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November 1, 2013

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

In the past we have discussed how at times Disney uses things like forced perspective to help give guests the impression that items are taller or further away than they appear. In New Orleans Square in Disneyland, Imagineers have used the idea of layering to give more depth perception to the land than most guests probably realize.

As we know, New Orleans is set beside the Gulf of Mexico in real life. While we have the Mississippi River being represented by the Rivers of America on one side of New Orleans Square, some guests may be curious as to where the main body of water may sit. While we can't actually see the water in person, Imagineers have given us a subtle reference as to where it is in the area.

While standing near the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean and looking towards the streets of New Orleans Square, take a look above the roofs to find ship sails in the distance. In reality they are placed on the roofs of the buildings, but this trick of the eye helps give us an idea of where the port in town is located!

New Orleans Square


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