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Fun Find Friday!

By Brent Dodge


April 21, 2017 (Originally published May 24, 2013)

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Throughout the years Disney has created some of the most memorable characters for audiences to love. From Mickey Mouse to the Genie to Tiana and Zazu, each character has a distinct personality of their own for fans to fall in love with in their own unique way. The same is true for the Disney parks. Several characters have made their way into the parks for guests to fall in love with all over again. Unlike the Disney films where people can watch their favorite characters over and over again, at times the characters within the parks will have their attraction close down for good, which unfortunately brings an end to their career as well.

Back in 1987, Star Tours debuted in Disneyland as a huge crowd pleaser. Due to its popularity it eventually made a home at Disney-MGM Studios in December of 1989. While the attraction wasn't as advanced as its current form, guests were treated to the lovable rookie pilot, Captain RX-24 or Rex for short (he's sure it's your first flight and it's his too).

Rex, voiced by Pee-wee Herman himself, Paul Reubens, took guests on a journey to the moon of Endor. Along the way guests wound up in an asteroid field and joined the Rebel Alliance's attack upon the Death Star. While he did nearly kill every guest aboard, the knuckleheaded droid did eventually return his passengers safely.

When Star Tours went under a major refurb to introduce Star Tours 2.0 many guests began to speculate if Captain Rex would be returning for the new attraction. Then the news came: this attraction would be taking place between Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars Saga, which also meant before the original Star Tours attraction. This caused one slight problem: Captain Rex makes it very clear that it is his first flight. This unfortunately meant RX-24 would not be returning to the newly refurbished attraction. So what happened to Captain Rex?

Next time you are in the queue, take a look to your left just after entering the baggage room to see the following image:

Rex from Star tours

Here you can find Captain Rex with a sign which reads, "Defective!" Due to this storyline taking place before the original Star Tours Imagineers decided to incorporate Rex by showing that he had the potential to possibly be our pilot for this trip on Star Tours, but there were still a few things that needed to be worked out so we ended up with ACE.


April 14, 2017

Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Paris

Two days ago, Disneyland Paris celebrated it's 25th anniversary since it first opened up (as Euro Disney). Keeping the tradition that began with Disneyland, Paris' park also has a Main Street, USA which features a massive storm known as The Emporium. Within the shop, guests can buy various souvenirs scattered within some Fun Finds just waiting to be discovered.

Behind two of the counters are murals depicting two other emporiums found throughout the world. One of these murals depicts the original Emporium featured in Disneyland:

Disneyland Paris Emporium

Throughout most of the park there are tributes to Walt Disney and his impact of dreaming up Disneyland leading to the eventual creating of Disneyland Paris. The dedication plaque in Town Square is almost verbatim to Walt's opening speech in Disneyland in 1955, there's a street dedicated to Walt and Roy and the Studios park next door, and then there's the nod to Walt in the mural here.

As you can see in the picture above, the Disneyland Emporium apparently opened in 1855, 100 years prior to the park's actual opening, while the proprietor found here is Walt Disney himself!

Disneyland Paris Emporium Walt Disney


April 7, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Disneyland Paris Park

 With Disneyland Paris having it's 25th anniversary this coming up week, it only seems appropriate to visit one of my favorite attractions at the park: The Phantom Manor! Unlike the typical Haunted Mansion attraction guests know in the U.S. Disney parks, Disneyland Paris' focuses on a slightly different storyline while still focusing on the idea of a mansion. This time around, however, the story focuses around a phantom who will forever haunt the house until the end of times in order to make sure that the bride will never achieve her happiness of being with her true love.

While there are some differences in the attraction compared to the Haunted Mansion we all know and love, there are several spots throughout the attraction that allows guests to see the similarities between the two attractions separated by the Atlantic. Today's Fun Find is going to take a look at a sign that is similar, yet different, which sits outside the attraction:

Phantom manor sign

While there are some similarities to the Haunted Mansion sign, one of the most interesting differences on this sign compared to the ones found in the United States is the line found on the bottom of the plaque: "Non Omnis Moriar." The phrase, which is Latin, refers directly to the Phantom himself: "Not everything dies."

Make sure to join us next week as we take another look at a fun find in Disneyland Paris in honor of it's 25th anniversary!


March 31, 2017

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Throughout the years I've mentioned several times about how I love the intricate storyline found throughout Dinoland, USA. There are multiple characters found throughout the land in the form of documents scattered throughout the land and nearly every visit to the land I discover a new detail hiding under my nose. Today's takes us to the Boneyard near this dinosaur:


Actually, it takes us behind the dinosaur to the very first step. Upon the step I stumbled across some carvings into the cement., at first glance it appears to be someone who has vandalized the park in a subtle way, but upon closer inspection, I saw the following:


On here we can see the name Sam Gonzales along with '76. In addition to that is a R+A +Sam's name.This helps answer a few questions we've always had about Dinoland, USA, but also opens up a new one. Sam Gonzales' name is found throughout the area and in addition to being one of the researchers of the area, but he's also the computer brain of the area as well.

One of the big questions that has always been asked about the land is when the researchers we are with first made appearances around Dinoland, USA.We know from the story that the Boneyard was founded in 1948 while the Dino Institute was created in 1978. Thanks to tis new discovery we now know that they were there in 1976 at least.

The question is,, who is A and M? Around the land are more references to other characters, however, for this week's Fun Find Friday, the mystery stops here and will be looked into more in a future Fun Find Friday!


March 24, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

While researching my upcoming book, A Closer Look: At the Magic Kingdom's Frontierland, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe has two nods to my birthday, March 24th! The two pieces of "official" paper can be found behind the toppings bar near the window closest to Splash Mountain:

Pecos Bill  Pecos Bill

The first sheet of paper is a Warrant of Authority giving Pecos Bill himself, whose current occupation is Defender of the Defenseless entitlement of the role Provisional Captaincy. the day which this honor was bestowed was the 24th day of March in 1894.

The second sheet of paper gives Widowmaker, the horse of Pecos Bill, the opportunity to join the Ranger Force of the State of Texas. Widowmaker also joined Pecos Bill in the prestigious role on the 24th day of March in 1894!


March 17, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Just past Aunt Polly�s on Tom Sawyer Island is Catfish Cove. During The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom has to whitewash a fence as a punishment by his Aunt Polly. While he whitewashes, another schoolboy named Ben Rogers begins to poke fun at him for doing the dastardly chore. Tom convinces Ben that he�s actually doing it for fun. Eventually Tom convinces Ben, along with other boys that show up, to do his work for him and to give him items in turn to whitewash the fence.

At Catfish Cove, guests can find a half whitewashed fence along with Huck�s name written down and a words stating that Tom loves Becky, a reference to Becky Thatcher who Tom has a crush on in the novel. Prior to the change from Fastpass to Fastpass+ in 2013, paintbrushes were scattered throughout the island to connect the whitewashing aspect of the novel to the attraction. If a guest found one of the paintbrushes, they would find instructions explaining that the guest should return their paintbrush to a cast member and receive a paper Fastpass in return. Much like Tom�s friends trading their valuable items to Tom in order to whitewash, Cast Members would be trading a valued item for a whitewashing session of their own. I guess they never read the novel!

Tom Sawyer Island

March 10, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

In 1975, Disney released a live action film starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway called The Apple Dumpling Gang. In the film, the two are bumbling bank robbers who befriend a group of children and thus form The Apple Dumpling Gang. While guests walk through the line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad they can find multiple references to the classic live action film, but one of the posters pays special tribute to the actors in the film:

Apple Dumpling Gang

During the film, Don Knotts plays the role of Theodore Ogelvie while Tim Conway plays Amos Tucker. Underneath each character's profile is a description of each actor right now to their age when the film was released (Don Knotts being  51 years old and Tim Conway being 42!


March 3, 2017

Location: Adventureland, Disneyland Paris

A few weeks ago we took a look at the entrance of Adventureland in Disneyland Paris to discover the connection it had to the True Life Adventure films:

Disneyland Paris

There is a detail hidden in the picture above, however, that we didn't touch. Notice that small circle in the bottom right corner? Most people that walk by probably think it's just some sort of clever design to add a little more life to the mosaic found here, but in reality it's a signature!

In the past we've talked about how rare it is for Disney Imagineers to be able to leave their mark in the parks by signing their artwork. There have been exceptions that have been cleverly done like the mosaic found in front of The Land pavilion at Epcot or the mosaic found inside Cinderella Castle (must be a mosaic thing). Unlike previous signatures though, this one is a little more unique:

Adventureland Disneyland Paris 

The circle consists of three letters offering up the signature to the entire Imagineer team at WDI, or Walt Disney Imagineering!


February 24, 2017

Location: Muppets Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This week we are heading back to the relatively new Pizzarizzo restaurant in the Muppets Courtyard. On the second floor of the restaurant is a reception area which is set up to look like a reception hall for a wedding. Prior to entering, guests will see this sin next to the door:


In 1984, the Muppets starred in their third full length feature film, Muppets Take Manhatten. The film follows the characters as they achieve their greatest dream of landing a show on Broadway. With all of their dreams coming true, Kermit and Miss Piggy decide that it's probably time for the two of them to finally get married. There's just one problem. Kermit is hit by a car, gets amnesia, and due to the fact that he doesn't wear clothes, has no type of identification on him.

Kermit gets into an advertising agency where he tells the staff that his name is Phil. He then learns that the people who work at the agency are named Gil, Jill, Lill, Will, and Bill. Kermit, under the name Phil, becomes quite the ad man by making slogans like "Ocean Breeze Soap will make you clean." Eventually Kermit regains his memories, performs on Broadway, and marries Miss Piggy.

So while looking at the board, we see the line "Somebody Got Married!" which is a reference to the final song in the film, "Somebody's Getting Married." Underneath that we see that the wedding is for Gil and Lill who are the daughters of Will and Jill and son of Phil and Bill. This is obviously referencing Kermit's time as an advertising guru.  The final line shows that the band playing at the wedding is the Electric Mayem, which is the name of the band that is part of the Muppets starring Dr. Teeth!



February 17, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Just before guests enter into Grizzly Hall, home of the Country Bear Jamboree, you will be greeted by two signs on the front poles stating the fun that awaits you inside. If you take a loook at the back portion of these poles behind the signs, you can find an instrument that has been painted on the pole in yellow. While it may not seem like much, an observant guest may notice that it's a two dimensional painting of Tennessee Bear's "thang" with two differences. The one pictured here has two strings and instead of the heart shaped design, it is accompanied by two squiggly lines. Why is that?

Tennesse Bear's thang

Taking a look back at the front of the pole, you can see that the promotional artwork features Tennessee Bear with his thang which pictured features multiple strings, no heart, but the bird that sits at the top is still present. The lesson here? Even Ursus H. Bear, founder of Grizzly Hall, does a little bit of false advertising!

Country Bear Jamboree


February 10, 2017

Location: Adventureland, Disneyland Paris

Adventureland at Disneyland Paris is one of the most intricate and detailed lands in any Disney park around the world. From the detailed roots in the caves on Adventure Isle, to the detailed drawings near the restrooms, to an often overlooked detail at the entrance to Adventureland:

Disneyland Paris Adventureland

Before taking a look at the detail found in the picture below, we should start out by discussing how the concept of Adventureland first took shape. When Disneyland was in the early stages of development, Walt disney had just launched a nature series that aws highly successful. The series depicted  various animals in their natural habitats around the world. When Disneyland was being worked on, Walt's vision was to bring those True Life Adventures to life in the form of a land called true Life Adventureland.

Eventually, the True Life portion of the name was dropped and Adventureland became a symbolism of far off locations that visitors may never have a chance to explore in the world themselves.

So how does this all connect? When the true Life Adventure logo would appear on the start and end of the film it consisted of a globe inside a compass that included 12 directions besides the typical North, south, East, and West. The globe would rotate to show all portions of the globe, so it's only fitting on the other side of the Atlantic, the entrance to Adventureland features both ends of the True Life Adventure logo!

True Life Adventure True Life Adventure logo


February 3, 2017

Location: Parking Lot, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Do you remember the wand that was placed over Spaceship Earth? The wand was placed there originally as part of the Millennium Celebration that occurred throughout Walt Disney World in the year 2000. In order to celebrate, Disney released a special logo for the year that featured the number 2000 with the three circles creating a Mickey. The logo was scattered everywhere throughout property and while most references of the logo are gone, there's one that remains in a most obscure location.

Dinosaur 38

That's right In row Dinosaur 38 of the Disney's Animal Kingdom parking lot is where we are heading today. If you were to walk to the first light pole found in the aisle, take a look on the ground towards the front of the parking spot associated with the pole. Here you will find the remnants of the logo still paved into the ground:

Disney millennium logo


January 27, 2017

Location: Adventureland, Disneyland

For years Disney has been hiding their characters from previous and future films inside of their films. For instance, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast can be found in the Sultan's toy collection in Aladdin, Rapunzel and Flynn are seen attending Elsa's coronation in Frozen, and Mrs. Potts and Chip can be found in the Trashing the Camp scene in Tarzan.

When Disney transformed the Swiss Family Treehouse in Disneyland to Tarzan's Treehouse, it was decided that the film wouldn't be the only time Mrs. Potts and Chip would make an appearance. While exploring the lower grounds of Tarzan's Treehouse, take a look in the back section of the pots and pans area on the ground level to see Mrs. Potts and Chip hanging out, just like in the film!

tarzan's Treehouse


January 20, 2017

Location: Muppet Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

A few weeks ago we took a look at a Fun Find inside the newly opened Pizzerizzo restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios. While the majority of the details found at the restaurant can be experienced at any time during the day, today's you can only see specifically at night and it deals with this sign:


As you can see, the sign states that Pizzarizzo has "The City's Top Rated Pizza." While that sign may increase your need to dine at this new location, guests who stick around and watch the sign at night are in for another surprise where the sign reveals the true ingredients of the pizza:


That's right, with some letters fading away, wee see that Pizzerizzo is actually "Rat Pizza!"


January 13, 2017

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

Sitting above Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland is an empty apartment that was once intended to be used by Walt Disney and his brother Roy during their overnight trips to the park. Most people know of Walt's apartment above the Main Street Fire Station, but this one would have offered up more space and more bedrooms for family and friends. In 2005, during the Year of a Million Dreams giveaway, the space was converted into the Dream Suite where one lucky guest could stay in the room for a single night:

Disneyland Dream Suite

One of the most overlooked parts of the suite can be seen from New Orleans Square in the ironwork on the patio overlooking the Rivers of America. Here in the ironwork guests can see in gold the initials WD and RD reminding us that this place was once intended for Walt Disney and Roy Disney!

Walt and Roy


January 6, 2017

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life is one of the most amazing sights that Disney has ever created in one of its theme parks. Upon the tree are roughly 325 animals carved each with their own unique look and story behind them.

Tree of Life

One animal, however, needs to be looked at a little closer. Have you ever noticed the uniqueness of the bear that sits on the East side of the tree:

Tree of Life

While at first look it's easy to realize how amazing the carving of the bear is, but what most people don't notice is the object inside the bear's mouth. Here we can see a fish that the bear has captured marking the only spot on the Tree of Life where one animal is eating another animal!



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