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Pinocchio Village Haus

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The Menu:

The History: Pinocchio Village Haus has been around since opening day of the Magic Kingdom. While designing the restaurant Imagineers decided to go with a German look and feel to the exterior and interior of the restaurant even though the Pinocchio story is actually Italian!

Why did the Imagineers do this? Well, all of Fantasyland takes different elements from different European structures, but when it came to the Village Haus they decided to give Pinocchio a home somewhere in Fantasyland, and figured this would be the perfect place. While there have been Disney films based on German fairy tales, like Snow White, they already had an attraction represented at the park.

Fun Facts: Each room in the restaurant belongs to a different character from the classic 1940 film, Pinocchio. The rooms consist of Cleo, Figaro, Geppetto, Stromboli, Monstro, the Blue Fairy, and Jiminy Cricket! Each room is represented by the named character and their interaction with Pinocchio by pictures on the walls and stained glass windows!

The area you order at is actually outside! Well, not really, but if you look around you, you will realize it is designed to look like you are in a courtyard that is in the middle of the house. The spot where you pick up your order even has a small roof above it!

Location: Fantasyland

Touring Tips: There are two great places to eat while at Pinocchio Village Haus. The first one is the obvious one. You can eat at a table overlooking the attraction, "it's a small world." This gives you a chance to wave down and the guests below while enjoying your pizza! The second spot is on the second floor. Here you have two options. Dine indoors or outdoors. Either way you are overlooking the main dining area in the restaurant or overlooking Fantasyland!

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