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Welcome to From Screen to Theme's Days of the Week! 

Each day From Screen to Theme will feature different articles written by different Guest Writers. If you'd like to leave any feedback to the writers, please write to  

Sunday Brunch

Join our very own baker, Reuben Gutierrez, every Sunday as he talks about Disney food! He will teach you things about Disney park food and Disney food you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

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Hidden Mickey Monday!

Our From Screen to Theme Hidden Mickey expert, Alex McVetty, will stop by From Screen to Theme every Monday and share a Hidden Mickey with us! Some you may have seen before, while others you may have walked right by!

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Gamer Tuesday!

Our From Screen to Theme Gamer, Pedro "Pap" Hernandez, will stop by From Screen to Theme every Tuesday to share a review and some helpful hints to Disney based games! He'll cover everything from what's popular, to what you may have never heard of!

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Who's Who? Wednesdays!

Each week our park and film enthusiast Erik Anderson will be sharing a brief bio of Disney characters, both in films and from the parks!

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Thursday Treasures!

Each week one of our viewers will stop by here to share a Disney treasure they love with fellow Disney fans. If you'd like to share an article with us, send an email to

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Fun Find Friday!

Brent Dodge, author of From Screen to Theme and host of the W.E.D.nesday Show! stops by here every Friday to share with you details you may have never noticed before in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney films! 

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Saturday Matinee

Every Saturday, our amateur film historian Albert Gutierrez will join us to discuss the wonderful world of Disney cartoons, films and television! He'll be covering everything from Mickey Mouse and Humphrey the Bear to Hyperion Avenue and ABC Studios!

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