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Test Track

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The Story: Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in a very exclusive opportunity (in fact, most humans that participate in this never get a chance to do so again)! You my friend, are going to be a crash test dummy at the brand new GM facility testing grounds at Epcot! So hop aboard your test car and head out onto the Test Track for a wild ride!

Height Restriction: 40 inches
Attraction Length: 4 minutes
Fastpass? Yes (and a single rider line as well!)

The History: Prior to Test Track, the fan favorite attraction, World of Motion stood in the same building that Test Track now sits in. When World of Motion closed in 1996, GM (the sponsor for both World of Motion and Test Track) wanted to bring a more fast and furious type attraction to show how exciting the world of cars is today (instead of focusing on the history).

With $100,000,000 to spend on the attraction, Disney Imagineers put together the most sophisticated ride vehicle ever. In fact, within the vehicle are three super computers that when put together have more power than a spaceship. Even more impressive, together the three computers (in a single car mind you) could operate every attraction inside the Magic Kingdom with no problem!

However, with all these advancements in technology, some problems arose and the attraction opened almost two years after it was originally meant to. Disappointing? Yes, but a few of the kinks that needed to be worked out helped make the attraction a fan favorite to guests of all ages!

Test Track's grand opening was on March 17, 1999.

Fun Facts: In addition to each car having three computers on board, each car also has 22 wheels to help make it run smoothly! Where are all the wheels? The majority of them are actually under the track!

Location: Future World East

Touring Tips: Make sure if you are traveling in a group to grab Fastpasses for everyone! If you are traveling by yourself, or don't mind being separated, hop into the Single Rider line for the quickest entry onto the ride!

Reader Review: If you'd like to share your review of Test Track, please write in the comments below!


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