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The Friar's Nook

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The Friar's Nook in Magic Kingdom 

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The Story: Everyone's favorite badger from Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, has set up his own little shop in the Fantasyland courtyard. While Robin Hood has run Prince John out of the kingdom, Friar Tuck is still trying to get enough proceeds for his church to keep expanding! Think of it as a church bake sale with some amazing real estate!

The History: When Walt Disney World opened in 1971, the area now know as The Friar's Nook was part of The Royal Candy Factory shop which was also attached to the now present Seven Dwarfs' Mine shop. In the later 70s, Disney began to seperate The Royal Candy Factory into different shops, and the section now known as The Friar's Nook became Lancer's Inn, which served basic meals and snacks.

In 1986, shortly after The Black Cauldron hit theaters, the restaurant was rethemed and renamed Gurgi's Munchies and Crunchies after one of the most memorable characters from the film. After the hit film Beauty and the Beast was released, the shop was once again renamed after Lumiere and it became Lumiere's Kitchen (which went hand in hand with Mrs. Potts' Cupboard). Unfortunately due to poor upkeep, Lumiere's Kitchen was closed.

Eventually, McDonalds, which at this point had had a long running partnership with Disney, opened up a fry stand called The Village Fry Shoppe. When Disney decided to feature healthier snacks in the park, the shop was renamed once again to The Friar's Nook, featuring Friar Tuck from the 1970s Disney film, Robin Hood!

The Friar's Nook officially opened in November of 2009!

Fun Fact: If you take a look at the establishment date of The Friar's Nook you'll see the Roman Numerals: MLXXI or 1071. This isn't a shout out to anything referenced in Robin Hood, but to the Magic Kingdom which opened in October (10) in the year 1971 (71)!

Friar's Nook Establishment Date

Location: Fantasyland

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