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Captain EO

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The Story: A ragtag crew on a spaceship, led by the infamous Captain EO, are on a mission to deliver a gift to the Supreme Leader of a planet. Along the way the crew sets off the intrusion alert and is attacked. They crash land on the planet. Quickly after disembarking they are captured by the Supreme Leaders guards.

After being presented to the Supreme Leader, Captain EO informs her that they are there to deliver a gift to her. She demands to see the gift, which EO then informs her that she can hear it as well. Captain EO begins to do a dance routine when Hooter, one of the members of the crew, accidently breaks his piano which brings the Supreme Leader to full attention and demands that her guards capture Captain EO.

Hooter since fixes the piano which allows EO to regain his musical power. Using the power of dance and song, he transforms all of the guards into a well dressed dance team. The guards then turn on their own leader. Eventually EO transforms the Supreme Leader into a human and with it, the entire planet begins to change from a bleak location to one full of joy, laughter, and most importantly, dancing. In the end EO and his crew fly off into space in hopes that they can bring the power of song to the rest of the galaxy.

Height Restriction: N/A
Attraction Length: 17 minutes
Fastpass? None

The History: Prior to Captain EO, a 3D film called Magic Journeys called the Magic Eye Theater home. The success that Disney saw with their 3D projects with Kodak, the sponsor of the film, encouraged them to further develop the art of making 3D films. They brought aboard George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Michael Jackson to help make a truly unforgettable 3D experience.

The film was shot and would become an Epcot classic attraction from its opening in 1986 all the way through its eight year run when it would eventually close in 1994 to make way for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (based off the very popular series of the time, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)! It was a basic understanding that Captain EO would never again see the light of day, however, a group of Captain EO fans continued to campaign to have Disney bring back their favorite attraction again some day.

Their opportunity came in 2009 under unfortunate circumstances. When Michael Jackson unexpectedly passed away, Disney fans joined together to show their support of brining Captain EO back to the screen once and for all. After much consideration, Disney agreed and on July 2, 2010, Captain EO would reopen and remain open to this very day.

Fun Facts: While the film for Captain EO remains the same as it did during its original run, there are a few changes that were made for the new version of the attraction. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, which replaced EO in 1994, added two effects that its predecessor didn't have: moving floors (for the shrinking scene) and air blowers near guests feet (to simulate the mice). When Captain EO returned they used both of these effects to help propel the story further. The floors were used to have guests move to the beat, while the air blowers would simulate the feeling of being whipped by the Supreme Leaders whip warriors!

The members of Captain EO's crew are Fuzzball, Idy, Ody, Major Domo, Minor Domo, and of course, Hooter!

While Captain EO in Epcot has kept the name Captain EO for its return, its Disneyland counterpart was renamed Captain EO Tribute!

Location: The Imagination Pavilion.

Touring Tips: The attraction usually has no wait whatsoever. Your entire wait will mainly consist of watching the preshow!

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