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October 18, 2013

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

It's a Small World has been an attraction beloved by guests since it first debuted in the 1964 World's Fair. As the Sherman Brothers famously put in the theme song, "There is just one moon and one golden sun." Or so you'd think!

It's a Small World

The overall theme of the ride is extremely basic. It's a small world. So naturally, throughout the attraction Imagineers decided that they needed a basic idea to connect all parts of the world together. While one of the ideas is obvious (it's the same song sung throughout the entire attraction), the one most guests overlook on the happiest cruise that ever sailed can be found in every room.

While the lyrics state that there is one golden sun, keep your eyes open the next time you sail around the world to see that the sun is the one element that can be found throughout the entire world!

Small World suns


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