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Fun Find Friday


September 27, 2013

Location: Magic of Disney Animation: Disney's Hollywood Studios

Earlier this week Minnie Mouse received a new meet and greet area within the Magic of Disney Animation. While we did a brief picture update of this in our Update section of the website, today we are going to take a closer look at one of the posters found within the queue and see what their connection to the Disney parks entails!

The Jungle Cruise poster

First up is this very cool poster for a film entitled The Jungle Cruise! Before we get into all the fun details hidden within the poster, let's do a quick history lesson dealing with The Jungle Cruise itself. While Walt originally wanted The Jungle Cruise to be based around real life animals (similar to Kilimanjaro Safaris today) he always knew that he wanted the attraction to be similar to a film starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn known as The African Queen. Keeping The African Queen in mind, the poster above is actually a reproduction of The African Queen's poster. Just take a look:

The African Queen

Keeping the similar format for both posters, The Jungle Cruise poster makes it known that the producer and director (as seen in the picture below) is H. Goff and B. Evans. So who exactly are H. Goff and B. Evans? Harper Goff was one of the main Imagineers on the project who truly brought to life the elements of The African Queen within the attraction. B. Evans stands for Bill Evans who was responsible for the majority of the landscape techniques found within Walt Disney World and Disneyland and helped bright the exotic water adventure to life with his plants.

The Jungle Cruise

In addition to these two names, you can also find people like Skipper Lasseter (referencing John Lasseter who once was a Jungle Cruise Skipper), Trader Sam (who is the head salesman of the jungle) and a whole lot more!

This is just one of several fun finds found within this amazing queue and believe me, we will be visiting it again in the near future to dissect another one of the posters and all the hidden meanings found within!


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