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The Story: Welcome to the Dino Institute! As the story goes, prior to 1978 the Dino Institute was housed in the building where Restaurantosaurus now stands. By 1978 the Dino Institute had established quite a name for itself which in turn allowed them to build a brand new complex.

Recently, Dr. Marsh, head of the Dino Institute, established a brand new experience for guests visiting the area: The Time Rover. An amazing vehicle that will literally transport you to the age of the dinosaurs! Prior to boarding the vehicle, guests get to explore the other exhibits of the museum which include fossils, murals of the days of the dinosaurs, and dinosaur bones scattered about!

Guests then are greeted by Dr. Marsh who is quickly interrupted by a transmission from a heck of a paleontologist, Dr. Grant Seeker. He explains to guests that he has altered the path of time travel so instead of taking guests to a tamer time of the dinosaurs he will be taking us to the very end of the Cretaceous Period in order to retrieve an Iguanodon, a dinosaur he believes he is the key to understanding these magnificent creatures.

After boarding Time Rovers, guests travel back in time where a meteor shower is already in range. Unfortunately, guests then begin to come in contact with the evil Carnotaurus. It's then a race against time, a meteor shower, and the Carnotaurus in order to find the Iguanodon and make it back to present time before the end of the world. Can guests make it back? there's only one way to find out!

Height Restriction: 40 inches
Attraction Length: 3 minutes
Fastpass? Yes

The History: When Disney's Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998, Countdown to Extinction was scaring guests in Dinoland, USA. On May 19, 2000 Disney released its newest full length animated feature film, Dinosaur and used the film to help bring more guests into the attraction. The biggest change that occurred was the name (it went from Countdown to Extinction to its current Dinosaur). In addition to that, the Stegosaurus that used to sit out front of the attraction was replaced by Aladar, the star of the film.

Tying the attraction to the film had one major drawback: it had to be tamed down from its original form. Due to this scenes after the Carnotaurus no longer featured loud noises such as roars and footprints being right behind the Time Rover. Instead, the noises appear to be further away in the current form.

The attraction has been around since opening day: April 22, 1998.

Fun Facts: You can find a Hidden Mickey almost immediately after boarding your Time Rover!

When the attraction changed from Countdown to Extinction a lot of the original references to the original form stuck around. For instance, the name on the side of your Time Rover has remained unchanged with CTX standing for Countdown to Extinction:

For another reference to the original name, check out Fun Find Friday featuring a code on the wall!

Location: Dinoland, USA

Touring Tips: The attraction usually doesn't have too long of a wait, however, if the park seems busy you may need to grab a Fastpass. Otherwise, the wait is typically around ten minutes!

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Return to Dinoland, USA Attractions

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