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Peter Pan Platinum Edition

By Brent Dodge

Peter Pan - 2 Disc Platinum Edition - Disc 2

Disc 2: Deleted Songs, Making of features, The Peter Pan that Almost Was, Games, and Peter's Virtual Flight

Music & More: The Music & More section of the DVD has four special features. The first takes a look at the deleted song, "The Pirate Song." While listening to this never before heard song, viewers are treated to original storyboards of the sequence while also hearing a description of what occurs during this deleted section of the film.

The Lost Song, Never Land features Disney Legend Richard Sherman talking about how the song Never Land was found in the Walt Disney archives and he decided to toy around with the lyrics to bring the nearly 60 year old song to life for the first time ever. The next feature consists of Disney Legend Paige O'Hara (the voice of Belle) performing the song that has been touched up by Sherman. The two special features are some of the highlights of Disc 2!

The final portion of Music & More is the T-Squad music video for "The Second Star to the Right." While the song and music video are catchy, it does bring my ranking of the Music & More section down just slightly. (4 out of 5 Mickey heads)

Backstage Disney: With over an hour of bonus material, Backstage Disney is the gem of Disc 2. The two features that are definitely worth checking out are In Walt's Words: Why I Made Peter Pan and The Peter Pan that Almost Was. In Walt's Words takes a look at an article that features Walt's history with Peter Pan from his point of view. The feature lasts about seven minutes and gives viewers a much better appreciation for Walt's love of the Peter Pan story.

The Peter Pan That Almost Was is probably the most unique of all the features. Hosted by Ron Clements and John Musker, the two share storyboards that were created for scenes in Peter Pan that were ultimately never used in the film. During the 20+ minute segment viewers learn that Nana almost went to Never Land, John almost didn't go, why Disney opted to not have Tinker Bell die in the film (like she does in the play), and much more! (5 out of 5 Mickey heads)

Camp Never Land: Train to be a Lost Boy: While in the games area you can either play each game individually or you can play the way I recommend: Camp Never Land. Along the way you will play three games, Smee's Sudoku Challenge, Target Practice, and Tink's Fantasy Flight. Smee's Sudoku Challenge is very basic that is dulled down for anyone over the age of 8, but younger kids will get a kick out of it.

Target Practice is a slow moving game that slowly increases in difficulty as you move along. This one is a little more entertaining than Smee's Sudoku Challenge, but the slow moving animation makes the game seem to last forever. Tink's Fantasy Flight brings the game ranking up big time. This game is very fun, and slightly addicting. Using your DVD remote you need to fly through the sky while avoiding items that Captain Hook and his crew are throwing at you. Easily the best part of the games! (3 out of 5 Mickey heads)

Peter Pan's Virtual Flight:  Peter Pan's Virtual Flight is a computer animated look through London and Neverland. Along the way you fly through the areas very quickly while Peter Pan enthusiastically exclaims about everything you are flying past. The feature would be better if the flight was slowed down and a voice actor that sounded more like Bobby Driscoll was present, but it's definitely worth taking a look at at least once. (3 out of 5 Mickey heads)

Overview: Peter Pan has always been my all time favorite Disney film and as a huge fan of the film, this two disc DVD set doesn't disappoint. The video and audio quality of the film is the best I have ever seen, but the real star is the special features.

Beginning with the lowlights for the features. I love Tinker Bell and I understand that the Tinker Bell film was about the debut, but there is too much time focused around everybody's favorite fairy. I'm fine with the amount of time spent on her, but they should have added some more features to balance it out a little more. A feature on the Lost Boys and Pirates back stories would make a great addition to balance this out. As I mentioned earlier, the games aren't the greatest and the T-Squad music video took away some of the amazingness that was in the rest of the Music & More section.

The highlights of the features can be found in both Discs 1 and 2. The Audio Commentary is great and a real treat. Being able to hear the original animators, that are unfortunately no longer with us, discuss how they went about creating different characters and coming up with story ideas is a highlight for any fan of Peter Pan or animation. The Backstage Disney section and deleted songs will make any fan of Peter Pan ecstatic, and could surly be used as a happy thought to fly off to Never Land with Peter! (Overall score: 4 out of 5 Mickey heads)

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