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Tower of Terror

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The Story: On October 31, 1939, something awful happened to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a place for Hollywood's elite. Four guests, which consisted of a couple, a child actress and her nanny, along with a bellhop, stepped into an elevator to stop by a party at the hotel's Tip Top Club on the top floor.

During the elevator ride, the building was struck by lightning and the five people, and the elevator, disappeared into the Twilight Zone.

Years pass, and eventually the Hollywood Tower Hotel is rediscovered by some average guests. When they hear the story and see the bellhops, who may or may not be ghosts, they share the story of the Hollywood Tower Hotel with everyone they know until guests of all ages begin to take on the Tower of Terror in...the Twilight Zone.

Height Restriction: 40 inches

Attraction Length: About 3 minutes

Fastpass? Yes!

The History: Amazingly enough, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror didn't always have a home at Walt Disney World, or anywhere in the world for that matter! While the Imagineers were

trying to come up with a new attraction with an in depth storyline, they went to an outside company to get the rights to The Twilight Zone. They figured this would be a great way to introduce a brand new story that was kind of spooky and allow teenage guests to have a ride they could call their own.

The attraction, along with Sunset Boulevard would open in June of 1994.

Fun Facts: The Hollywood Tower Hotel is 199 feet tall, which is one foot short of putting a red light on top of the structure!

Due to the popularity of the attraction, the Tower of Terror would eventually find a home in Disney's California Adventure, Tokyo DisneySea, and Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. It would also inspire a made for TV movie in 1997!

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Touring Tips: While the attraction is popular, you can usually get a Fastpass up until the mid-afternoon. If the wait time states "13 minutes", that usually means it's a walk on!

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your review of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, please submit a review to

To learn more about the Tower of Terror, please watch the 62nd Episode of the W.E.D.nesday Show!


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