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The Menu:

The Story: We all know that there are several different kinds of animals out there. There are those that eat other animals, and those that eat pizza. There are those that hunt at night and those that hunt during the day. Those that fly and those that walk.

Pizzafari is, above all else, an educational restaurant that allows guests to learn more about each type of animal group. In this case, they categorize animals that are colorful, that hang upside down, that are nocturnal, that bring their homes with them at all times, and animals that use camouflage.

I know what you are thinking, "I thought this was just a place to get pizza!" And you are partially right! Not only does Pizzafari serve some of the best pizza on property, but the main attraction is each individual room and the paintings upon the walls. The rooms consist of:

The Upside Down Room:
The Nocturnal Room:
The Animals that Carry their Homes Room:
And my personal favorite, The Camouflage Room:

Fun Facts: Each room has at least one hidden Mickey somewhere in the room. Here is the Mickey from the Upside Down Room:

There are two fun finds in the Upside Down Room. First off there is only one animal that is right side up (pictured below) and there is also a mural of some possums where one of the possums only has a tail and no body (also pictured below)!


Location: Discovery Island

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To learn more about Pizzafari, please watch the 34th Episode of the W.E.D.nesday Show!

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