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November 8, 2013

Location: Norway, Epcot

This whole week we have been talking about everything Thor and due to him being part of Norse mythology, what better place to visit than the Norway pavilion in Epcot?

While in Norway, guests may stumble across the statue pictured below which sits hidden behind the Stave Church. While most people may wander by and not give a second thought as to who this statue is honoring, others may instantly recognize this woman who is a true role model and hero in the country of Norway!

Grete Waitz Statue in Norway pavilion

Her name is Grete Waitz and throughout her lifetime she continued to inspire young females to live their dreams by showing them anything is possible as she herself set out to break the women's marathon world record multiple times in her career. Beginning in her first appearance in the 1978 she broke her own record three years in a row at the New York City Marathon. Throughout the years she placed first in multiple marathon events while just falling short of gold in the 1984 Olympics.

Due to her motivation and amazing role model skills, she was named a Knight 1st Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, and after passing away to cancer in 2011 was was buried with government honor at state expense making her the sixth women in the history of Norway to do so. While the world has heroes like Thor guarding us with his mighty hammer, never forget that there are heroes in the world like Grete Waitz who show us that you can unify a country simply by running.


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