crazy" type architecture, where buildings look like a specific item.

Fun Facts: The name of the ship is S.S. Down the Hatch.

Here's something that is very coincidental, but a fun fact none the less. Min and Bill may reference the 1930 film of the same name, or reference the two main characters in Steamboat Willie. Minnie Mouse (Min) and Steamboat Willie (or Bill for short)!

The nautical flags above the restaurant (see picture below) spell out "D7O8C2K5S6I2D8E9D6I3N5E4R" You'll notice the letters spell out "Dockside Diner," while the numbers are 782562896354. What do these numbers mean? They could be different dates that are significant to an Imagineer (7/8/25, 6/2/89, 6/3/54), they could be years ('78, '25, '62, '89, '63, '54) or they could mean nothing! Nautical flags are meant to switch between a letter and number for every flag, so the Imagineers may have randomly selected numbers just to give us the message of, Dockside Diner.

Location: Echo Lake

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