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Fun Find Friday


October 4, 2013

Location: Magic of Disney Animation, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Last week we went over to the line for the new Minnie Mouse meet and greet to take a look at a poster for "The Jungle Cruise." This week we are going to be heading back to the line to once again look at a poster for an attraction that has a tie in with Magic Kingdom's Adventureland:

Mouse Pacific

Mouse Pacific, a play on the film South Pacific, pays several nods to The Enchanted Tiki Room. Much like how The Jungle Cruise poster was an almost identical copy of The African Queen's poster, Mouse Pacific and South Pacific share several similarities as well as seen below:

South Pacific

While the similarities are uncanny, the Mouse Pacific poster definitely needs to be looked at closely to see how it ties together with The Enchanted Tiki Room. First off, if you take a look at the background you can find the building for The Enchanted Tiki Room, along with Sunshine Tree Terrace. However, it is the names on the poster that need to be looked at.

Mouse Pacific

The film is presented by The Sherman Brothers who wrote the famous title song for The Enchanted Tiki Room. While the stars of the film are some familiar friends, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy, the Orange Bird needs to be given some special attention. The Orange Bird was the only walk around character in the Magic Kingdom during its first years that was actually not a Disney owned character (even though the character was created by Disney). In return for sponsorship of Tropical Serenade (The Enchanted Tiki Room's original name), Disney created the character for the Florida Citrus Commision.

Below you can find the names of the screenplay writer, producer, etc. These names are nods to both the four lead birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room and their voice actors. The four birds are Michael Burley (Michael was voiced by Fulton Burley), Jose Boag (Jose voiced by Wally Boag), Fritz Ravenscroft (Fritz voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft), and Pierre Newton (Pierre voiced by Ernie Newton).

So next time you are in the South Pacific make sure to stop by The Enchanted Tiki Room. The staff is amazing and I hear that they've been a hit and you're sure to adore them!


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