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Peter Pan Platinum Edition

By Brent Dodge


Author's Note: This is our DVD review debut and we are trying to find our own unique way of reviewing DVD's so you can figure out whether or not the DVD is right for you. If you have any suggestions on ways we can approve, please share your thoughts by sending an email to with the headline "DVD Review." I hope you enjoy our new section!

Peter Pan - 2 Disc Platinum Edition
DVD Release: 2007
Film's original release: 1953
Length: 77 minutes

Disc 1: Feature Film, Tinker Bell Sneak Peek, Disney Song Selection, Peter's Playful Prank: Storybook, Audio Commentary

Recap:  Back before World War II, the Disney company began to work on one of their most loved full length feature films, Peter Pan. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Peter Pan wouldn't open until February of 1953. The film follows the events of the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, and their trip to Neverland with their hero, Peter Pan.

Along the way they interact with mermaids, Indians, and the infamous pirates led by Captain Hook. The film was successful right away and soon the beloved characters, especially Tinker Bell, would become icons for the Disney company.

Disc 1 Bonus Features: The first Disc features four special features: Tinker Bell Sneak Peek, Disney Song Selection, Peter's Playful Prank: Storybook, and Audio Commentary.

The Tinker Bell Sneak Peek is practically an extended movie trailer for the Tinker Bell films. Due to this DVD Release originally being released in 2007, I'm sure the Tinker Bell Sneak Peek was a real treat for Tinker Bell fans to finally have some content for what the new Tinker Bell film would be about. I recall watching this five years ago for the first time with several questions in mind, but the main being, "Who on Earth would watch a film where Tinker Bell speaks?" Little did I know what a success it would become!

The Disney Song Selection is a very basic, but a very fun addition to Disc 1. Here you can rewatch sections of the film that feature the songs we all know and love. However, if you want to watch the entire film with the lyrics playing on screen, there is an option for that too! It reminds me of Disney Sing-A-Long Songs, but without the clever in between segments.

Peter's Playful Prank: Storybook is a rather simple, yet great edition to Disc 1. As a former educator it was always great finding creative ways for children to read and this special feature does that. You can choose between having the storybook be read to you (while you read along) or reading at your own pace. A new story and simple animation makes it a great feature for school age children.

The final special feature on Disc 1 is the jewel of the entire 2 Disc DVD set. Roy E. Disney plays the moderator of an audio commentary that features sound clips from voice actors from the film (Kathryn Beaumont who voices Wendy), character models (Margaret Kerry for Tinker Bell), animators (Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas), notable historians (Leonard Maltin, Jeff Kurtti, John Canemaker), and even Walt Disney!

Throughout the 77 minute commentary, viewers can learn how different sequences were created, what it was like to work with other animators and actors, and a whole lot more. Some of the stories can be found on the second disc features, but the editing of sound bites to go along with the action going on in the film creates a very enjoyable 77 minutes for viewers!

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