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Cheshire Cafe

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Closer Look at Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom 

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The Story: Do you know which way the White Rabbit went? On Alice's trip through Wonderland she stumbles across a rather odd creature, the Cheshire Cat, who helps her on her journey trying to find the White Rabbit. On the edge of the forest, not far away from the Mad Hatters Mad Tea Party, Alice meets him, so naturally, just at the end of Fantasyland guests can find him as well adoring the sign for the Cheshire Cafe.

The History: When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the area where Cheshire Cafe and its adjoining restrooms now sit was actually part of Tomorrowland! Around the same time, Disneyland had created a section inside Fantasyland which focused on artists creating souvenirs for guests featuring their name in creative lettering or silhouettes of the guests (that section is still in Disneyland to this day). Due to this popularity, Disney created the Fantasyland Art Festival!

The Fantasyland Art Festival remained open until the early 1980s when it was transformed into a quick service location, The Enchanted Grove! The Enchanted Grove offered guests the opportunity to grab quick snacks that could be eaten on the go. The area remained practically untouched up until 2011 when the snack location was rethemed to help fill in the overlaying storyline of the New Fantasyland project by focusing more of the area around the Alice in Wonderland story.

The Cheshire Cafe officially opened on November 9, 2011!

Location: Fantasyland

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