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Fun Find Friday!

By Brent Dodge


July 9, 2021

Location: Norway, Epcot

The queue for Frozen Ever After has several different details scattered throughout it paying tribute to both the first film and the events that followed shortly after. Just before guests enter into the town square area they pass by a bulletin board with different articles posted upon it.

One of these articles is a newspaper clipping from the Southern Isles Gazette. The article goes through the scene at the end of the film discussing how Prince Hands was disgraced but had some unexpected snow hit him while he was working with manure

Frozen Ever After queue detail


June 18, 2021

Location: France, Epcot

As we get closer to October 1st, not only are we getting closer to the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, but we are also getting closer to the opening of the ratatouille attraction opening up in Epcot. For the past few months the area leading towards the attraction has been open for guests to explore. While the majority of the details found in the section resemble the rest of the France pavilion, there is one detail that should not be overlooked and it just happens to be where guests will sit.

On the benches throughout the area guests can sit on various benches and at the end of the benches they can find this detail found in the ironwork:

Ratatouille bench

That's right It's none other tan Remy in his chef's hat!


June 11, 2021

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

The windows of Main Street pay tribute to the Imagineers and other people who have played an important part in the creation of Walt Disney World. One of these windows is shown here:


"Iwerks-Iwerks Stereoscopic Cameras Ub Iwerks Don Iwerks"

This pays tribute to a father and son duo who have both played a massive role in the formation of the Disney company. Ub Iwerks was the original animator who worked on the Mickey Mouse cartoons and worked with Walt Disney at the earliest moments of the company.  Ub's son, Don, would eventually work for the company as well and the two of them together would create new camera techniques used specifically for the theme parks which are still being used today.

Thanks to their work with cameras they are recognized by having a business which specializes in stereoscopic cameras!


June 4, 2021

Location: Future World, Epcot

Recently the entrance to Epcot has gone through a transformation featuring new planters, a new fountain, and a new item that is often being guests. While most people focus on the changes that are at eye level, the detail we are looking at today is on the ground. The manhole covers changed from their traditional look to now resemble the triangles of Spaceship Earth along with the Epcot logo found in the center!

Spaceship Eart manhole cover


May 28, 2021

Location: Japan, Epcot

The Kawaii museum in the Japan pavilion is a showcase of Japan's cute culture. Around the room guests can find different items from Japanese culture that embody the culture of cute. Some of these items consist of road barriers that look like bunnies, toilet paper holders, and more. However, a nod to the past of a Disney park can be found in the kitchen area.

Kawaii Tokyo Epcot

Do you see it? On top of the refrigerator you can find tis popcorn bucket:

Journeys with Duffy

Duffy the Disney Bear, who at one point made appearances in Epcot, has been a major draw to guests visiting Tokyo Disney. He has his own stage show and is one of the most popular characters in the park. To celebrate his ten year anniversary at the park, a celebration, Journeys with Duffy, was born!


May 21, 2021

Location: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Throughout the fictional town of Harambe guests can find various signs that are written in both English and Swahili giving visitors instructions for the area. Today we will take a look at this area outside of Tusker House:

Tusker House fun find

Just outside of Tusker House guests can find this sign:

Tusker House fun find

The sign found here gives some very important advice to the guests that are stopping by outside of Tusker House. The sign is instructing guests that they are not allowed to have any livestock past that point. So please keep that in mind next time you are visiting Animal Kingdom.


May 14, 2021

Location: Marketplace, Disney Springs

When World of Disney reopened after the refurbishment a few years ago the storyline went from Mickey and the gang traveling around the world and seeing other Disney characters to the building being a prior animation building. We've discussed in the past about the different tables found around the shop have doodles placed upon them featuring various Disney characters.

While in the area that was formerly the princess room features the biggest tribute to the storyline of what was once there. Above the exit of the building guests can see that this used to be the Village Marketplace Annex Animation Studios:

World of Disney


April 30, 2021

Location: France, Epcot

A few years ago a new gazebo was put into the France pavilion to be used as a meet and greet area for characters like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. While the gazebo may seem simple at first, there is one detail that pays tribute to both princesses:

France gazebo

The ironwork here features a rose paying tribute to the rose found in Beauty and the Beast and as a simple nod to Aurora's name while living with the fairies being Briar Rose!


April 23, 2021

Location: Discovery Island, Animal Kingdom

The details found around Discovery Island focus on various animals that all pay tribute to the items around them. While most of these details may not be in your face,, the closer you look at items the more you will notice the connection between the animals and their surroundings. Today we will be taking a look at this pattern on the ground of the restrooms at Discovery Island:

Discovery Island restroom

While at first glance it may seem like a simple pattern on the ground, upon closer inspection you may notice that they are dung beetles which mainly feast on items people may deposit in the restroom!


April 16, 2021

Location: Saratoga Springs

Throughout Saratoga Springs guests can find references to several different Disney horses from common horses like Philippe from Beauty and the Beast to Buck from Home on the Range. So the big question is who are these two characters found on the walls inside the guest rooms?

Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet Saratoga Springs

The two characters found here are Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet, and no, we aren't talking about the horses in the picture, but in deed the hats. The two characters shared a love story in the 1954 Disney animated package film Make Mine Music where they met in the windows of a department store. During the short film the two become separated by are always longing to be together until they live out the rest of their lives as the hats on two horses in front of a carriage!


April 9, 2021

Location: All-Star Movies

The stairwells at the All-Star Resorts often mimic the area that the are in. Their are hockey goals and The Mighty Ducks section, fire hydrants at the 101 Dalmatians section, books similar to the one found in The Sorcerers Apprentice in Fantasia, and boxes of toy soldiers in the Toy Story area. But what about the Herbie section?

The four main stairwells for Herbie feature four different clapboards. Each one of them pays tribute to a different film featuring Herbie. As you can see with the one below, this one features the Production being Bananas, a reference to the fourth Herbie movie, Herbie Goes Bananas. Below it you can see that the date is 6/80, a reference to the film's release being in June 1980!

Herbie All Star Movies


April 2, 2021

Location: Rafiki's Planet Watch, Disney's Animal Kingdom

When the Animation Academy made it's way to Rafiki's Planet Watch it resulted in a subtle change to the Affection Section with a tribute to an often forgotten Disney character. Prior to enteringthe area guests will see a sign which reads "Like your artwork? The goats love it too."

Jeb Art of Animation

If the goat found on the picture doesn't look too familiar, it's because e is originally from an often forgotten Disney film, Home on the Range, which actually debuted 17 years ago today! The character is none other than Jeb who lived on Patch of Heaven from the film!


February 12, 2021

Location: Future World, Epcot

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a fun loving attraction allowing guests to go searching for Nemo while also being reunited with other friends and eventually seeing the characters inside an actual aquarium with real fish! While it is a simple journey we take, most people overlook the simple journey we take once we enter into the building.

Finding Nemo

While entering into the line guests begin to waddle back and forth through the queue as we make our way to the under the water section. The motions guests are going through here are meant to be symbolic of us taking the journey sea turtles take once they first hatch. We start at the edge of the beach and slowly wander up the path back and forth until we eventually make our way into the sea much like a newborn sea turtle would do!


February 5, 2021

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

After guests enter into Dinoland, USA there is a message board straight ahead featuring various memos and pictures for the people working at the dig site to see. One item, however, on the top right features something very unique!

Fun Find Dinoland USA

This map may not seem like anything special at first glance, but it is actually a map of Dinoland, USA as it looked on April 22, 1998, the day Disney's Animal Kingdom first opened. While most of the layout seems to be the same, there are a few things on here that are different. For instance, the attraction Dinosaur is still labeled as Countdown to Extinction and the area where Chester and Hester's Dino-rama currently sits houses two different areas known as the Fossil Preparation Lab and Dinosaur Jubilee.

When the park first opened the area where Chester and Hester's currently sits was home to tents that allowed guests to enter inside and see real dinosaur bones and understand paleontology a little bit better. This lasted for the first couple of years until it would be replaced by Primeval Whirl and Triceratop Spin in 2002!


January 29, 2020

Location: Future World, Epcot

The Festival of the arts is going strong at Epcot right now and along with it comes some amazing details that may go overlooked by many guests. Drawing on Inspiration consists of seven different artist renderings that Imagineers created based off of what their interpretation of seven Epcot attractions are.

One of the attractions they were given was Journey Into Imagination and the interpretation done by Morgan Richardson who left a little tribute to an extinct part of the Imagination pavilion.

Journey Into Imagination

If you look at the bottom left corner of the rendering you will see that there is a film strip featuring characters from Captain EO which called the Imagination pavilion home not just once, but twice!

Journey Into Imagination Figment EO


January 22, 2021

Location Marketplace, Disney Springs

The World of Disney is meant to be the remains of an old animation studio that Disney had. If you walk around the store you can find various drawings of different Disney characters, posters of older Disney films, and much more. If you pay close attention to the registers you can see that animators have created various doodles on them including some obscure Disney characters.

World of Disney doodle

While Maleficent is the main focal point of the drawing on this desk, pay close attention to the character in the top left corner.

World of Disney Pirate

This pirate may seem like an obscure addition to the table, but this character is a very important part of Disney history. When Disney was creating the attraction that would become Pirates of the Caribbean Walt Disney discussed the plans on the Disneyland television show and one of the main characters he featured on the show was this specific drawing of a pirate which sadly never made it into the final attraction!


January 15, 2020

Location: United Kingdom, Epcot

The Festival of Arts has returned and the paintings that once joined character meet and greets have now made a home in the UK gardens. While each of these paintings have amazing details, today we will be taking a look at the one of Mulan.

Mulan painting

While at first it may appear to be a simple drawing of Mulan, if you take a look at the bottom left corner you can see that the name of the artist is Mushu. At that moment you should also note that it is in fact not a painting, but due to Mushu being a dragon, he has actually used fire to create the art instead of simply making a painting


January 8, 20201

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

The Island Supply shop found in Adventureland is now officially known as Island Supply by Sunglass Hut, but that wasn't the case from 2014 and before when it was simply known as Island Supply. While at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything special while looking at the store, guests should pay close attention to the roof of the building

Sunglass Hut

On top of the building guests can find a station featuring several different colored threads which may seem confusing to some considering the location is now a shop exclusive to sunglasses, but the threads pay tribute to the former shop here.

Sunglass Hut

Prior to the invasion of the sunglasses, the area here was known to sell a variety of tropical clothes. Like some foreign clothing stores, the clothes would have been made at the location of the building and then sold there as well. This group of threads is a tribute to the idea that the original store was not just a shop, but a workplace as well!


January 1, 2021

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Theater in the Wild, which is home to Finding Nemo the Musical, is the only attraction that doesn't belong to a specific land. Due to this the theater it calls home is known as the theater in the Wild due to it being literally in the wild compared to the rest of the lands found inside of Disney's Animal Kingdom. That's not the detail we are going to be taking a look at today however. What we want to look at is the exterior of the building

Theater in the Wild

Prior to the addition of Disney's Animal Kingdom's nighttime show, Rivers of Light, the area that sits across from the theater used to be filled with trees causing the theater to feel more in the wild than it does now. To help give that illusion through all times of the day, the paint job on the exterior of the building has a simple, but effective detail added to it to make you truly feel like you were in the middle of the woods.

Take a close look at the paint here to see shadows of trees being placed upon the walls outside. Prior to the addition of the seating area for Rivers of Light, it was believable that these may be actual shadows the sun was placing upon the building, but now we can tell that it is in fact a paint job added to give that illusion!


December 18, 2020

Location Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at the Magic Kingdom is divided up into three different houses, each with it's own theme. While one of these pays tribute to Walt's Grandfather and another pays tribute to the items found inside, the part of the shop found closest to Main Street, USA actually pays tribute to a character guests may be familiar with not just in a Disney film, but in Liberty Square itself!

Just across the street from Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe guests can find Sleepy Hollow, a quick service restaurant based upon the town where the Ichabod Crane portion of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad takes place. As you may recall, Ichabod was a teacher and specialized in his musical ability. If you take a look out on the corner of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe you can see that this portion of the shop actually belongs to everyone's favorite schoolmaster!

Ichabod Crane Magic Kingdom


December 11, 2020

Location Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

When the Tangled restrooms opened up guests received one of the most detailed sections in the park, all in the form of a restroom. The question for some is where in the Tangled storyline to the restrooms fall into? One step into the men's restroom actually has the answer for this in the form of Wanted Posters on the wall.

Tangled Toilets

As you can see here we have three wanted posters. One for Flynn Rider, one for his old partners the Stabbington Brothers, and finally one for Short (a member of the snugly Duckling crew).

Over the posters we can see that Flynn has finally been pardoned for his crimes, thanks to his connection to Rapunzel, while the Stabbington Brothers have been captured, much like they were at the end of the film. As for Shorty, we have the joke that he is still "At Large."


December 4, 2020

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Tours is an immersive experience where guests are not only allowed to see out their front window while they visit planets like Hoth, Naboo, and Tattooine, but there is also a small screen on the right side of the ship which allows guests to see outside of the ship and sometimes even offers glances at the Starspeeder 1000 from above. While at first glance guests may question how they can see their own ship without an extra set of eyes, the queue offers an answer to how this is done.

While walking through the queue for Star Tours guests pass by C-3PO and R2-D2 working on the Starspeeder 1000 that we are about to hop into. However, careful observers will notice that near them is also a spot where a droid sits poking his head towards us. Bellow this droid guests can find his name IC360 (I see 360).

IC360 Star Tours

The entire job of IC360 is to do all the camera work that guests will see outside the ship while traveling aboard the Starspeeder 1000!


November 27, 2020

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

The shops on Discovery Island are some of the most detailed shops in Walt Disney World. The shop known as Island Mercantile shows the unique connection that the particular shop has to animals and nature. While in the shop, pay close attention to some of the locations above the cash registers.

Here you can find some pictures of beavers which at first glance seem like a fun detail However, if you look at the area surrounding the registers you see the connection is much more important. The register area is actually created by various pieces of wood that beavers hav chewed away!

Island Mercantile beavers


November 13, 2020

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad queue is incredibly detailed featuring references to different Disney parks and different Disney films. While passing through the first room guests an find a safe, some safe bars, and one wanted poster:

Apple Dumpling Gang Big Thunder Mountain

If the two characters found in the Wanted poster appear familiar, then you are probably familiar with the two Disney films featuring Amos and Theodore starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway! The poster here references The Apple Dumpling Gang, which is referenced multiple times throughout the queue!


November 6, 2020

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

We've talked about Hidden Mickey's in the past, but today we are going to be taking a look at a different hidden character. The Haunted Mansion is one of the most detailed attractions found throughout the entire Walt Disney World Resort. While guests are going by the endless hallway scene, guests will notice this following chair on the left hand side.

Hidden Donald

At first glance the chair doesn't appear to be anything special,, but after closer observation you may notice the design on the front actually forms a hidden Donald! The curvy line on the top is his sailor hat, the two circles in the middle are his eyes and then beginning between his eyes to the area below him is his bill!


October 30, 2020

Location Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort pays tribute to all things Caribbean and one of the most overlooked aspects can be found at Banana Cabana. The last percussion created was made in the Caribbean and has been widely used around the Caribbean. The instrument? the steel drum. To pay tribute to this classic instrument, guests can find the steel drum in an unusual form.

While at Banana Cabana look up. Here you will find a group of steel drums hanging from the ceiling in one of the most unusually, yet unique, light fixtures found throughout all of Disney!

Banana Cabana Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort fun Find


October 23, 2020

Location Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

The city of Harambe at Disney's Animal Kingdom is a city that keeps being slowly built over the years while also using the resources that they have found scattered throughout the town. Today we are going to be taking a look at some items that they have found to help the seating area at the Harambe Marketplace.


While walking through the area you can find some wood structures holding up canopies to allow guests some shady areas, but there is one section where the citizens of Harambe used some resources that they had found throughout the entire town. The canopy closest to the entrance for the area actually features various forms of sheet metal that they may have found down by the Harambe Wildlife Express platform to keep guests dry during rainy days!

Harambe Marketplace


October 16, 2020

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Everything in Toy Story Land is over the top, but even some of the most basic details can be overlooked. For instance, while in line for Toy Story Mania guests will come across this area overlooking Andy's room.

Toy Story Mania queue

While at first glance your eye may look straight towards Andy's bed or the tinker toys holding lighting fixtures up, our Fun Find this week deals with the safety sign. While at first glance it may appear to be a typical warning sign guests can find for any attraction, upon closer inspection you may notice that this is actually a ripped up piece of paper. And not only that, but the paper is being held into place by a single, larger than life, staple!

Toy Story Mania queue


October 9, 2020

Location: Asia, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Is the yeti real? Throughout Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom guests can find several fliers up for issues like logging and for various businesses like lodging, but there's one location in Asia that connects directly with the queue for Expedition Everest:

Yeti is real

That's right! According to a flier found on the back of the door at the exit of the Expedition Everest gift shop a researcher has found evidence that the yeti is indeed real and that they are going to host a meeting at the Yeti Museum, which si fon while in line for Expedition Everest!


October 2, 2020

Location, Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the king of puns. Scattered throughout the queue and even on the attraction, guests can find several different play on words. Near the exit guests can find the follow creates:

Big Thunder

While the crates are obviously filled with explosives for mining, the name of the company on the outside of the crates features the pun we all needed:

Lytum and Hyde

Lytum & Hyde Explosions, or if read carefully, light 'em and hide!


September 25, 2020

Location Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Two years ago Disney decided that due to recent developments that some dinosaurs are more closely related to ducks than reptiles that they should do an overlay of Dinoland, USA themed around Donald and his duck friends. One of the sections added during this was a meet and greet for Scrooge McDuck with several different references to the world's richest duck.

Life and Times of Della Duck

On the bookshelf you can find several books referencing Scrooge's life on screen and in comics, but one of the most interesting nods also pays tribute to Donald Duck's sister Della Duck. The book is entitled The Life and Times of Della Duck. While Della Duck is the name of Donald's sister, The Life of Times is a reference to the Scrooge McDuck comic series which debuted in the 1990s highlighting the life of Scrooge McDuck. The series name? The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck!

Life and Times of Della Duck


September 18, 2020

Location: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Scattered around Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom guests can find numerous posters on walls advertising different businesses that are in service here in Harambe. Throughout the land guests can find numerous posters for the Twiga Travel Agency:

Twiga Travel Company

The Twiga Travel Agency promises customers that they will be able to find the Africa of their dreams once booking with them for a safari. Just like many items found throughout Harambe, Twiga is obviously a Swahili word for something, but what? the picture found here should tip you off. Twiga is Swahili for Giraffe!


September 11, 2020

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

While boarding the Millennium Falcon, the crew that gets you to your loading position will repeatedly tell you to be safe because they don't have seatbelts in the back and they are flying too. While we exit the attraction never seeing those cast members again to see if our crashes caused them too much turbulence, there is one item that does allow us to see the damage we may have done.

Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run

While entering into the cockpit, guests can find the case on the side with Aurebesh which reads, "Danger: Highly Explosive." While boarding the case is closed and those who don't read Aurebesh probably pass by without a care in the world.

While exiting the flight, however, guests pass by the same crate which is now open with multiple yellow canisters scattered around on the ground. Apparently our flight didn't go too smoothly for those in the back, but at least it wasn't big enough to set off the yellow canisters

Millennium falcon Smuggler's Run


September 4, 2020

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

All around Toy Story Land are various references to the Toy Story films and short cartoons, but some of the best references pay tribute to the beginning of the films themselves. Today we are going to take a look at a reference found near the exit of the original tracks of Toy Story Mania.

Lenny Toy Story Land

While exiting the attraction from the original tracks, guests can find a box for Lenny, the binoculars Woody uses during the original Toy Story film. It's not the box that it's important, but the price tag:

11 13 99 cents Toy Story Land

Here you can see the toy is going for only 99 cents, but the sale date at the top of the price tag reads 11 and 13, which is a reference to November 13, 1999, the exact date Toy Story 2 debuted in theaters!


August 21, 2020

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Slow down! That's the underlying theme found throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom and there are reminders everywhere. Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the benches in Discovery Island and the subtle reminder it shows.

Discovery Island bench

As you can see there is nothing too special about this rock wall bench at first glance, but if you take a look at the ends of the bench you may notice that there is a subtle reminder to slow down in the form of one of the slowest animals of all, the snail!!

Discovery Island


August 14, 2020

Location: World Showcase, Epcot

The China pavilion at Epcot features a room showcasing the plans and locations at Shanghai Disneyland. While several of these items focus on costumes or small models, one item in the room is a to scale replica that can only be found in Shanghai and Epcot.

The Enchanted Storybook Castle Rotunda at Disneyland Shanghai features four mosaics that help showcase the four seasons by featuring the princesses. While Tiana represents the transformation in summer and Merida showcases courage in fall and Anna and Elsa are obvious choices for Winter, it is the Spring season that can be found inside the China pavilion.

The Wish features Rapunazel in a Spring scene. To help guests in China get excited about the possibility of visiting Shanghai Disneyland a life size portion of the mosaic featuring Rapunzel can be found on the wall featuring a very small portion of the full mosaic:

Shanghai Disneyland mosaic


August 7, 2020

Location Disney's Wilderness Lodge

The Carolwood Pacific Room located at the Disney Vacation Club section of Disney's Wilderness Lodge is filled with different train items owned by Walt Disney's personal railroad and inspired by it as well. In the past we have discussed the train cars pictured below, but today we will discuss it's connection to the Magic Kingdom.

Carolwood Pacific Room

The Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom has four train engines with three of them being named after people most Disney fans know Walt, Roy, and Lillian Disney. The fourth engine is named the Roger Broggie. But who is Roger Broggie? He is considered Disney's first Imagineer. He had worked on many locomotives with Disney throughout the years, but his first project with Disney was on the train cars found here in the Carolwood Pacific room.

Thanks to the creation of these two cars, along with others, we now have Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


July 31, 2020

Location Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

The exit of Space Mountain has some of the most amazing details that guests pass by excitedly due to their recent out of this world adventure. However, someone taking their time may notice a few details that shouldn't go overlooked. Today we will be taking a look at the luggage.

Space Mountain luggage

While the luggage doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary at first glance, guests with a careful eye, and a remembrance for the retired Epcot attraction Horizons may recall the name Mesa Verde. At the end of the classic attraction guests had the opportunity to chose between three different futures that they coud visit with the most popular one to be chosen being Mesa Verde. As a tribute to this retired attraction guests can still find this sticker to the fictional destination to this day here at the exit of Space Mountain.


July 24, 2020

Location Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Brown Derby is modeled after the famous Brown Derby restaurant found in actual Hollywood, California. It is a location where Hollywood's elite have dined and have their pictures drawn to be placed on the wall. It isn't Disney's first connection to the restaurant.

In the film Fun and Fancy Free Willy the giant is searching for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and actually picks up the giant brown derby hat to see if they are inside and then places the hat on his head. But that, still, is not the earliest connection the famous restaurant has to Disney.

Walt Disney Imagineer Herbert Ryman once helped create caricatures of various celebrities that came to the Brown Derby. To pay tribute to that, guests visiting the Brown Derby restaurant inside of Disney's Hollywood Studios can se the following picture showcasing Herb Ryman creating a caricature of Georgie Jessel!

Fun Find Brown Derby


July 9, 2020

Location: Voyageur's Lounge, Riviera Resort

Just outside of the Voyageur's Lounge at Disney's Riviera Resort, guests can find several pictures of Walt Disney along with his friends and family on various trips to France and the Riviera so it's only appropriate once guests enter into the lounge itself they will find a few nods to Walt Disney himself.

Fun find Riviera Resort

As you can see from the picture above there is a Mickey Mouse plush similar to the one we have seen Walt with in several historic pictures. While this is an authentic vintage Mickey Mouse stuffed animal created in the 1930s, it is the item to the left that has true significance. Here guests can see a fedora hat which at first glance looks similar to the one we see Walt wearing in the adjacent picture. And there's a reason the two look similar. This is the actual hat worn by Walt in the photograph!


July 2, 2020

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Near the Fatnasyland Train Station guests can find a bunch of luggage piled up with various items written upon them. Most of these are references to various Disney and Pixar films, but today we will be taking a look at this red piece of luggage:

Red's Dream Magic Kingdom

Red's Amazing Juggling Unicycles is a reference to the 1987 Pixar short cartoon, Red's Dream. In the film a unicycle at a bike shop dreams of joining the circus and being a unicycle performer. Underneath you can see that the unicycle is manufactured by Eben's Bikes, which is the name of the bike shop found in the short film!


June 26, 2020

Location: Marketplace, Disney Springs

The Aristocats doesn't have a ton of references to the film found throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, however a few years ago a small kiosk near Rainforest Cafe opened up with the name of Aristocrepes. While there doesn't appear to be anything referencing the film besides the name, observant guests can find a very soft piece of wood work near the napkins and spoons and napkins that can give a glimpse into the film.

Hidden Toulouse

Here guests can find a hidden Toulouse at both of the utensil stations placed secretly in the woodwork!


June 19, 2020

Location Marketplace, Disney Springs

In the 1933 Silly Symphony cartoon, the Three Little Pigs, we see the Big Bad Wolf obsessed with trying to turn the three pigs into his lunch. He huffs and puffs and blows down the first two houses, made of sticks and straw, but he eventually meets his untimely end by climbing up on the chimney of the roof made of bricks.

A few years ago, Disney opened up a small kiosk in Disney Springs' Marketplace which is called B.B. Wolf's. The menu? Brats, hot dogs, and other items one may have made by finally catching a pig. The building itself is ironically made of bricks. If you take a look at the roof of the building you will once again see the Big Bad Wolf up there, but this time in weather vane form!

Big Bad Wolf Weathervane


June 12, 2012

Location, Disney Springs West Side

This week the rest of the Disney owned shops in Disney Springs opened so naturally I walked around and took pictures when I came across a fun find I have often overlooked. While entering the Star Wars Galactic Outpost on Disney Springs' West Side, guests can find a massive sign above them written in Aurbesh (the Star Wars language)

Star Wars Galactic Outpost fun find

While at first it just seems like an ordinary sign, after going through and translating it you realize that the sign is quite clever. It pays tribute to Maz, a character found in the sequel trilogy, and the sign reads

"Maz's Rules: All are welcome. No fighting. Follow the will of the Force. It says, 'Buy more stuff.'"

So Maz is making sure all who enter into her store leave with full hands and empty wallets. We always knew she was a smart businesswoman.


June 5, 2020

Location Marketplace, Disney Springs

The Marketplace Co-op has some of the most unique items to purchase found throughout Walt Disney World, but some of the details found within are just as unique. The shop itself is actually broken up into six different sections each focusing on a different theme. In the back left corner, guests can find Cherry Tree Lane.

The Cherry Tree Lane section of the shop focuses on unique dresses inspired by different Disney films and theme park attractions, but that shouldn't be overlooking the fact that the name of the shop itself is inspired by the road Jane and Michael Banks live on in the film Mary Poppins.

If there was any doubt that this was a reference to Mary Poppins, guests would just need to take a look at the sign in front of that section of the store to find none other than Mary Poppins' umbrella hanging below the sign!

 Cherry Tree Lane Marketplace Co op


May 29, 2020

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dinosaur concludes with guests returning to present day be exiting what feels like the inside of a toaster and turning a corner and hearing Dr. Seeker state, "You made it! And guess who made it back with you? I better find him before security does. Thanks for everything!"

While hearing this guests pass by a mirror where they can see themselves and in addition to that they can see a television showing the Iguanodon we had been sent to retrieve. While the television part seems natural, it is actually plan B for the attraction. The original idea was to digitally enter in the Iguanodon into the ride vehicle so while guests passed by the mirror they would see themselves, along with the dinosaur, there. When the idea didn't work out the way they had intended everything was scrapped, except the mirror, which still is seen to this day!



May 22, 2020

Location: Marketplace, Disney Springs

Have you ever walked by this square placement in betwen Ghirardelli and World of Disney at the Marketplace and wondered what it was?

Disney Springs

At one point this was home to a large "attraction" at Downtown Disney which gave guests the opportunity to see things a little bit differently. It was a kaleidoscope, but the memory of it still lives on. If you head over the the carousel near Earl of Sandwich you can find paintings on the upper layers showcasing various items found at Downtown Disney through the years. One of these pictures is none other than the kaleidoscope that once sat there.

Disney Springs carousel


May 15, 2020

Location: Disney Fantasy

We've all heard the story of Walt Disney being at the park with his daughters and watching them on the carousel and wishing there was a place where he could have a little fun too. A little tribute to that story can be found onboard the Disney Fantasy at La Piazza.

While the overlying theme of the area is meant to resemble parts of Italy, the central bar is actually themed around a carousel. The Imagineers placed it there because tey felt it blended well with both the theme of Italy while also connecting it to Walt's origins that originally led to Disneyland, Walt Disney world, and eventually the Disney Cruise Line's creation!

La Piazaa


May 8, 2020

Location Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

When World of Disney went through the refurbishment not too long ago a lot of the beloved character figures found throughout the store disappeared, but luckily a little bit of character remained at the cash registers. We have taken a look at the sketches before found on the countertop where guests purchase their items, but today we are going to be taking a look at a different group of character sketches than before.

When someone talks about doing a Disney character sketch most people would think about characters like Mickey or Minnie or Anna and Elsa, but not many would have their first thought go to characters from the Disney parks, but one Imagineer did go there right away!

World of Disney sketch

As you can see in the sketch found here, the three hitchhiking ghosts, Gus, Phineas, and Ezra, along with two of the elephants from the bathing pool at Jungle Cruise were added to the tabletop for a little extra Disney park fun!


May 1, 2020

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today Disney's Hollywood Studios turns 31 years old and to celebrate we are going to be taking a look at the park's newest attraction, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. The entire attraction is filled with details and Easter eggs dealing with the beloved mice and the Easter eggs begin right away in the very first room.

Mickey and Minnie's runaway Railway

While most focus on the beautiful park scene laid out in the distance, pay close attention to the tunnel you are about to enter. Above the tunnel is a number which reads 1928, a reference to the year that both Mickey and Minnie made their debut.

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway


April 24, 2020

Location Frozen 2

While we are all at home, we should take a look at some fun finds found at Disney films we all know and love. This week we are going to take a look at Disney's newest animated feature film, Frozen 2!

At the very beginning of the film viewers can see a young Anna and Elsa playing with a bunch of figurines Elsa has created from snow. While most of them don't seem special, there are two that have a very close resemblance to other Disney characters.

Frozen 2 fun find

Elsa is holding onto an elephant who, upon further observation, has a similar necklace that Dumbo wears while at the circus. In addition to Dumbo, just below him on the ground viewers can spot a figure that is none other than Baymax from Big Hero 6!


April 17, 2020

Location: Future World, Epcot

While walking through the queue for Journey Into Imagination with Figment, guests pass by several doors with different names written upon them.While each of these pays tribute to a different member of the Disney fictional family, today we will be taking a look at one:

Dean Higgins

So who exactly is Dean Higgins? From 1969 through 1975 Disney released a trilogy of films often referred to as Dexter Riley trilogy consisting of the films The Computer wore Tennis Shoes, Now You See Him, Now You Don't, and The Strongest Man in the World. The three films take place at Medfield College and many hijinks cause turmoil for the dean of the school, the one and only Dean Higgins! This isn't the only reference to the Dexter Riley trilogy found at Journey Into Imagination, but we will take a look at the others a different day.


April 10, 2020

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

"I wonder what happened to Rosita?" This question has been asked for years at the Enchanted Tiki Room. Another search for her whereabouts can be found at Skipper's Canteen.

Just after entering the dining area on the left hand side, guests can find a bulletin board with several different notes from and for various people who live in Tomorrowland. Here we can see that a letter has been written to Rosita, courtesy of The Tiki Room, Adventureland Proper. Slightly faded, however, you can see a stamp has been used over this which reads "Return to Sender. Gone."

Rosita Enchanted Tiki Room


April 3, 2020

Location: Port Orleans Riverside

The Princess rooms found at Port Orleans Riverside have a very unique storyline hidden around them. As the story goes, Tiana has opened up a new place for her and Naveen to stay right down from the bayou. When she first opens up the location she invites all the other Disney princesses over and each of them has brought a housewarming gift for her.

Today we will be taking a look at the main item guests focus on when entering the room. When Jasmine stopped by the house warming party she brought along to gifts. While we will take a look at the second item in the future, today we are going to be looking at the carpet.. To be more specific the Magic Carpet that her and Aladdin fly off on during their Magic Carpet Ride!

Magic Carpet Princess Rooms


March 27, 2020

Location: Disney Casting

Prior to Alice entering the full blown world of Wonderland in the 1951 classic film, Alice had to enter through the doorknob to enter the wonderful new world ahead of her. This symbolism can be found at Walt Disney World. Just across the street from Disney Springs, next to the Grapefruit Garage, guests can find the Walt Disney World Casting building.

The location found here is where cast members begin their journey into a brand new world of graduating from guests to cast. To help make this amazing transition possible, the doorknobs found on the doors here are the same that Alice had to use in order to enter the wonderful world of Wonderland:

Disney casting doors


March 20, 2020

Location: American Adventure, Epcot

The Regal Eagle restaurant which recently opened at Epcot's American Adventure, is filled with Muppet puns and details that shouldn't go overlooked. The restaurant features some signature sauces, and one wall allows guests to see just how literal the Muppets went in order to create it:

Regal Eagle Mop Sauce

Here you can see that the Spicy Mop Sauce was in fact made with an actual mop!


March 13, 2020

Location: Riviera Resort

The Riviera Resort is full of amazing detail and fun finds. While the entire area has several nods to Europe, one section pays tribute exclusively to Walt Disney has his travels to Europe and the Riviera.

The room adjacent to Le Petit Cafe is set up to resemble a library. While the atmosphere of the room is nice and relaxing, most Disney fans will be doing anything but relax when they realize the items behind glass cases are all original items from the Walt Disney Archives!

Walt Disney's hat Riviera Resort

Found in this picture is a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal created in the 1930s, next to a hat that was personally owned and worn by Walt Disney himself!


March 6, 2020

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

On Wednesday Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway opened at the former location of The Great Movie Ride. The attraction is packed with details playing tribute to the Imagineers, Mickey Mouse, old cartoons, and of course, The Great Movie Ride.

While guests are traveling through the carnival scene they will find Donald Duck in a booth in the center of the room. If you look to the left of the booth, on Donald's right, you will find the poster which reads The Great Moving Ride, an obvious nod to the former attraction that called this location home.

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway


February 28, 2020

Location: World of Disney, Disney Springs

When World of Disney went through the refurbishment recently it got rid of a lot of the characters found throughout the store, but there were a few locations where some obscure characters were added in. All of the check out counters represent different animation desks and stations that could store various drawings. While looking at the top of the tables guests can find various sketches upon it of rare Disney characters.

One of the characters drawn upon it is Goofy dressed in his El Gaucho Goofy clothes featured during the film Saludos Amigos!

El Gaucho Goofy Saldos Amigos


February 21, 2020

Location: American Adventure, Epcot

One of the most quoted lines from Muppet Vision 3D is by Sam Eagle when he is asked by Kermit about the fireworks show and he states "It's called A Salute to all Nations, but Mostly America." Sam Eagle's patriotism has gotten him a home above the Hall of Presidents in the past and now his own BBQ restaurant in The American Adventure pavilion at Epcot.

The Regal Eagle, which opened on Wednesday, pays tribute to several different often overlooked Muppets (which we will cover in the future) but more important are the nods to Sam himself. The often quoted line from Muppet Vision 3D can actually be found in two locations within the restaurant in parody form.

One is found on a wall"

Regal Eagle

While the other is on a poster:

Regal Eagle


February 14, 2020

Location: Magic Kingdom

The Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade was the third rendition of the parade which was originally known as the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade. The parade featured floats starring Mickey, villains, characters in flight, princesses, and a float known as the Wish Upon a Star float.

This float featured two sides. On one side it focused on characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs while the other side featured characters from Pinocchio. Among the details was a fish bowl with Cleo that Figaro was desperately trying to reach into.

When new attractions replace old ones Imagineers typically leave items from the previous attractions in place to pay tribute to the fallen attraction. The same is true when it comes to parades. While the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade may be gone, the Festival of Fantasy Parade is still very much alive along with a small detail from the former parade.

On the final float of the parade a wheel spins around and upon it is Figaro who passes by Cleo's fishbowl every few seconds. The mischievous cat is still desperately wanting to get the fish inside all these years later!

Figaro and Cleo in Festival of Fantasy


February 7, 2020

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Prior to Test Track being located in Epcot, the location was home to a different attraction that focused on automobiles, along with other forms of transportation in an attraction called World of Motion. During one of the scenes of the attraction was a motor accident which resulted in several different creatures on the loose with some of the most memorable ones being the chickens.

When the attraction closed some of the chickens were moved to the first version of The Barnstormer where they would freak out every time the plane would crash through the barn while the second group of chickens are still present to this day in Tomorrowland.

While on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin pay close attention to the scene featuring the volcano in the backdrop. While all of the creatures found here are different alien species, there is one group of characters that seem out of place:

World of Motion chickens

That's right! Here guests can find some of the chickens that originally called World of Motion home!


January 31, 2020

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

When Disney's Animal Kingdom opened, Dinosaur, or Countdown to Extinction as it was known the first two years, was sponsored by McDonald's. While it isn't uncommon for different Disney attractions to be sponsored by different companies, there is a nod to the original sponsor that can be found in the loading area still to this day.

Dinosaur fun find

"While the pipes found here may not look important at first glance, one may notice there is writing on the red, yellow, and white pipes. If you create the chemical elements found here you will see that they actually are the material that would make up ketchup, mustard, and mayo!


January 24, 2020

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

In the back area of Tortuga Tavern is a room that is often closed up and locked up. The only time the room is open is during the busiest park hours. When it is open for guests, there is a special surprise waiting for guests to discover. In the back of the room, near a pathway that leads into Pecos Bill, guests can find a glass case:

Tortuga Tavern details

While at first glance it doesn't look like there is anything special about the items here, after a closer look you may notice that the case is filled with items representing different moments from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Within the case you can find a bushel of apples, a jar of dirt, some pirates clothing, and a ring filled with keys.

The ring of keys represent the keys that were held by the dog in the films, the bushel of apples represents Captain Barbossa who stated that'd be the first thing he ate once the curse was lifted, and the jar of dirt was carried by Jack Sparrow to avoid Davy Jones from being able to reach him.


January 17, 2020

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Rise of the Resistance line takes guests on a winding labyrinth through the bases of the Resistance. About halfway through the line guests can see a group of jumpsuits featuring different helmets and colors signifying the different groups that Rebellion and Resistance figthers have been part of. One of the helmets has the following message written across it:

Rise of the Resistance helmet

What does this translate to? If you remember in the Star Wars films one of the most common insults the Empire throws at members of the Rebellion is calling them Rebel Scum. Apparently this Resistance fighter wants to show that to them it is actually a compliment and had the title written upon his helmet.



January 3, 2019

Location: Future World, Epcot

Spaceship Earth has gone through multiple transformations through the years. During the most recent transformation in the late 2000s, the descent was switched over to the interactive game we all know today. This wasn't always the case. Originally the descent featured more scenes featuring futuristic ideas that actually became a reality, like Skype. There is still one remnant of the past found at the end of the star room.

Spaceship Earth

While exiting the room, take a look behind you and up against the back wall. Here you will find the spaceship that once sat near the beginning of guest's descent back towards Future World!

Spaceship Earth spaceship


December 20, 2019

Location: Riviera Resort

Disney's Riviera Resort opened this Monday. Throughout the resort Disney brought on several Disney and Pixar animators to create new artwork depicting some classic characters found in new settings. Today we are going to take a look at one found in Le Petit Cafe.

La Petit Cafe, found in the main lobby of the resort, is a quaint little coffee shop that appears to be simplistic in design, but if you take a look at the picture on the wall to the lefft while facing the barista you will see the following painting:

Disney's riviera Resort Aristocats

Here you can find three geese walking in front of a French bistro known as Le Petit Cafe. While it is a nice little nod to the cafe you are inside, it's the geese that are the true stars of the show. Do they look familiar? They should! They are Uncle Waldo along with Abigail and Amelia Gabble from 1970s The Aristocats!


December 13, 2019

Location: Fort Wilderness

Chip and Dale have been the unofficial mascots of Fort Wilderness for quite some time. The two of them can be found on the majority of the merchandise and the two host a nightly sing along in the center of the resort. With Christmas season here the two of them have made a new debut at the lobby of the resort:

Fort Wilderness chrstmas

Hanging off the chimney guests can find two stockings. The two feature everyone's favorite chipmunks, Chip and Dale!

Chip Stocking    Dale stocking


December 6, 2019

Location: Grand Floridian

The Enchanted Rose is the Grand Floridian's newest location that is inspired by the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. The lounge area is broken up into a few different areas each with a different feel about it.

The Enchanted Rose

The main bar area has some amazing details about it, but the most impressive one is the chandelier that sits in the middle of the room. While the chandelier is impressive, upon closer inspection one may notice that it isn't just an elaborate design, but a repredocution of Belle's dress from the live action film!

Enchanted Rose Belle's dress


November 29, 2019

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The Disney parks have transformed into their Christmas outfits and one of the most often overlooked decoration is found in the Emporium Windows which transform from their usual showcase of classic Disney animated films into the story of Mickey's Christmas Carol:

Mickey's Christmas Carol Magic Kingdom

In the very first window we see the scene where Donald visits Scrooge to ask him for money. While the entire display is a close recreation of the scene, there is one detail found in the window that is not featured in the film:

Mickey's Christmas Carol Magic Kingdom

The money bags found here read "Property of WED Federal." The WED found here references Walt's initials, Walter Elias Disney: W.E.D.



November 22, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney+ is taking the world by storm and the stars of the new streaming service are the original content series that have come with it. One of the most popular new series on the platform is The Mandalorian, a new live action Star Wars show.  While a lot of people tuned in to watch The Mandalorian expecting to see a character similar to Boba Fett arrive on screen, most people have instead become obsessed with the character known as "The Child," but nicknamed Baby Yoda.

While it was unsure if The Mandalorian would have a presence in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, this week saw the arrival of the first connection to the series. Inside the Toydarian Toymaker guests have been able to purchase small stuffed animals of their favorite Star Wars characters. While Yoda has been one of these characters since day one, Disney has created a similar holding location for one stuffed animal so the stuffed Yoda will appear as Baby Yoda does in the series:

Baby Yoda galaxy's edge


November 15, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

While walking through the marketplace at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, it's difficult to overlook the wood carver's station located across from the restrooms. While most of the carvings found here are familiar sites for most casual Star Wars fans, there is one creature here that may not be too familiar to most visitors to Galaxy's Edge:

Tooka Loth-cat

This is a carving of a Tooka, a subspecies of a Loth-cat. While the creature has never appeared in a Star Wars film, they have made multiple appearances in the Star Wars animated series Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. In addition to that, guests can find a living breathing one somewhere in the land, but we will get to that in a different article.


November 8, 2019

Location: Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars and droids. The two go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Most people who grew up with the original trilogy think of the classics like R2D2 and C3PO while the younger generation will think of droids like BB8 and K2SO. It makes sense that a major portion of Galaxy's Edge focuses around the Droid Depot which celebrates all things droids. Once inside the shop, guests can find a group of familiar droids fenced in.

Droid Depot

While we will be taking a look at which droids are which in a future Fun Find Friday, today we will be taking a look at the sign found on the cage out front:

Droid Depot

The Aurebesh found here is a nod to one of the most iconic Star Wars lines found in the entire Star Wars Universe. The sign reads: "Notice: These aren't the droids you're looking for."


November 1, 2019

Originally published October 28, 2011

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Before we dive into this Fun Find Friday, I would like to send out a very happy birthday wish to my mom, Judi! She turns 21 once again this year! That's got to be some sort of record!

Most week's I tell a story that goes along with our fun find while leading up to the ultimate fun find (of that week)! This week, I'm going to start off by showing you the Fun Find and then sharing with you a little story that goes along with it.

Next time you are in the right waiting area for The Tower of Terror, take a look at the bookshelf that sits across from the entrance way (and to the left of the television) to find this envelope with the host of The Twilight Zone's name written upon it: Rod Serling. Pretty cool fun find, right? Well, yeah, but there's a lot more to this story than just a nod to the host of the show.

Throughout this now classic attraction are several little fun finds that deal with old Twilight Zone episodes. This is just one of them, but is easily one of my favorites. In the first season of the Twilight Zone, Keenan Wynn (who appeared in several Disney films including The Absent-Minded Professor and Herbie Rides Again) plays the part of a playwright named Gregory West in an episode entitled, A World of His Own.

During the episode Gregory's wife Victoria stumbles across a shocking revelation: her husband is in their living room sharing a drink with a woman she had never seen before! When she confronts Gregory he quickly tries to explain to Victoria that the woman he saw was in fact fictional. When Victoria continues to doubt him he begins to share a secret talent he possesses with her. It seems that whenever he writes about any person or creature in full detail that person or creature will soon appear in his living room.

Victoria proclaims that her husband is crazy, but he shows her the ultimate proof that what he is saying is true. He takes out an envelope from the safe which is marked with Victoria's name. He explains that Victoria is in fact one of his creations and not real at all. Victoria, upset by this foolishness, throws the envelope into the fire to show him how ridiculous he sounds. Instead, Victoria begins to fade away and eventually disappears.

Gregory frantically begins to write down Victoria's description once more in  order to bring his wife back. While writing he soon realizes that he would much rather be with the apparent mistress. He finishes up the mistress' description by giving her his last name.

I know, how does Rod Serling's name connect with any of this? Well, at the very end of the episode Rod comes on to explain that nothing in the episode could ever truly happen in the real world. In the background, Gregory sits by his desk and interrupts Rod by saying he shouldn't just deny things so quickly. When Rod continues to talk, Gregory shows the audience an envelope with Mr. Serling's name written upon it which he then throws into the fire. Rod then disappears from the show as well and The Twilight Zone is officially in Mr. Gregory West's hands!

Now I know you probably have one more question. If Rod Serling's name is on an envelope in the right library room, is there any reference that can be found in the left? Why yes there is! Next time you are in this room, keep your eyes peeled for an envelope with the name Victoria West written upon it!


October 25, 2019

Location: O'Gills Pub, Disney Fantasy

Have you ever been sailing across the ocean aboard the Disney Fantasy and thought to yourself, "I wonder what the people who were in charge of the creation of this look like?" I know most people may not be thinking that, but if any passengers were curious they would simply need to go to O'Gills and take a look at the picture of the Fighting Fish team found in the back corner. While the picture found here is an actual picture of a team photo, none of the faces of the players actually belong to the bodies. The faces featured here are none other than the heads of the design of the Disney fantasy!

OGills Pub


October 18, 2019

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kindom

Tomorrowland has always tried to give guests an idea of what the future will look like whether it is an actual serious prediction or more of a whimsical one. The queue for Space Mountain has given guests a chance to see what Disney has in store for the future when it comes to a new resort that promises to be out of this world. When guests are traveling along the long ramp they pass these signs on the left hand side.

Space Mountain queue

At the second panel guests can see that in the futrure Disney has a space resort known as Disney's Hyperion Resort! Hyperion is a reference to the original street that the Walt Disney Company called home!

Disney's Hyperion Resort


October 11, 2019

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The streets around Walt Disney World often pay tribute to the history and details found around the Walt Disney Company's history and films. The area of Toy Story Land has a reference to a single line found in Toy Story 3 and thanks to the addition of Galaxy's Edge guests can see it while transferring from one land to the next.

While going from Galaxy's Edge to Toy Story Land guests can see the back side of Woody's Lunchbox through the trees along with the street address for the restaurant:151 Ascot Drive. The street name pays tribute to the first time Barbie meets Ken where she points out that he has a "Nice Ascot."

Woody's Lunchbox address


October 4, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Galaxy's Edge has references to every Star Wars film that has been created, but much like everywhere else in Walt Disney World it is important to look up in order to find all the details. During The Empire Strikes Back there's a famous scene where a Star Destroyer chases the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field. While guests can at times experience a similar asteroid field experience on Smuggler's Run, there is a reference to that particular scene found in the marketplace.

While going through the various stalls in the market, guests can find a lot of details within the toy shop. While most people focus on the toys and the signs outside the shop, it is most important to look toward the sky while within the store. While in here guests can see a toy recreation of the same famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back!

Galaxy's Edge Marketplace Empire Strikes Back


September 27, 2019

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

The Town Square theater found near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom gives guests the opportunity to meet either Tinker Bell or Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Due to the location being a theater, guests can find several items around the area dealing with theater life. While waiting to meet Mickey and Minnie, there is a Rehearsal Schedule board showcasing the various productions along with their rehearsal time. Needless to say, there's a fun find here:

Mickey Mouse theater

The five productions each pay tribute to a different Disney short cartoon or Disney characters. The first production is Mickey and the Seal Duet. "Mickey and the Seal" was a 1948 short cartoon which featured a seal following Mickey home from the zoo where he  becomes Pluto's nemesis.

The next production is the Lonesome Ghosts Disappearing Act. "Lonesome Ghosts" was a 1937 short cartoon that featured Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are ghost hunters and enter into a haunted house where they find a group of ghosts who just happen to also be scared of ghosts.

Clarice Solo Act is a reference to the love interest of Chip and Dale named Clarice. She only appeared in the 1952 short cartoon "Two Chips and a Miss" where the two lovable chipmunks fight over Clarice while trying to impress her with their own special skills.

Humphrey Hop references the song that was first found in the 1956 Humphrey the Bear cartoon, "In the Bag" where J. Audubon Woodlore teaches the bears to clean the park by singing The Humphrey Hop!

The final production found on the board is the Golden Harp Solo is a reference to the 1947 Jack and the Beanstalk parody "Mickey and the Beanstalk" where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy enter the giant's house in the sky and steal the singing golden  harp!


September 20, 2019

Location: Norway, Epcot

From 1988 until 2014 Maelstrom was a staple attraction in World Showcase. The attraction took guests past classic Norway icons including Vikings, polar bears, and trolls. Eventually the attraction would close up to make way for Frozen Ever After. Due to the popularity of Frozen, an area between Norway and Mexico became a meet and greet area for Anna and Elsa where guests would enter into Anna and Elsa's Royal Sommerhus.

Around the Sommerhus guests can find different dolls, carvings, and tapestries dealing with Anna and Elsa's past. Included among these tapestries is the following one:


Paying tribute to Maelstrom, guests can find the three headed troll along with the falls that the final rock troll pushes guests back over!


September 13, 2019

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

The Princess and the Frog focuses around the story of Tiana falling in love with Prince Naveen while also pursuing her dream of owning her own restaurant. During the adventure several different storylines interweave throughout giving heartfelt side stories to characters like Louis the alligator and Ray the firefly.

Ray's storyline focuses around the love of his life, Evangeline. While Evangeline is just a star in the sky, his love and dedication to her throughout the film is amazingly enough the central love story in the middle portion of the film. At the end of the film, Ray is sadly killed by Dr. Facilier, but in doing so he becomes a star in the sky near his beloved Evangeline.

While the final shot of the two is touching, viewers of the film were somewhat disappointed that they never had the opportunity to actually see Evangeline. That is, until Princess Fairytale Hall opened in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland.

While guests wait to meet the princesses they can observe several portraits of Disney princesses. While the majority of these portraits feature just the princess from their respective films, the one that features Tiana also features Ray next to another firefly. The firefly is none other than the beautiful Evangeline!



September 6, 2019

Location: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Around Harambe guests can find the intricate details to make guests believe that they are in an actual town that was created by the locals. In the Harambe Marketplace, guests can find an ofter overlooked detail that should help sell the fact that this wasn't created by Imagineers, but by citizens of Africa:

Harambe Marketplace

While guests can find advertisements Hoteli Burudika and New Fresh Laundry Cleaning, most people don't see how the laundry sign is being held up:

Harambe Marketplace

If you take a look at the cement holding the sign you may notice that instead of the sign being properly entered into the wall, it is being held by cement. Keeping with the idea that the town was built by actual members of the town, guests may notice that the cement is actually patted down by human hands!

Harambe Marketplace


August 30, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened yesterday and as we have discussed over the past few weeks, there are several details scattered around that deal with all Star Wars films in the franchise. The area is mainly divided into two sections: The First Order and the Resistance. Near The First Order section guests can find these shelves with helmets lined up.

alaxy's Edge

Despite this being The First Order section, the helmets actually belong to The Resistance predecessor, The Rebel Alliance. The helmets found here belong to the Rebels who fought in both the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.


August 23, 2019

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the past we've talked a little bit about the windows of Main Street, USA and the way they have honored different Imagineers and their contributions to the parks. One item we have glossed over briefly are the windows found at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Unlike the windows on Main Street, USA, these ones pay tribute to references to films or are just simple gags to make us laugh.

One of these is found along Sunset Boulevard where guests can find a window for the International Brotherhood of Second Assistant Directors. While it is not as recognized as the main director of a film, the window pokes fun at the job's unglamorous position by giving it an unflattering tagline and initials:

Disney's Hollywood Studios windows

"We're Standing Behind You" and IBSAD (I be sad).


August 16, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The exit for Smuggler's run takes guests on a long tunnel filled with some obscure details, but one of the most detailed, and exciting is this:

Galaxy's Edge Ranthar

What is it exactly? If you remember in The Force Awakens Rey and Finn first meet Han Solo and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon. Shortly after meeting them Han explains to them that they are currently transporting Rathtars. Shortly after Han is boarded by Bala-Tik and Kanjiklub who are about to kill him, but luckily Rey releases the Rathars on accident which results in a chase around the ship.

During the chase one of the Ranthars runs into a wall leaving almost an imprint of his body. Here in the hallway, however, guests can find that a damage  has left his mark in the walls!


August 9, 2019

Location: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is 20 days away from opening in Disney's Hollywood Studios, but previews for the immersive land have begun and there are so many details that need to be covered so let's start by taking a look at the loading area for Smuggler's run.

While guests wait to board the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon they are invited to explore the Main Hold of the ship. While the main attraction is the Holochess table that was original seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, there is more to see here once guests start to explore the area.

Smuggler's Run Fun Find

On a shelf just behind the Holochess table guests can find the blaster mask along with the remote droid that Luke Skywalker trained with while travelling aboard the Falcon with Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Smuggler's Run fun find


August 2, 2019

Location: Future World East, Epcot

In the past we've taken a look at multiple nods to attractions that have disappeared and been replaced by new attractions. Today we are going to be taking a look at a small nod to a classic Epcot attraction that disappeared to make way for Mission: Space.

Horizons, which ran from 1983 until 1999, was essentially a sequel to the classic Carousel of Progress. During the attraction guests could see various screens depicting different futures guests could participate in. In addition to that, some screens could be found just as a small addition to the attraction to help enhance it.

While most of these screens are gone, guests can still find videos from Horizons while they wait in line for the attraction's replacement: Mission: SPACE.

Just after guests pass the Fastpass merge portion of the queue they will pass by a control center. The small screens on the panels mainly focus on space exploration, but occasionally will feature clips from Horizons!

Horizons at Mssion Space


July 26, 2019

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

The story of Cinderella is retold at many locations found throughout Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland. The most difficult location to see this retelling is found inside the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite. While the retelling is best seen while inside the building, but guests can actually see the story while in Fantasyland as well.

While looking up at the castle, guests can find six windows about two thirds of the way up. Three of the windows face towards Fantasyland while the other three face towards Sleepy Hollow and Liberty Square.

Cinderella Castle Dream Suite Windows

Cinderella Castle Dream Suite window

While inside the suite the story would be told from the far left window to the far right window, but for guests outside they need to follow the windows from the far right to the far left.

The first window features the house that Cinderella lived in with Lady Tremaine and her step sisters. The next window features the letter inviting Cinderella to the ball. The next window showcases the clock striking midnight. The following window is Cinderella's glass slipper which she left behind at the ball. The second to last one shows Jaq and Gus Gus carrying the key to Cinderella's rescue while the final one shows the castle where Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after in.


July 19, 2019

Location: Skyliner Lounge, Disney Fantasy

The window in the back of the Skyliner Lounge aboard the Disney Fantasy changes cities every few minutes along with the atmosphere of the entire bar. One of these locations takes guests to a harbor where a ship is at port:

Skyliner Lounge Disney Fantasy

While it is difficult to see what ship it is at first glance, guests willing to walk right up to the window will realize that it is none other than the Disney Magic!

Skyliner Lounge Disney Magic


July 12, 2019

Location: Disney's Wedding Pavilion

When guests are planning on getting married at Walt Disney World they still have to go through the wedding planning process to figure out exactly what kind of wedding they want to have and what type of reception they would like to experience.  But where does this planning process take place for guests on property?

In order to answer this question we must take a look back at the 1991 film released under Disney's Touchstone label, Father of the Bride. During the film George Banks' daughter is getting married and the family hires a wedding planner who is played by funnyman Martin Short. The wedding planner, named Franck (not Frank), takes the Banks family through a series of events while helping them pull off the perfect wedding.

This takes us back to Disney's Wedding Pavilion. When guests are planning their building they can meet up with a wedding specialist in a wedding planning building appropriately named Franck's.



July 5, 2019

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

A few years ago the popularity of Toy Story Mania resulted in in a third attraction being added to the already popular attraction. With the new track a new loading area for the attraction was created exclusively for the track and of course some fun details came along with a detail that was overlooked during the first Toy Story film.

If you recall, at the start of the film Woody calls a meeting so the other toys get the horrible news that Andy's birthday has been moved to that day. during the movie he goes over three points from his notes which include finding a moving buddy, thanking Mr. Spell for the plastic corrosion awareness meeting and of course, the fact that Andy's birthday party is now on that day.

One interesting aspect is the fact  that Woody already has the notes written on the pad despite calling an emergency meeting so how did he pull of writing this new information on the pad without any prior knowledge?

The fact is, he didn't. He had his notes for a meeting set up, but due to an emergency meeting he could only go through two of the three notes before dropping the bomb shell on the other toys. So what was the third point during the meeting? While in the load/unload area for Toy Story Mania's third track, guests can actually find Woody's pad along with all three points:

Toy Story Mania

It appears that the third item that should have been covered was a lot less stressful than the birthday party being moved: Bubble wrap- don't pop.


June 28, 2019

Location: Coronado Springs

In 1540, Francisco de Coronado left Mexico to the American Southwest in search of a magical land that was meant to hide The Seven Cities which was rumored to have more riches than anyone had ever seen in one location.

While many explorers searched for the Sven Cities, no one ever came to find their location which is believed to be lost somewhere in the desert. The story of Francisco de Coronado and his failed search for treasure inspired Carl Barks to write a story known as The Seven Cities of Cibola in a 32 page Uncle Scrooge comic. The story had Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie discovering the treasure but then being victims of a cave in which resulted in them all having amnesia resulting in them forgetting about the treasure.

So how does this connect with Coronado Springs besides Coronado Springs being named after the location of the famed explorer? It all comes down to the newest restaurant at the resort, Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa Del Lago.

Three Bridges Bar and Grill

Plastered upon the walls of the restaurant guests can find various artwork upon the walls, but the interesting of all are various pages from the comic book The Seven Cities of Cibola:

Uncle Scrooge Seven Cities           Uncle Scrooge comic


June 21, 2019

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

"Andy's coming!"If you've ever seen any of the Toy Story films or short cartoons you probably remember that any time a human enters the room all the toys must fall down so they don't give away the fact that they are actually alive. This is also true for Toy Story Land, but this time, guests who enter the land are also considered toys in addition to the toys scattered throughout the land.

So what happens if a human arrives and us, the toys, aren't paying attention? Don't worry, the toys have us covered. If you head over towards Woody's Lunchbox, guests can find a large tower made of various toys in the center of the seating section. On the top of the tower, guests can find the highest point in the land. Standing at the highest point is a toy soldier keeping watch so us toys can enjoy some fun without constantly being on the lookout to see if Andy's coming.

Toy Story Land 


June 14, 2019

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

While walking through Toy Story Land guests can find references to all three Toy Story films in some way, shape, or form. When the land opened, Toy Story Mania received a brand new exit and exit which introduced new elements to both sections of the attraction. While guests exit the attraction they can come across a box for Lenny, the toy binoculars found in the Toy Story films.

Toy Story Land fun find

While there doesn't appear to be anything special with the box at first glance, guests should pay close attention to the price sticker on the top right corner:

Toy Story Land fun find

The numbers found on the sticker are 11 13 and 99 cents. The three numbers found here represent the date that Toy Story 2 made its debut: November 13, 1999!


June 7, 2019

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

The Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom is a fun, interactive game found throughout the Magic Kingdom. The game is played at different windows that each are themed to fit in with the area, but still be interactive with the game itself. One of the most interesting examples of this can be found outside of Sir Mickey's:

Sword in the Stone Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The interactive game at this specific window occurs on a chalkboard which reads "Higitus figitus Migitus Mum = Presti-digi-tonium." The words written here may seem familiar to you, which they should if you've ever watched the 1963 Disney animated film The Sword in the Stone. The words are one of the many spells spoken (and sung) throughout the film by Merlin. While it would be a cool fun find just having the phrase written there, but there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Prior to the shop being Sir Mickey's, the shop was actually two separate stores. One side began as the Aristocrats shop, which was a typical gift shop while the other side of the store, which was open until 1996 which was known as Merlin's Magic Shop, named after the wizard who spoke the spell written here upon the chalkboard!


May 31, 2019

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most detailed attractions found throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Towards the start of the extended queue guests come across the following organ:

Haunted Mansion

On the front of the organ guests can find that the brand is Ravenscroft. So why Ravenscroft? While it seems to be a nod to the raven found throughout the attraction and on the top of the organ, it is actually a nod to voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft. While Mr. Ravenscroft has provided his voice acting skills to many different characters throughout the years both for Disney and for other companies, he is well known by Disney fans for his voice work in the parks.

Here at the Haunted Mansion he provides his voice as Uncle Theodore, the head of the Phantom Five. Who are the Phantom Five? They are the five singing busts found in the graveyard scene of the attraction!


May 24, 2019

Location: Future World East, Epcot

Mission: SPACE is an often overlooked attraction that actually has a lot of history hidden within it. While guests are approaching the preshow area they can even find a history of humans with space which includes historic events such as first humans in space, first man on the moon, and a look at the future with the future family in space.

Today, however, we will be taking a look at an actual item that had made it's way into space that now resides at Mission: SPACE.

Mission: SPACE

In front of the attraction, guests can find various plaques that feature famous quotes by astronauts and famous members of history discussing the universe. While facing the attraction, take a look on the far right side. Here guests can find a plaque which was flown into space in the year 2000 with the quote "To all who follow their dreams 'to infinity and beyond!'"

Mission Space plaque in space


May 17, 2019

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Last summer Disney California Adventure went through a massive upgrade when Paradise Pier transformed into Pixar Pier. While Paradise Pier, which opened with Disney's California Adventure in 2001 may be gone, it's not forgotten.

this takes us to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Scattered throughout the park, guests can find billboards on top of buildings throughout the park, but there's one in particular that should receive a closer look. The billboard found on top of the Beverly Sunset Boutique:

Paradise Pier

Not only is the billboard advertising Paradise Pier, but guests can even find attractions in the background including California Screamin', The Golden Zephyr, and the original Sun Wheel!

Paradise Pier


May 10, 2019

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In 1991 Disney released their first attempt at a live action super hero movie in the form of The Rocketeer. Their hope was that the film would be successful enough that they could add an entire land based around the movie to Disney-MGM Studios. In preparation for the film they added a few different items to the park as a test run. One of the additions was the addition of Peevy's Polar Pipeline, a quick service restaurant named after the older mechanic in the film, Peevy.

Peevy's Polar Pipeline

The area is filled with multiple references to the film, but one most people overlook deals with the menu placed upon the wall. Peevy had recreated the design of the rocket pack on a pair of blue prints. The blue prints have been repurposed at the restaurant by having the menu printed upon them!

Peeevy's Plar Pipleline


April 26, 2019

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

While guests approach The Pirates of the Caribbean there are several things people will notice: the clock tower, the crow's nest, and the cannons. One thing they may not notice is the sign hanging above the Fastpass entrance:

Pirates of the Caribbean Castillo del Morro

The name of the fort guests enter into is Castillo del Morro. Castillo del Morro is translated from Spanish as the Castle on the Hill. While the storyline of Pirates of the Caribbean begins in present day, it's important to note that when guests go down the waterfall at the start of the attraction they are actually traveling into the past. Prior to the drop all of the pirates found in the attraction are skeletons of pirates, but after the drop we transport into the past to live in the time when pirates actually exist.

The first scene guests pass after the drop is a pirate ship doing battle with a fort. The fort found here is the very same fort guests enter into while going through the queue: Castillo del Morro. So while we know the attraction takes place in the past, we don't have a specific year that we are traveling to. This brings us back to the sign.

The sign in the front reads MDCXLIII which reads 1643 in Roman Numerals. Since we know the fort was built in 1673, we know that the storyline most likely takes place shortly after the construction completed in 1673, 300 years prior to The Pirates of the Caribbean opened in the Magic Kingdom!


April 19, 2019

Location: Future World, Epcot

Today we released a new Crazy Challenge video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel focusing around the Easter Egg hunt at Epcot along with the Flower and Garden Festival scavenger hunt which revolves around Spike the Bee.

Spike the Bee

What a lot of people ask during the festival is how the Imagineers came up with the character of Spike the Bee. Spike wasn't created by the Imagineers, but originally starred in a series of Disney short cartoons. He made his first appearance in the 1940 short Window Cleaners where he was known as Baarrington the Bee. Three years later his name was changed to Spike when he appearance in Home Defense. Since then Spike has appeared in a total of 13 short cartoons.

While most guests may not know him from his cartoon days from the 1940s through the 1950s, he is becoming a more popular character now than ever due to his recent cameo at the Flower and Garden Festival.


April 12, 2019

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

The number one concern for Disney is the safety of their guests. In order to ensure the safety of the guests, Cast Members are scattered throughout the parks to ensure that guests are safe and not putting themselves in dangerous situations. Since Cast Members can't be everywhere in the park at all times, security has to place cameras in strategic locations to not take away from the theming of the areas. For instance, have you taken a look at the Hall of Presidents building before?

Hall of Presidents

While at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about the building, careful observers will notice that the bell in the bell tower is incapable of ringing. Why is that?

Hall of Presidents

That's right! In the bell sits a camera instead of a ringer! After all, Safety always comes first!


April 5, 2019

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Another Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by visiting the attraction that's storyline begins on Hollywood in the year 1939. The attraction? The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror of course!

In the past we have talked about references to The Twilight Zone in the library and elevator shaft before, and today we will be making our way back to the library for another reference to the classic television show.

In a season three episode of The Twilight Zone entitled To Serve Man, a group of aliens known as the Kanamits land on earth and visit the United Nations where they promise to help Earth by showing them better ways to grow food. While the people of Earth are originally skeptical about the intentions of the Kanamits, they eventually decipher the title of a book the aliens have brought to earth. After deciphering the title, they realize that the book is entitled To Serve Man. Realizing that the Kanamits are actually there to serve them, they begin to take their advice and in turn, world hunger is no longer a worry amongst the planet Earth.

Several Earthlings begin to take trips to the Kanamits' planet, but due to the over interest in visiting the planet, many people are put on a waiting list including two of the people who deciphered the title of the book. While one of them finally is allowed to visit, the other decides to translate the rest of the book. Here, they realize that the title To Serve Man doesn't focus on helping out the people of Earth, but is in fact a cookbook which teaches the Kanamits how to actually serve man as a meal.

So how does this connect with the Tower of Terror? In both libraries, guests can find the book, To Serve Man, waiting to be discovered. If you enter through the library on the right hand side, the book is found on a shelf on the opposite corner from the television screen, while on the left hand side the book is found on your right hand side just after entering the room.

To Serve Man


March 29, 2019

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

A few years ago an area at the Hub disappeared that was beloved by guests to the Magic Kingdom for years: The Rose Garden. The Rose Garden had been a staple of the Hub for years that allowed guests to get away from the chaos of the park while enjoying the quiet and literally taking the time to smell the flowers.

This area wasn't always a place of tranquility, but a loading area for an often forgotten Magic Kingdom attraction. The Swan Boats, which ran from 1973 through 1983, took guests around the moat in front of Cinderella Castle. The slow moving attraction was paddled by an attraction hostess, but due to the track system in place the boat had ample room to move from one location to another without being constrained to a specific track.

While most guests have no idea the attraction ever existed, especially since The Rose Garden disappeared for the Hub expansion, there is still evidence of the former attraction. Every few years the moat in front of the castle goes through a refurbishment process resulting in little to no water being found in the area.

When the traces of water are minimal, guests can see the faint remnants of the former track of the Swan Boats sitting on the bed of the waterway:

Swan Boats Magic Kingdom

While difficult to see in the picture, you can see the faint location of the two former tracks. One is below the rock while the other is below the duck!


March 22, 2019

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

When Disney-MGM Studios first opened the park consisted of Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Mickey Avenue, the Streets of America, and the Animation Courtyard. One of the most popular sections of the park, Sunset Boulevard, wouldn't open for another five years. When the section did open it was home to many replicas to famous movie theaters including the often overlooked Legends of the Hollywood.

When guests look at the Legends of Hollywood they can find the only address for a building on Sunset Boulevard on the left side of the main entrance. The address: Ninety-Four:

Legends of Hollywood Address

It's just another nice nod to the year 1994, the year Sunset Boulevard debuted!


March 15, 2019

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney struggled financially the majority of his early years. While his father went from one failed business venture to the next, Walt began to find success in the late 1920's, but used the majority of the profit he made to build newer stories or to create new short films.

In 1937, Walt and his team released the first full length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While most fans know that Walt used the majority of the profits to build a new studio, there is one purchase that Walt made that now makes Disney's Hollywood Studios home.

One of the things Walt always wanted to buy himself was a nice car. While he had cars in his adult life, he always promised himself that once he had the money, he would buy himself a real nice car. So sitting just being the Trolley Car Cafe, you can see the first really nice car Walt ever bought for himself. And not only that, this car was the actual car owned by Walt Disney himself!

Walt Disney's car



March 8, 2019

Location: Blizzard Beach

When guests first enter into Blizzard Beach they can find the Beach Haus gift shop on their left hand side. While the building looks like a nice cozy beach house, there is one item on the exterior that isn't so picture perfect:

Ice Gator Blizzard Beach Beach Haus

So what's the story behind the hole in the wall? The silhouette belongs to the Ice Gator. As the story of the park goes, a snow storm came across Central Florida one day leaving behind a path of snowy destruction. Just when the cast members were trying to figure out what to do they discovered the Ice Gator at the top of the peak skiing down the hills.

After a view times down the slope he headed towards the top of Mount Gushmore where a ski slope was put into place in the form of Summit Plummet. The Ice Gator skiied down and launched off into the air and crash landed here at the Beach Haus!


March 1, 2019

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

Inside the Magic Kingdom's City Hall guests can find different pictures of Walt Disney scattered along the walls behind them after they enter into the park. Some of these pictures feature Walt in Disneyland while others feature him on his beloved Carolwood Pacific Railroad. There is one picture found upon the wall that features Walt's brother Roy along with Mickey Mouse on opening day.

City Hall Main Street

It may seem odd that all the pictures found here feature Walt with the exception of this one, but there's a story that goes along with this moment in Disney history. The Magic Kingdom opened almost five years after Walt Disney passed away giving Roy the responsibility of making sure Walt's final dream would come true.

When Roy showed for the opening ceremony of the Magic Kingdom everything was set as Roy stood ready to deliver his speech in the middle of Town Square. Just before the presentation began Roy realized that was something missing. Roy then made the request that Mickey Mouse should join him in Town Center during the ceremony.

Roy's reasoning wasn't because Mickey is the symbol of the Walt Disney Company, but because in Roy's eyes the personality of Mickey was one and the same as Mickey Mouse. By having Mickey next to him, Roy had his brother with him. So while we may not see Walt in every picture found on the wall, he is still there in spirit.


February 22, 2019

Location: Toontown, Disneyland

The queue for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin is one of the best themed queues found throughout the Disneyland Resort. There are numerous details that can often be overlooked which pay tribute not just to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? but many different Disney films and characters. About halfway through the queue guests can find a man facing away from guests reading a paper.

Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin

The paper he is reading discusses the winner of a horse race. The horse found on the paper is none other than Horace Horsecollar!!

Horace Horsecollar


February 15, 2019

Location: Future World, Epcot

Last we took a look at a hidden detail in the Egyptian scene of Spaceship Earth, but today we are moving forward in the attraction to more recent times. I'm talking about the moon landing scene where we see a family witnessing the historic moment where man lands on the moon for the first time.

Spaceship Earth moon landding

While the family sits there enjoying the moon landing, guests have something else to enjoy in the scene. To the left of the television is a crate full of records. The record on the front of the box changes out regularly. Typically it doesn't have any real rhyme or reason, but when Mary Poppins Returns hit theaters the record swapped out to the original Mary Poppins soundtrack!

Spaceship Earth Moon Landing


February 8, 2019

Location: Future World, Epcot

Back in October we took a look at a detail in the Egyptian scene of Spaceship Earth and how verbal communication isn't the only type of communication found within the attraction. Just as a quick recap we looked at the symbols found behind the pharaoh with the duck and sun being known as the Son of Re' and the circular symbol below being known as a cartouche.

Spaceship Earth Egypt

The cartouche found in ancient Egypt, the symbols found within the circ le, are the actual names of the ruler, while the Son of Re' is a symbol signifying the person whose name is in the circle is a ruler. While one would believe that the name of the pharaoh found upon the wall would be the actual pharoah seated in front of the wall, this isn't the case in this situation. How do we know this? Papyrus of course!

As we learn in this scene, an unknown Egyptian found in the scene is inventing papyrus, a sort of paper. Papyrus leads to... well, you know the drill. Sitting on the table in front of the pharaoh is a piece of papyrus that is barely dangling over the edge of the table.

Egypt Spaceship Earth

By examining this from all the best angles, one may notice that these two cartouches don't exactly match up with one another. While the one found on the wall may be the name of a former pharaoh or the papyrus could be a letter from a different pharaoh we may never know, but it just goes to show that every little detail in the parks can be broken down.


February 1, 2019

Location Morocco, Epcot

The Epcot International Festival of Arts has officially been underway for two weeks and this year a new addition has been added to the Festival which has made it even more entertaining to visit.

In the past Disney has put up a hide and seek game throughout World Showcase featuring popular paintings that have an added touch of Figment. This year the game still exists, but in addition to that game, Disney has added a new thing to search for: hidden characters! Scattered in the countries, guests can find Timon and Pumbaa in The African Outpost, Mushu in China, and the character we are looking at today: Abu.

Hidden in the busy streets of Morocco, guests can find Abu painted upon a well. It looks like he has returned to his life has a theif since he is reaching out for a jug to place inside his bag of items. If you look closely inside his bag of items, you can find the one and only lamp that belongs to Genie!

Abu Festival of the Arts


January 25, 2019

Location: Future World West, Epcot

Have you ever walked through the queue of The Seas with Nemo and Friends and been in awe of all the details found throughout it? In the past we've discussed things like the hidden 1401 in the queue and the acronym for NEMO, but the queue itself is telling a story as guests walk through it.

Seas with Nemo line

The queue line swerves back and forth until guests eventually go under a dock which then leads them to the rest of the queue which takes guests underwater which also includes a trip under a boat. So what does this all mean?

Seas with Nemo queue

One of the main missions of Epcot is to educate guests even if that means that the education is snuck in there in subtle ways. The queue is one of those times. While guests are going through the queue they are tracing the steps of a newborn sea turtle. Their journey typically begins in the dark as they flip flop their way in a swivel pattern towards the sea. Once they arrive to the ocean their journey isn't safe immediately as they come across other hazards such as wildlife in the ocean and possibly even motorized vehicles.

Lving Seas queue

Just goes to show that even a simple queue has more of a story to it than one may imagine.


January 18, 2019

Location: Oceaneer's Club, Disney Fantasy

In the animation section of the Oceaneer's Club aboard the Disney Fantasy guests can find several some figurines of characters that we all know and love. Then we have this very random character sitting aboard the shelf:

Albert Quackmore

Who is he? What is he? Why does he look like a dog, but have human like ears? All good questions. His name is Albert Quackmore and if he doesn't look too familiar don't feel bad. Albert made his first appearance in a 1967 Uncle Scrooge comic book that was released solely in Italy. He would make appearances in various Uncle Scrooge comics both overseas and in the United States throughout the years while Uncle Scrooge creator Carl Barks was still creating comics.

However, many of the other artists who worked on Uncle Scrooge comics would include him in a story or two, but most of the artists hated one thing about Albert. His ears. They mainly found it creepy that this dog like creature had very humanized ears. After Carl Barks retired the character of Albert disappeared, however he will live on here in the Oceaneer's Lab aboard the Disney Fantasy for years to come!


January 4, 2018

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

"I once knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith."
"Really? What's the name of his other leg?"

This classic joke from the 1964 hit film Mary Poppins actually ended up being a pivotal moment of the film may seem like something that would never be referenced within the park. Despite seeming like a random line from a film that is set nowhere near America's Frontier, there once was a reference to the film at the Frontierland Train Station.

Frontierland Train Station

Once in the baggage area there sat a leg with the word "Smith" written across it. The leg sat there for years as a subtle reference to the film until it was taken away. Unfortunately no one knows if it was stolen or just taken away by Disney, but the leg can no longer be found within Frontierland.


December 28, 2018

Location: Fort Wilderness Campground

In addition to today's Fun Find Friday, I also released a new video on my YouTube page where I search for remnants of the old Fort Wilderness Campground Railroad. While searching for the old railroad tracks, I stumbled across a map at the entrance of the resort which gave me an unexpected look into the past.

Fort Wilderness Resort map

Do you see it? While the resort has remained practically unchanged for numerous years, there are other things found throughout Walt Disney World that have changed, specifically the icons for Disney's Hollywood Studios along with the renaming of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs.

So why is this important? Take a look at the bottom right section of the map where it shows where the buses will take guests to.

Downtown Disney logo

Here you can clearly see that the map featured here is not current, but how old is this map? Guests may first notice that the name Downtown Disney is still present on the map meaning it is at least two years old, but the more important item to look at is the icon for Disney's Hollywood Studios. The current icon for the park is the Hollywood Tower Hotel, home to the Tower of Terror and prior to that the park was represented by the Sorcerer's Hat which sat in the park from 2001 until 2015.

The Earful Tower was the park icon from 1989 until 2001 meaning this map is definitely from a year prior to 2001 when the Sorcerer's Hat took over, but after 1998 when Disney's Animal Kingdom first opened up!


December 21, 2018

Location: Europa, Disney Fantasy

Over the past few weeks we've discussed the hidden 688's found in Europa aboard the Disney Fantasy. As we discussed a few weeks back, there are three hidden 688s found throughout Europa as a reference to the ship number that it had during construction. There are only three hidden 688s found throughout the ship with all three being in Europa. The final one is inside O'Gill's Pub.

On the back wall of the pub, guests can find a painting of a leprechaun. While at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything unique about the picture, but upon further inspection a hidden 688 may be found.

O Gi'lls Pub

If you look in the band of the leprechaun's hat, barely etched in you can find the final reference to the ship's number: 688.

O'Gill's 688


December 14, 2018

Location: Europa, Disney Fantasy

A few weeks ago we took a look at the significance of the number 688 aboard the Disney Fantasy. For those of you who missed it, when a cruise line ship is in construction it is assigned a construction number. In order to pay tribute to that original construction number, Disney has hidden the construction number for the Disney Fantasy (688) in three locations around Europa. Last time we took a look at it's hidden location outside of Ooh La La, but today we will be taking a look at the second location which is hidden in La Piazza.

La Piazza disney Fantasy

La Piazza has a Venetian theme filled with a carousel, Italian masks, and even a moped. At first glance it seems like the numbers wouldn't be hidden in a very obvious location, but guests who want to go for a ride better make sure their plates are up to date. That's right! On the back of the moped guests can see that the license plate is none other than 688!

688 on Disney Fantasy


December 7, 2018

Location: Marketplace, Disney Springs

During the holiday season the former Marketplace bus loop transforms into the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail. Scattered throughout the trail guests can find 27 themed trees that focus on characters (like Minnie Mouse), movies (like Robin Hood), and attractions (like The Haunted Mansion). While the trees are the main attraction, the advertisments found scattered along the walls steal the show for those willing to pay attention to them!

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail advertisements

One section of the wall features four advertisements next to one another with each one focusing on a different park. the ad on the left is the most basic acting as an advertisement for the Main Street Cinema featuring Donald and Daisy in silhouette form.

The poster to the right features an ad for The Dino Institute which is advertising holiday rates, but on top of the ad is a continuation of the attraction we all know and love. At the conclusion of the Dinosaur attraction, guests bring back an Iguanodon from the past to the present for Dr. Seeker, but as Dr. Seeker points out, the dinosaur is lost and he better find him before security does. Over the ad we see that Dr. Seeker is still searching for the dinosaur with specific instructions to not tell Dr. Marsh about the search.

To the right of the Dinosaur advertisement is an ad for The Dreamport via the Rainbow Corridor. Now the Dreamport is never far away when you use your imagination. That's at least the advice The Dreamfinder used to state during the original Journey Into Imagination attraction. The ad found here showcases the Rainbow Corridor which once sat on the second floor of the Imagination pavilion as an interactive experience for guests after going on the classic attraction.

The final ad is wishing guests a rock 'n ' rollin' holiday season from the famous Lock 'N' Roll Parking System. Fans of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith know that the Lock 'n' Roll Parking Systems is the loading area for the attraction. Underneath the logo a call back to the attraction is found letting people know that they are now offering Super Stretch valet parking, a nod to the type of ride vehicle guests ride while on the attraction!


November 30, 2018

Location: Europa, Disney Fantasy

Prior to when a Cruise Line ship is named it receives a temporary number that it is recognized. The numbering system began years ago and worked the way up on a continuous number scheme.until modern day cruise ships were created. Since the original names of these ships are numbers, the Imagineers of the Disney Fantasy decided to hide the ships number in multiple places around the ship as a tribute to the original name.

When guests are in Europa, specifically near Ooh La La, there's a mirror advertising a fictional cafe known as del Cafe sur la mer. Below is a fictional address number: 688. As you probably guessed by now, the number 688 is the ship number for the Disney Fantasy.

Disney Fantasy 688 meaning


November 23, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

When Disney's Hollywood Studios first opened up as Disney-MGM Studios it was a full working studio where animated films like Lilo and Stitch were created, television shows like The New Mickey Mouse Club were filmed, and live action films like The Newsies were worked on. While most of the items found in the working studio could be seen by guests, there were some behind the scenes areas that guests never saw that are extremely important to the production of the films. One of these areas still exists today!

Behind Walt Disney: One Man's Dream sits the Roy O. Disney Production Center where audio recording for various films and shows found around the Walt Disney World Resort. While this section of the park had never been visible to guests before, now with the opening of Toy Story Land, guests can see the sign for the building near the giant Woody at the entrance to the land. Just turn around and take a look past the bushes to find the sign for this historic building!

Roy O Disney Production Center


November 16, 2018

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

In the past we have gone into extensive detail about Dinoland, USA and the back story found throughout the land. As you may recall after some fisherman discovered dinosaur bones, the small fishing resort they were staying at became the first Dino Institute. As the years passed, the small town began to flourish as more visitors came to see the bones of the creatures that once roamed the earth.

With the added income to the town and the Dino Institute, the original location of the Dino Institute became an excavation site and a dorm for young paleontologists to live in during their studies. With the original location being taken over, a new Dino Institute was built in 1978. For the first twenty years the location was used as a showcase for various fossils until they introduced a way to bring guests back to the time of the dinosaurs with the invention of the Time Rover.

The current home of the Dino Institute has a plaque near the entrance commemorating the opening day of the location near the entrance to the building. One may notice an interesting detail about the plaque. The opening date is April 22, 1978, twenty years to the day before Disney's Animal Kingdom opened!

Dino Institute


November 9, 2018

Location: Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line

While guests snorkel out on Castaway Cay there are numerous fun finds waiting for them to discover. Instead of going through each of them individually, this week I created a video that allows you to see the items with your own eyes. Enjoy!


November 2, 2018

Location: Aqua Lab, Disney Fantasy

When the Disney Fantasy opened in 2012 it introduced a brand new addition to the Disney Cruise Line that hadn't been seen before: The Aqua Lab. While the details found around the Aqua Lab focus around Huey, Dewey, and Louie, there's one interesting detail that doesn't have anything to do with Donald's Nephews:

Disney Fantasy

The sign advertising that swim diapers are not allowed in the area features Roger Rabbit holding on to Baby Herman from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? film!

Baby Herman


October 19, 2018

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party has always been one of my favorite events of the year. While the party is highlighted by events like the Hocus Pocus Spelltacular and Mickey's boo to You Parade, there are soome details added to the park specifically for this event. One of my favorite details for the party once sat around the Partners Statue at the Hub at the end of Main Street. Here guests could once find four bronze statues of Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto in Halloween costumes as well. During the Hub expansion the area where these statues once sat was replaced by planters and any hope of them returning seemed lost.

Or so we thought. It ends up the Hub Expansion brought these bronze statues back in an unexpected way. With the addition of the Hub increasing in size, Disney also added a more on stage friendly exit to the park behind Main Street East. Throughout the years, Disney had used this backstage exit to help filter out the crowds when the park was extremely busy. When the expanded the Hub, they finally added planters, along with billboards, to this backstage walkway to appear more show ready. This year, Disney added a nice little touch to this back stage area for guests during Halloween time.

That's right, Disney has brought back these statues, but only for when the park is extremely crowded:

Mikcy'es Not So Scary

Mickey's Not So Scary


October 12, 2018

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover has gone through a few changes throughout the years with various names such as the WEDway Peoplemover, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and the current name which combines the two, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover. During the most recent change some of the classic dialogue disappeared including the paging of Mr. Morrow whose party was arriving from Saturn and not the moon, and also the mention of the actual ride system guests were on: the Blue line.

Guests were welcome aboard "the blue line" and were referred to as blue line passengers. The idea was guests were in an actual working city which would result in numerous trains for citizens to travel upon to get from location to location. When the narration changed to its current format, two remnants of the former spiel stuck around and still exist today.

You see, the Blue Line wasn't the only train systems citizens of the future could travel upon. While they were never actually mentioned on the ride, there was a green and red line citizens could travel upon as well. The only two references to them can still be found today just after passing the model of Progress City.

On the right side of the track, guests can find a robot in a tube which is labeled red line, while another sign nearby directs guests towards where the green line sits:

Green Line

Red Line

So even though the times have changed, a bit of the old attraction still exists!


October 5, 2018

Location: Future World, Epcot

Spaceship Earth takes guests on a trip that transports guests through thousands of years to witness the evolution of communication. While the evolution of communication in the attraction focuses on everything from the cave man days all the way to computer technology, there is one form of communication that is brushed aside and never spoken about in the attraction. The form of communication is hidden in the picture below:

Spaceship Earth Pharaoh scene

Notice the wall behind the Pharaoh? While the hieroglyphics found here may appear to be nonsense, we should all know by now that the Imagineers have clearly done their research. The duck and the sun found on the right wall are known as the Son of Re', a title given to a ruler. Below that you can see a group of symbols found within a giant oval. The giant oval is known as a cartouche. In Egypt, the images found within a cartouche is the actual name of the Pharaoh. While the symbols found here don't directly correspond to a specific Pharaoh, it is believed that they may represent King Seti I.

So next time you're on Spaceship Earth pay attention not just to the dialogue that's being spoken on the attraction, but all the details hidden within the attraction that help propel the story forward.


September 28, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Traditionally, Pixar releases a new short cartoon before every one of their feature films. While the obvious short cartoon to be found in Toy Story Land would be one that is found before one of the Toy Story films, but in reality the reference we are taking a look at today is from the short cartoon, "Partly Cloudy" found before "Up."

The short cartoon takes a look at an insecure gray cloud named Gus who sculpts babies that are more dangerous than the cute and cuddly baby animals one may typically associate with babies. How does this short cartoon come into play at Toy Story Land?

While guests ride Slinky Dog Dash they come across multiple reminders of moments and characters from the Toy Story films including the grand finale which is very similar to the grand finale of Toy Story 2 where Wheezy sinces You've Got a Friend in Me:

Slinky Dog Dash

While on the attraction, pay close attention to the book that's above Wheezy's head at the end of the attraction. The children's book found here is none other than Partly Cloudy!

Partyly Cloudy


September 21, 2018

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

In 1941 Disney released a short cartoon called "The Nifty Nineties" which took a look at life in the 1890s and consisted of Mickey and Minnie meeting one another, going on a date to a vaudeville show, and then taking a car ride. The short cartoon featured a cameo by two of the animators for the cartoon, Fred Moore and Ward Kimball.

The two appear in the vaudeville show in an act called "Fred & Ward, Two Clever Boys From Illinois." Both Fred and Ward were caricatures of the artists and the two animators provided the voices of their respective characters. But what does this have to do with Main Street, USA?

While in the queue for the Mickey Mouse meet and greet at the Town Square Theater, guests can find various flyers for other acts that have appeared in the theater and also various acts that may be coming in the future. One of these posters is for a future appearance by Mickey the Magnificent and the opening act is, you guessed it, Fred & Ward!

Fred Moore and Ward Kimball


September 14, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land is filled with subtle details to the Toy Story films. We've taken a look at a few of these details in the past, but today we will be taking a look at a detail that hints at one of the most often forgotten characters within the Toy Story franchise.

When people mention Toy Story, most people focus on characters like Woody, Buzz, Rex, Bo Peep, Jessie, and various other characters. Other people may think of the human characters like Andy, Sid, Al, Molly, or Bonnie, but it's rare for a person to instantly go to  one of the two named animals in the Toy Story franchise. At the end of Toy Story the toys have their worst fear become a reality when Santa brings Andy and Molly a puppy for Christmas. In Toy Story 2 we discover that the dog is named Buster and is happily living with Andy and his family at their new home.

The entrance for Slinky Dog Dash consists of a digital watch to show off the current time for guests Fastpass return times while the wait time is displayed on a giant gold circle. While the gold circle doesn't seem special at first, if you look at it while actually inside the queue you can see the following:

Toy Story Land Buster

That's right! This is the back of Buster's dog tag! Not only is this an amazing reference to Buster, it also helps guests know that the timeline we are in while in Toy Story Land takes place roughly around the time that Toy Story 2 takes place in Andy's new home due to the fact that Buster is present!


September 7, 2018

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique has become a staple at Disney parks and cruise ships around the world. When they first debuted in the early 2000s they quickly became more and more popular resulting in most guests completely forgetting what the former resident was at the various locations.

Lucky for us, today we will be taking a look at a nod to the former home of the Disneyland location! Two years after Disneyland opened a toy shop opened next to Snow White's Scary Adventures which was named Tinker Bell's Toy Shop The shop remained open under the same theme until the mid 2000s when it had a brief run as  Once Upon A Time - The Disney Princess Shoppe.

Despite the changes, three characters remained at the entrance to the shop, and still remain there until today, to remind guests of what once sat in the location. Here guests can find Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Tick Tock carved into the woodwork near the entrance:

Captain Hook Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique 

Mr. Smee Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Tick Tock Bibbidi Bobbodi Boutique


August 31, 2018

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

At the start of this summer Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure was completely updated to a new land known as Pixar Pier featuring familiar experiences with new storylines. While Paradise Pier may not exist anymore, there's still a reference to it, but incredibly enough, the reference isn't found in Disney California Adventure, but Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Above the Villains in Vogue store there's a billboard that can be found advertising Paradise Pier. On this billboard guests can find attractions like The Golden Zypher, Mickey's Fun Wheel, and of course California Screamin'!

Paradise Pier Billboard


August 24, 2018

Location: Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay is a treasure trove of details just waiting to be explored. Scattered throughout the island are references to some of the most rare and obscure members of the Disney family. However, today we will  be taking a look at a reference to one of the most recognizable.

One of the activities guests can do on Castaway Cay is snorkeling (and my personal favorite). While guests explore some of the island's private reefs there are a few items scattered within the water waiting to be discovered. One of these items can be found towars the left side of the water when facing out towards the ocean. About halfway out, guests can find the following sight:

Minnie Mouse Castaway Cay

Minnie Mouse! While many of the items found scattered throughout the snorkeling waters have a history of originally belonging somewhere else, this Minnie Mouse statue was created exclusively for guests snorkeling in Castaway Cay!


August 17, 2018

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Sir Mickey's is one of the most overlooked Magic Kingdom shops that is also quite possibly the most detailed of all shops in the park. The store takes elements from both The Brave Little Tailor and Mickey and the Beanstalk. Today's Fun Find Friday takes a look at the windows to the right of the main entrance.

Within the window on the right guests can find items that Mickey may have had in his work shop in The Brave Little Tailor. On the wall inside the window guests can find some sketches that Mickey may be creating. Here guests can find references to both Goofy and Pluto together along with Clarabelle Cow!

Sir mickey's



August 10, 2018

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

The meet and greet for Mickey Mouse lets guests out into the shop Curtain Call Collectibles which continues with the magician theme that guests can find during the met and greet with Mickey. Everything fits well with the theme, but one item seems to be a little off:

Mickey's Country House

What is this miniature house doing up on the shelf? Prior to Mickey Mouse meeting guests on Main Street, USA he would meet with guests in the Judge's Tent of Mickey's Toontown Fair. Prior to entering into the Judge's Tent, guests had the opportunity to bypass the meet and greet and exit Mickey's Country House through his garage.

Inside Mickey's Garage he had a work station  with various projects he was recently working on. One of these projects was none other than the house that now resides in Curtain Call Collectibles!


August 3, 2018

Location: Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland

While searching throughout Walt Disney World in between 2004 and 2010 for references to Disney animated films, I was disappointed because I was constantly hoping to find a reference to the 1980s Disney animated film, The Great Mouse Detective, but sadly I couldn't find it anywhere.

That is, until I went on a trip to Disneyland. While walking through Mickey's House, guests can find various references to movies, books, food, and more with a twist to fit in with the fact that Mickey is indeed a mouse. One of these mouse references can be found below the TV, where a book for the long sought after reference awaits, The Great Mouse Detective:

Great Mouse Detective Disneyland


July 27, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Scattered around Toy Story Land are the various toys that Andy has left in the backyard. While we have spent the last few weeks taking a look at a few of the toys scattered here and the hidden meanings behind them, today we are going to take a look at the one section of the land that isn't based around toys, but around food: Woody's Lunchbox.

Wood's Lunchbox

Woody's Lunchbox is the lunchbox that Andy has left behind in his backyard featuring Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete. Scattered throughout the area are various food items that one would typically find inside a child's lunchbox, but today we aren't going to be taking a look at a food item, but one of the most common items found within a lunchbox that isn't based around food, the parent's note.

Scattered around the area, guests find various wrappers that make up the various tables in the area. The one that is closest to the exit near the restrooms bears a striking resemblance to most lunchboxes found in elementary schools:

 Woody's Lunchbox

Here you can see a sign that reads "You're my favorite deputy! Love, Mom"


July 20, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The details found within the queue for Slinky Dog Dash are incredible. The entire area is scattered with various toy boxes that guests can walk through. This includes the Dash and Dodge track along with Slinky Dog himself. Just before guests board, however, a box for everyone's favorite dino, Rex, can be found.

Toy Story Land rex

While most people may look at the fact that Rex appears to be a look more ferocious looking than the nervous Rex that we all know and love today. However, the detail you should pay attention to is the sticker on the upper left corner.

Toy Story Land Rex

The sticker is from Al's Toy Barn which guests were first introduced to in the 1999 film, Toy Story 2, but what's even more notable are the numbers found on the sticker. at the top are the numbers 11 and 22 while the price is $19.95. What do the numbers represent? November 22, 1995, the date that the original Toy Story was released in theaters!


July 13, 2018

Location: Toy Story Land, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Toy Story Land is officially open and with it a ton of fun finds waiting to be discovered! Over the coming weeks and years we will be going into detail about all of them, but today we are going to start by taking a look at the entrance to Alien Swirling Saucers.

Alien Swirling Saucers

Does the entrance look familiar? According to the storyline, Andy won the Alien Swirling Saucers while at Pizza Planet. He took the play set and placed it in the backyard along with the Dash and Dodge coaster starring Slinky Dog. But why does the entrance look so familiar? It ends up the owners of Pizza Planet decided to keep the restaurant in the minds of kids after they got back home. To throw in this subliminal message, they made the entrance to the toy look like the entrance to Pizza Planet as seen in the film:

Pizza Planet

As you can see both entrances feature guards who hold shields shaped like pizzas with spears with a slice at the end!

Pizza Planet entrance


July 6, 2018

Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Paris

There are a lot of similarities between the Disney parks in the US and the Disney parks found over in Paris. There's still the search for adventure in Adventureland, the whimsy of Fantasyland, and the charm of Main Street, USA. While there are a lot of similarities there are also some differences like Tomorrowland's transformation into Discoveryland.

Tomorrowland isn't the only name change, however. While famous Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie keep their names, Goofy's name changes to Dingo. Since Goofy's name changes it also makes sense that his circus counterpart in Storybook Circus named the Great Goofini switches as well.

While walking through the Disney & Co. store there are a few merchandise displays that have advertisements for the circus on the side. While the other advertisements make no mention of a country, Goofy's has the tagline of "Never seen in the United States!" with the name for the act being Dingofort the Mighty!



June 29, 2018

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Who doesn't love the wonderful world of Toy Story? Alright, you in the back can leave. Now for those of you who are still around that love Toy Story let's head over to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom to find this weeks Fun Find!

If you recall the original Toy Story film talked about how Buzz joined the gang in Andy's bedroom. For the toys stuck up in Andy's room while Andy's birthday was going on, a group of green army men headed down to the living room with a baby monitor to keep the other toys up to date on what Andy was getting from his friends.

While riding Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin you reenter the world of Toy Story. At the very end of the attraction you will hear instructions on how you have to exit  your ride vehicle. The instructions come from none other than a hidden baby monitor seen to the right of your vehicle!


June 22, 2018

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Hotel pays tribute to numerous episodes of the classic Twilight Zone television series. In the past we've taken a look at some of these references, but this week we are going to be taking a look at a reference that can be found at the end of the attraction. After going through the series of drops, guests end up at the bottom of the elevator shaft and in a storage room.

While the majority of the props found here appear to fairly bland, one item is extra creepy and often catches the eye of a the terrified traveler:

Tower of Terror dummy

The ventriloquist dummy originally appeared in the Twilight Zone episode Caesar and Me. In the episode a man has a dummy who is alive and and gives out awful advice to anyone who comes their way.


June 15, 2018

Location: Tiana's Place, Disney Wonder

When New Orleans Square first opened in Disneyland in 1966 there was no previous Disney film that had a connection between New Orleans and the section of the park. Naturally, Disney had to create new and unique storylines for the land in the forms of Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion. In 2009, however, Disney Animation released a hit film in the form of Princess and the Frog which takes place in the beloved city of New Orleans.

Tiana's Place

Recently the Disney Wonder decided to honor the Princess and the Frog by opening up the restaurant Tiana creates at the end of the film, Tiana's Place. While the entrance of Tiana's Place resembles the town of New Orleans, there is an ad at the entrance that should not go unnoticed:

Tiana's Place

Here guests can find an advertisement for various activities not just in New Orleans, but New Orleans Square.


June 8, 2018

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle is one of the most iconic locations in the world. Every year millions view the glorious landmark, but most of those people don't realize the secrets hiding in plain view. While most people know of the mosaics in the main hallway that depicts the story of Cinderella, few know that the story is told at one other location at the Castle.

In 2005, Disney created the Disney Dream Suite to allow guests the opportunity to spend one magical night inside Cinderella Castle. One of the details they added was a retelling of the story for Cinderella upon some windows. While the windows are best viewed inside the suite, guests can find the windows from down below as well. The first three face towards Sleepy Hollow:

Cinderella Dream Suite

Since the story is meant to be seen from inside the suite, when looking from the outside, the story panels from each window are viewed from right to left. Starting out with the far right window, guests can see the house of Lady Tremaine where Cinderella lives. The second window features the invitation to the ball While the window on the right depicts a clock about to strike midnight.

The story continues on the next set of three windows which face out towards the center of Fantasyland:

Cinderella Castle Suite

Continuing on the right  window, guests can find Cinderella's glass slipper which she leaves behind at the ball. The second window here features Jaq and Gus holding onto the key to rescue Cinderella from her tower, while the final window features the depiction of Cinderella Castle from the film where she ends up living happily ever after.


June 1, 2018

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

The Carousel of Progress has a very rich history which began during the 1964 World's Fair. While the first three scenes have gone through a few changes during the years, the final scene changes drastically every time it goes through a massive update. The final scene currently finds the Progress Family sitting around waiting for their Christmas turkey to finish cooking.

Carousel of Progress

While all of the other scenes only find John in the main scene, this scene actually finds all members of the family, including Grandma and Grandpa in the same room. The question is if the grandparents actually live with John, Sarah, Jimmy, and Patricia. The answer actually can be found on the back wall near the stove. Here a blackboard shows that Grandma and Grandpa flew in from somewhere. The flight number? 1964, the year the Carousel of Progress debuted. The arrival time, however, is a reference to the opening of the Magic Kingdom, 10:01 or October 1st.

Carousel of Progress

Ironically enough, the Carousel of Progress wasn't around when the Magic Kingdom opened. It didn't make its way to the Magic Kingdom until 1975.


May 25, 2018

Location: Star Wars Launch Bay, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Today is the 41st anniversary of the original Star Wars along with the official release date for Solo, the 10th Star Wars film to be released. In honor of this today we are going to be taking a look at a fun find found in the Star wars Launch Bay. Just before entering the cantina, guests may notice two lights on either side of the doorway that seem to be a little odd, yet familiar.

Star Wars Launch Bay

If you recall, in 1980's Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker is attacked by a Wompa while the Rebel Alliance is stationed on Hoth. While recovering from the injuries, Luke is assisted by a medical droid to gain his strength back. The lamps found at the entrance to the cantina here are the same heads as the droids that nursed Luke bath to health on Hoth!


May 18, 2018

Location: The Oasis, Disney's Animal Kingdom

When Disney's Animal Kingdom first opened the park was going to revolve around real, extinct, and mythical animals. While the idea of mythical creatures fell by the wayside, the idea still stuck around with various signage throughout the park. In fact, the original logo of the park featured a lion, an elephant, a dinosaur, and an antelope. In the middle of these animals was a dragon representing the mythical animals that never came around.

As time went by, the original logo began to disappear throughout the park. Up until recent times guests could still find the logo on park benches and lamps found in the Oasis, however, recently the lamps in the Oasis have been replaced by different lamps which fit the theming of the area.

The lamps at the entrance plaza, however, still exist. They are a reminder of what the park's original vision intended to be, dragon and all:

Disney's Animal Kingdom original logo


May 11, 2018

Location: Top of the World Lounge, Bay Lake Tower

The top of Bay Lake Tower is home to the Top of the World Lounge, an area designed for Disney Vacation Club members and their guests. Keeping with the futuristic theme of the resort, the back window features a giant reproduction of one of Bob Gurr's original sketches for the Disneyland monorail:

Top of the World Lounge

While the details found in the window are amazing, there is one detail that often goes overlooked by people after it was added after the Lounge's original opening. In the bottom left corner, guests can find the actual signature of Bob Gurr, Imagineer extrodinaire!

Bob Gurr's autograph


May 4, 2018

Location: Animation Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Happy Star Wars Day! In honor of May 4th, aka, May the 4th (Force) be with you, today we are going to be taking a look at an often overlooked spot in Disney's Hollywood Studios to have a very unique Star Wars experience.

Multiple times a day on the stage in the center of the park the Star Wars show, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away takes place giving guests the opportunity to see some of their favorite Star Wars characters appear on stage together. For today's Fun Find, we are going to be taking a look at an even more up close and personal view of these characters.

Since the characters need to make their way backstage, before and after the show there's a small parade of sorts where the majority of the characters go to and from the stage.  If guests want an up close and personal view of these characters, they can wait for them to pass by with nearly no guests around near the restrooms over by Star Wars Launch Bay and the exit of Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.

Boba Fett


April 27, 2018

Location: Hollywood Land, Disney California Adventure

With the new Avengers film being released today, it only makes sense to take a look at the newest area about to be built in Disney California Adventure in the form of a new Avengers Land! Last year when the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout opened many fans noticed a detail found to the right of the entrance to the attraction:

Avengers hatch

Here they could find a hatch with the famous Avengers A found on the cover. Fans began to speculate correctly that a land dedicated to the Avengers would soon be opening up tying in the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction as well. So what is the hatch for? Currently the storyline focuses on the idea that the hatch is a secret entrance to the Avengers headquarters, but as the new area opens up in the future more details will emerge.


April 20, 2018

Castaway Cay is truly paradise on earth. However, there is one problem. You only have a limited amount of time on the island, which means many of the fun finds found on the island are still out there waiting to be discovered by people like me. Today we are going to take a look at what may be the first discovery guests come across while on the island.

Just after disembarking the ship and making your way to Castaway Cay, guests will find a building on the left hand side that appears to be insignificant at first glance, however, upon closer inspection guests can discover a nod to the head of the Walt Disney Company. Here guests will find a sign showing an advertisement for Captain Bob Iger:

Bob Iger Castaway Cay

Bob Iger is the current CEO of the company, and while he wasn't the CEO when the Disney Cruise Line first debuted in 1998, he still receives an honor by having his name featured here on the island. Much like the windows of Main Street, USA in various Magic Kingdom style parks around the world showcase nods to various people who have played an influential role in the creation of the Walt Disney Company, these signs can be found scattered all around Castaway Cay paying homage to influential members of the Walt Disney Company. And much like Walt's window being the first window we found on Main Street, USA, the CEO, Captain Bob Iger, is the first name we find here on Castaway Cay.


April 13, 2018

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

About a quarter of the way through the queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad guests will approach two large bulletin boards filled with various pieces of paper posted against them. In the very center of the left board, guests can find the following sheet of paper:

Big Thunder Mountain Queue

Here they can find the patent for the Automatic Train-Brake. Picture on Fig. 1 is a drawing of a train engine, along with the first car, for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. At the top of the sheet is the name T.W. Baxter. This is a reference to tony Wayne Baxter, the head Imagineer who worked on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad project resulting in him being recognized several times throughout the queue.

In addition to the nod to Tony Baxter, guests may notice that this invention was patented on July 17, 1877. the reference in the date isn't tied directly to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but to Disneyland which opened on July 17, 1955, 78 years to the day after Tony Baxter filed his patent for the Automatic Train-Brake.


April 6, 2018

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Cretaceous Trail is one of the most overlooked sections in Dinoland, USA. Scattered throughout the trail are various dinosaurs guests can find while the entrance gives guests an opportunity to meet Donald Duck in paleontologist form. Near the entrance to the trail, guests can find a bulletin board filling in various information about duck billed dinosaurs.

Cretaceous trail

Towards the top of the bulletin board is a piece of parchment that the showcases the last sighting of various duck-billed creatures. While some of the sketches found here feature pictures of duck-billed dinosaurs, there are a few pictures on here that are worth taking a closer look at. Starting towards the far right portion of the picture, guests can find the timeline has hit the year 1987 along with "yesterday". 1987 features pictures of Huey, Dewey, and Louie while yesterday features a picture of Donald.

Huey Dewey and Louie

 The picture of Donald from yesterday has him wearing his meet and greet outfit that is just a few yards away. Huey, Dewey, and Louie, on the other hand, are found in the year 1987. While the three ducks had made numerous appearances in short cartoons and comics prior to 1987, the picture here is referring to their debut in the hit TV show DuckTales. Their description even includes a nod to the Junior Woodchucks boy scout type group that they were in on the show.

Bubba the Cave Duck

Towards the left side of the piece of paper is the Late Cretaceous Period with a picture of the one and only bubba the Cave Duck. Bubba made his debut in the second season opener of DuckTales where he enters into the present day (1988) and is eventually adopted by Scrooge McDuck!


March 30, 2018

Location: Walt Disney Theatre, Disney Cruise Line

There are a few common things found throughout the four ships in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet, but the biggest common item is probably the Walt Disney Theatre where the nightly shows take place. At the entrance to each of these theaters, guests are greeted by a giant picture of Walt Disney:

Walt Disney theatre

While at first glance everything in this picture seems very similar to how we all remember Walt, there is one thing missing that was found on Walt at almost all times. A cigarette. When Walt first started doing his weekly television shows he always made sure that he would never be found smoking on the show

In order to keep with this image, the cigarette in Walt's hand was airbrushed out, however there is one thing the airbrusher missed. there is just a small little piece of smoke hovering above Walt's hand coming from the invisible cigarette below.

Walt disney


March 23, 2018

Disney Wonder, Disney Cruise Line

On the third level of the Disney Wonder, guests can find the adult district. The district consists of three lounge areas: Cadillac Lounge, Azure, and the Crown & Fin Pub. The Crown & Fib Pub pays homage to all things British, and in one corner it has nods to multiple Disney references. Today we will be taking a look at one of these references.

Disney Wonder

The pile of newspapers in the corner may appear to be sparatic, but in reality have some hidden treasures. The paper that sits below the box can barely be seen popping out:

WhereDisney Wonder

Here guests can discover the newspaper article found in the film The Great Muppet Caper. The film focuses on twin reporters, Kermit and Fozzie, who head to the United Kingdom in hopes of cracking a jewel thief case. In the process the two get caught up in the action more than they ever dreamed they would, but on the plus side they made the headlines of the paper found here! 

March 16, 2018

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom is an extremely iconic sight. The train station stands between guests and the actual view of Cinderella Castle to act as a grand reveal of the castle, but there is more hidden here than meets the eye.

Main Street Train Station

We've talked about the windows of Main Street in the past and how they honor the people who helped creat the Magic Kingdom, but we haven't gone into much detail about what it all means. The windows of Main Street are set up much like the credits of a movie. Honored on the windows are art directors, writers, designers, and so much more. Like the credits of most movies, the producer of the movie is typically the first name found at the start of the credits, which brings us to our first window on Main Street:

Main Street Train Station

Above the Train Station, guests can find a window which reads "Keeping Dreams on Track. Walter E. Disney - Chief Engineer-" Walt Disney, the chief creator of the Magic Kingdom, gets the honor of being the producer of the credits found here at the entrance to Main Street, USA.


March 9, 2018

Location: Asia, disney's Animal Kingdom

I am often asked if I ever get sick of going to Disney every day and the honest answer is not at all. Every day there are new opportunities and experiences to have making every day unique at the parks. Even better than the new things are the old. No matter how often you go to the park, there are still times where you discover a detail that's been hiding right in front of you. Today we will be taking a look at one of those experiences.

Maharajah Jungle Trek

The Maharajah Jungle Trek is easily one of my favorite locations in Disney's Animal Kingdom. The ancient ruins are full of so much detail that it's near impossible for me not to stop there every time I explore the path in hopes of finding a new discovery. I get so excited, in fact, that I often zoom by the entrance to the path where today's Fun Find Friday is located.

Mahrajah Jungle Trek

Just after entering the path, guests walk under a quick covering (pictured above) which is covered with various news paper articles found throughout Asia. Upon first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything special going on in the area, however, after taking a closer look, guests can find a hidden Disney character hiding in plain sight!

On the left side of the ceiling, there is a newspaper article that has a very small picture hidden upon it. While it would make sense to have a character like Mickey or Minnie who are often well known around the world found here, Imagineers decided to hide one of the most evil villains of them all here:

Hidden Maleficent

That's right! Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty, can be found here at the entrance to the Mahrajah Jungle Trek!


March 2, 2018

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris

There are two shops which reside within the castle. The one on the left (while entering from Main Street, USA) is known as Merlin L'enchanteur. Merlin's shop is one of the most detailed shops found throughout the park, which is saying something since all the shops here have intricate details. Due to the fact that the shop doubles as Merlin's workshop, there are multiple references to the film found within.

Due to the fact that while in the castle we are in the 1500s or 1600s seeing some of the items in here seem to be a little out of place. The most out of place item of them all hangs from the ceiling:

Merlin l'enchanterd

While seeing an airplane hundreds of years before it was actually created may seems odd, it's important to remember what actually occurs in the film, The Sword in the Stone. During the film, Merlin talks about how he has traveled to the future at various times and seen different items. One of the things he shows Arthur is an invention from the future: this airplane!


February 23, 2018

Location: Critter Country, Disneyland

One of the worst things about Disney parks is eventually some classic attractions close down. When Walt Disney World opened up in 1971, the majority of the attractions were duplicates of attractions found at Disneyland. One attraction, however, became the first attraction to open up in Walt Disney World before being duplicated in Disneyland. The attraction? Country Bear Jamboree.

When the attraction opened up in Disneyland it took over some real estate in Frontierland creating a brand new land in the form of Bear Country. Eventually Splash Mountain opened up changing the name again to Critter Country. Unlike Walt Disney World's version of the attraction, Disneyland's had two theaters resulting in a lot of open real estate disappearing.

Eventually Walt Disney World opened up an attraction based around The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh just around the same time when Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree was starting to lose popularity. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was set to replace The Country Bear Jamboree in Disneyland, marking yet another attraction that originated in Walt Disney World before being replicated in Disneyland.

When The Country Bear Jamboree closed its doors, most of the residents disappeared, however three decided to hang around, literally. Just after exiting the Heffalumps and Woozles scene take a look up and you can find Max, Melvin, and Buff staring at the location of their former glory.

Disneyland Country Bear Jamboree


February 16, 2018

Location: Grand Floridian

The lobby of the Grand Floridian is a very elegant place. Everywhere guests look they can find the look and charm of a high luxury resort one may find in the early 1900s. At times it seems like you may not even be inside of the Walt Disney World Resort. Luckily, this isn't the case.

There are several nods to Disney characters found hidden throughout the resort and today we will be taking a look at my favorite one. When guests walk into the lobby from the doors which lead towards the pool, they will be located directly behind the grand staircase found in the lobby.

What most people don't do while entering from this position, however, is look down. If you looked down you would find the following image on the ground:

Peter Pan in Grand Floridain

Here guests can find Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael flying off to Neverland!


February 9, 2018

Location: Adventureland, Disneyland

In 1989 the classic film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, hit theaters concluuding the original Indiana Jones trilogy. During the film, Indy and his father are in search for the Holy Grail, the very same cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper. When they finally arrive at the temple where the Grail is located, they find an old knight there who warns them that they must choose wisely amongst a few dozen cups in order to discover the correct one.

If they choose incorrectly, death will befall on them, but if they choose wisely, they will be granted ever lasting life. Indy, knowing that Jesus was a carpenter, chooses a wooden cup where he is informed that he did, in fact, choose wisely.

While exiting the Indiana Jones attraction in Disneyland, guests swerve through a seris of caves and a temple, but they aren't treated to as many surprises exiting the line as they are entering it, with the exception of one.

Hanging from the ceiling is a crate with some words of advice written upon it:

Indiana Jones Choose Wisley

Just like the knight told  Indy, here we are reminded that "Real Rewards Await Those Who Choose Wisely"


February 2, 2018

Location: Future World, Epcot

The Fountain View location in the center of Future World is currently home to a Starbucks which replaced an ice cream location, which in turn opened up in the 1990s. However, prior to that the location was home to an original piece of Epcot history.

Fountain View

From October 1, 1982 until January 30, 1994, the central portion of Future World was home to CommuniCore. This area was like a prequel to Innoventions which allowed guests to discover futuristic technology that would possibly someday be used in their very own homes sometime in the near future.

In the past we have discussed various locations where guests can discover some of the original Epcot logos around the park. Upon the backside of the menu in front of Fountain View, guests can now find the very logo for CommuniCore which could be found at the original Epcot location from 1982 until 1994!


January 12, 2018

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris

In the back corner of Fantasyland is Toad Hall,, beloved home of Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad. Unlike Toad Hall in Disneyland, the one here in Disneyland Paris is home to a restaurant:

Toad Hall Disneyland Paris

While the Toad Hall plaque usually reads Semper Absurda which is Latin for Always Absurd. Here in Disneyland Paris, since the facade of the building is home to a restaurant instead of an attraction, the Latin motto is slightly different.

Mr. Toad Disneyland Paris

The logo here reads No Consumus Froglagus, which while not actual Latin, is a playful way to let you know that this is the home of Mr. Toad so there is No Consuming of Frog Legs!


January 5, 2017

Location: World Showcase, Epcot

Have you ever noticed the height of the buildings found throughout World showcase? While walking around you may notice that, with the exception of towers in Italy and Japan, the world showcase pavilions that don't feature an attraction are much shorter than the rest.This is the case for almost all of the pavilions, but have you ever noticed how tall the Germany pavilion is?

German pavilion

When Epcot first opened there were plans to include a boat ride that would transport guests along the Rhine River on the Rhine River Cruise. Along the way, guests would pass by miniatures of locations found throughout Germany.

The attraction never came into being, but there was some preparation for the attraction. For instance, a door was put up where the load area would sit. In addition to that, the building which houses Biergarten was raised up in preparation for the attraction. Due to this preparation, the height of the building is higher than most of the buildings around World Showcase much like Norway and Mexico,


December 29, 2017

Location: Future World West, Epcot

A few weeks ago we took a look at the names found on the door halfway through Journey Into Imagination with Figment and as promised, today we are going to talk about the meaning behind the door that the door sits by.

Just after passing the Sound Lab, guests head over to the Sight Lab, but along the way they pass by a computer room which to most people seems to fill no real purpose. We all know that it does however, so let's take a look at the door:

Computer Wore Tennis Shoes reference in Epcot

Here guests can see a sign which clearly reads, "No Tennis Shoes Allowed" while a letterman jacket can be found hanging in the window and tennis shoes sit outside. As discussed the other week, the lab here has several references to The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. While all the mishaps in the film occur due to a accident which occurs in the computer lab, the computer referenced in the title of the film doesn't deal with an actual computer, but a person!

Dexter Ridley, the main character in the film, absorbs all the knowledge of the computer making him a super genius. Dexter, who attends Medfield College, has his letterman jacket hanging in the window here on the attraction, while his shoes sit outside. It's a reference that most won't catch, but it's one of the largest references to a Disney film inside an attraction that isn't directly related to the film.



December 22, 2017

Location: The Landing, Disney Springs

One of the most famous scenes of any Indiana Jones films is the very first scene featured in any of the films. The film starts off with Indy in Peru in 1936 where his guide and him enter into a temple filled with booby-traps. After retrieving the golden idol found within the temple, Indiana Jones has a daring escape from a giant boulder just to be bested by his rival waiting outside to retrieve the idol for himself.

Indiana then has to escape from the angry tribe which the idol belongs to and eventually makes his way to a seaplane waiting in a river being piloted by Jock Lindsey. Since then Jock Lindsey has set up a bar at Disney Springs filled with many items from his travels around the world.

In the back left corner of the bar, high upon a shelf, it looks like Jock Lindsey may have escorted Indy back to Peru. Here guests can find the idol that Indiana Jones first tried to retrieve on his first adventure featured on the big screen:

Indiana Jones golden idol


December 15, 2017

Originally published August 12, 2016

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

I know we visited Sci-Fi Dine In recently, but after dining there again last night I discovered something I've walked past several times in my life. After walking into the lobby area there are two different hallways that lead to the dining area. Unlike our last fun find, this week's can be found on the hallway on the right.

Sci Fi

 Before we get to that, let's do a little history about the restaurant and Disney-MGM Studios. When the park first opened up on May 1, 1989, there were only three attractions: The Great Movie Ride, Studio Backlot Tour, and the Magic of Disney Animation. As time would go on, Imagineers did their best to connect various attractions and resstaurants to other portions of the park. Some of these connections were large like the various references to Who Framed Roger Rabbit while others were fairly small and simple, like today's Fun Find Friday.

When Star Tours opened up in late 1989 there weren't a lot of ways to connect it to other sections in the park. Sure, there were a few references to Star Wars in The Great Movie Ride, but overall the attraction stood alone. That is, until April 20th, 1991, the day Sci-Fi Dine-In opened up nearby. With both the attraction and restaurant focusing on a Science Fiction theme, it just made sense that the two would blend together in someway, shape, or form.

Sure, last year the restaurant celebrated Star Wars by having a dining overlay with the films and characters in the restaurant, but what the restaurant really needed was something permanent, which brings us back to that hallway on the right.

While walking down the hallway, guests can find various items scattered in little cubbies on the left-hand side. Towards the end of the hallway two small boxes feature pieces of paper that at first glance don't seem to be anything but random decoration:

Star Tours concept artStar Tours concept art

So what are these pieces of paper exactly? Upon further investigation, guests can see that each picture shown consists of three pictures and words written underneath. In the picture below you can see that the words written state "Rex makes a sharp left bank as we continue our fall. Ahead a crate can be seen entering the room." Above the words the picture on the left features a robot, the picture in the middle looks like a Death Star trench, and the picture on the right is R2D2.

Star Tours Concept Art

This, along with the other drawings are the storyboards for the original Star Tours attraction! Rex was the pilot in the original attraction. Much like the original attraction and the storyboard, Rex was on the left side of the cockpit, while in the middle of the attraction was the screen showcasing where we were, and on the screen on the right was a video featuring R2D2!


December 8, 2017

Location: Future World West, Epcot

In the past we have talked about the doorways leading towards the load area for Journey Into Imagination with Figment and their connections with films like Flubber, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Today we will be taking a look at a section of a doorway on the actual attraction and see how it connects to one of the doorways in the queue.

One of the doorways in the queue belongs to the often forgotten about Disney character, Dean Higgins. Dean Higgins appears in the Disney films The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Now You See Him, Now You Don't, and The Strongest Man in the World. In the trilogy of films he is the Dean of Medfield College where he often gets caught up in the craziness created by Dexter Riley and his friends.

While his door in the hallway appears to be random to about 99.9% of the people who pass by it, it's important to remember that in his films a group of college students imported the memory of a computer into a college student, made a student become invisible, and also used their brain power to have one of these students become the strongest man on the planet. Throughout all these fantastic stories, the heart of the films was Imagination.

How does this connect to the ride? Just after passing the sound lab and heading into the sight lab, guests pass by a room with four name plaques on the outside:

Journey into imagination with Figment

Here you can find the names for Professor Quigley, Wilby Daniels, Dexter Riley, and Merlin Jones. Professor Quigley is a professor at Medfield College who is often found supporting Dexter Riley and his friends in their crazy adventures, but is also the middle man between them and Dean Higgins.

Dexter Riley, played by Kurt Russell, has to save the college from bankruptcy in all three films that he appears in. In The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes he has to win an academic decathlon to keep school funding, in The Strongest man in the World Dexter creates a potion to give him super human strength and uses his new found powers to restore financial stability to the college while in Now You See Him, Now You Don't, Dexter discovers a potion to create invisibility which, you guessed it, helps restore the college from financial instability.

Wilby Daniels, whose name can also be found on the door, is a character best remembered for The Shaggy Dog, The Shaggy D.A. and The Return of the Shaggy Dog. While Tommy Kirk, who plays Wilby Daniels in the original Shaggy Dog film would appear in multiple Disney films set in a college age storyline, The Shaggy Dog was not one of them, however, his character of Wilby Daniels would eventually live in the town of Medfield, the location of Medfield College in the Shaggy D.A. when the character was played by Dean Jones.

While Professor Quigly and Dexter Riley's stories focus around things that the characters created through the power of imagination, Wilby Daniels happened to just have found an old ring that was cursed resulting in him being transformed into a dog.

The final character on teh door is Merlin Jones, who is also played by Tommy Kirk.Merlin Jones appears in The Misadventures of Merlin Jones and the Monkey's Uncle. Much like the Dexter Riley trilogy, both films focus on a college that will receive funding if the college students come together to create some sort of scientific innovention . The film takes place at Midvale College, yet another fictional college created by Disney. By the time Dexter Ridley and Wilby Daniels would make apperances in the late 1960s and early 1970s Disney would rename the college from Midvale College to the Medfield College we all know and love today.

So while going past this hallway in the attraction, you are passing a lab where some of the greatest imaginations that have ever appeared on screen have joined together to most likely save the college once again.

But why are their names found on this specific door? Join us next Fun Find Friday to have that question answered!



December 1, 2017

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

When the Magic Kingdom first opened, the West side of Main Street, USA was divided into two sections. The South end was still a massive store known as the Emporium while the North end consisted of Coke Corner (now Casey's Corner), the Penny Arcade, the Main Street Bookstore, and the House of Magic. The area between the South end and North ends of the streets was a continuation of Center Street which still exists on the East side of the street today.

In 1995, Center Street on the West end disappeared by having another an expansion to the Emporium built connecting the South and North ends of the street together. Unfortunately, with this addition the Penny Arcade, the Main Street Bookstore, and the House of Magic became history. While the interior was still considered part of the Emporium, the exterior became different store facades including the Hall of Champions.

Inside the Hall of Champions various trophies and sports items were scattered around the store to fit with the theming although many of the items inside the store were typical merchandise items. All seemed lost to the past of Main Street, USA until last month.

One of the sections in front of the Emporium which used to have the Hall of Champions signs disappeared and was replaced by an old friend:

House of Magic

Sure, the store is still part of the Emporium and isn't a working magic shop like it was when the park first opened up, it's nice to have a little piece of opening day Magic Kingdom back on Main Street, USA.


November 24, 2017

Location: Mickey's Toontown, Disneyland

The queue for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin is extremely detailed and deserves a walk through to find all the secrets waiting to be discovered. As soon as guests enter into the building they can find two walls with license plates scattered upon them. Each of these plates references a different Disney location, film, character, song, or phrase:

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

The license plates here read "CAP 10 HK" (Captain Hook), " L MERM8" (Little Mermaid), "101 DLMN" (101 Dalmatians), "FAN T C" (Fantasy), "RS2CAT" (Aristocats), "ZPD2DA" (Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah), and "3 LIL PGS" (The Three Little Pigs).

The other wall has the following:

Roger rabbit's Car toon Spin

The plates here read "2N TOWN" (Toon Town), "BB Wolf" (Big Bad Wolf), "MR TOAD" (Mr. Toad), "1DRLND" (Wonderland), "1D N PTR" (Wendy and Peter), and "IM L8" (I'm Late).


November 17, 2017

Location: Studio Backlot, Disney California Adventure

The Collector, also known as Taneleer Tivan,is the  owner of the Tivan Collection, aka home of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout attraction. The Collector is the original member of the Elders of the Universe, a group of the final members of a race that finds obsession with various tasks. In Tivan's case, it's an obsession with collecting various items throughout the galaxy.

In the newest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor and Hulk battle it out before the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster has an obsession with gaming, and much like the Collector, he is a member of the Elders of the Universe. So what does this have to do with anything?

Inside the Collector's exhibit at Disney California adventure, guests can find the following painting:

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

Here guests can see that The Collector and the Grandmaster have participated in a game of some sort and the Grandmaster, who specializes in gaming, appears to have lost to the Collector. Just one more way to show the connections between various characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while in the theme parks!


November 10, 2017

Location: Studio Backlot, Disney California Adventure

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is home to the Tivan Collection, the personal collection by The Collector of items from around the galaxy from the Guardian of the Galaxy films. While a lot of items in the collection may seem odd and strange to visitors, there are a few artifacts here that are very familiar to Disney park fans. Today we will be taking a look at one of these items.

After passing through the Collector's personal office, guests enter into the loading chamber for the elevator lifts that will bring guests to see the rarest item of them all, The Guardians of the Galaxy! While here, however, a few surprises are in store.

In preparation for Disneyland's 60th anniversary, the park received several upgrades around the resort. Included in these upgrades was the replacement of the yeti on the Matterhorn Bobsled attraction. The former yeti, lovingly known as Harrold, was replaced by a more terrifying beast to keep up with the times.

While it would appear that Harrold was lost forever to some, The Collector stumbled across this tossed aside beast and has decided to have him take up residency within his collection. Harrold can be found on a balcony halfway through the boarding area of the attraction!

Harrold the yeti


November 3, 2017

Originally published April 12, 2013

Location: Muppet Vision 3-D, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This past Monday Disney lost one of its most beloved Disney Legends, Annette Funicello. Annette was one of the original stars of the Mickey Mouse Club, handpicked by Walt himself, who would eventually go on to a successful singing and acting career. From singing Tall Paul to starring in The Monkey's Uncle, Annette had a truly memorable career with Disney.

To show their love for Annette, Imagineers added a detail to the preshow area of Muppet Vision 3-D when the attraction first opened. While we've gone into a lot of detail about this amazingly detailed area, I think it'd only be appropriate to focus on this object right here in Annette's memory:

Annette Full of Jello (Annette Funicello)

Just after passing through the hallway and entering the room, this net can be found almost immediately to your left. So what is it exactly? Well, those orange and green cubes are blocks of Jello. I know, pretty random, but this is the Muppets we are talking about here. So what on earth does this mean? Well, since it is the Muppets it's a clever play on words. This is indeed a net full of Jello, a very close name to Annette Funicello!


October 27, 2017

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios has been going through some drastic changes over the past few years. In early 2015, the Sorcerer's Hat disappeared, later that year the Magic of Disney Animation closed. Shortly after that the Studio Backlot Tour closed followed by Lights, Motors, Action and the Streets of America. And in the middle of all of it, in 2015, the original park icon, The Earful Tower, disappeared.

While a lot of these items may be gone forever, their spirit still lives on over at the ABC Commissary. Just above the order area is a giant mural of Disney's Hollywood Studios before the Sorcerer's Hat even made it's way to the park in 2001!

ABC Commissary

Upon the mural, guests can still find the entrance of the Magic of Disney Animation sign along with the Earful Tower off in the distance!

Magic of Disney Animation

Earful Tower

Just goes to show that not everything at Disney disappears forever!


October 20, 2017

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland Paris

Unlike the American Disney parks, Disneyland Paris has a slower moving vibe around it. In place of multiple attractions where guests board ride vehicles, guests explore walk through attractions that take guests on trips through Captain Nemo's submarine, Aladdin, or a maze in Wonderland. Due to these slower moving experiences, it makes sense that a slow moving animal can be found hidden upon Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Crawling up the Castle turrets, guests can find little golden balls decorating the side. While at first they appear to be simply little balls, upon further inspection it's the animal that best symbolizes the pace of the park:

Disneyland Paris castle

That's right! A group of snails can be found slowly and silently ascending the castle!


October 13, 2017

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

It's Friday the 13th which means it's time for a trip over to the Hollywood Tower Hotel!

AAA has always given awards to hotels and resorts around the country a coveted 5 Star Award for exceptional service. While many hotels have strived to reach this coveted award, the Hollywood Tower Hotel, home of the Tower of Terror, strived for a little more.

While in the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, take a look at the wall behind the concierge desk. Upon the wall guests can find the following plaque hanging there:

AAA 13 Diamond Award

While difficult to see, AAA awarded the Hollywood Tower Hotel with a special unprecedented 13 Star Award to commemorate the 13 stories that guests plunge during their visit!


October 6, 2017

Location: Grand Avenue, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This past week the Baseline Tap House, along with Grand Avenue, opened up at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The new section of the park has taken over the former area known as Streets of America. While Streets of America may be gone, there are still some references to the previous area that are still found in the area.

One of the most beloved shops in Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Writer's Stop, has been replaced by the Tap House, but the Writer's Stop lives on in a simple detail found upon the shelves.

The Base Line Tap House is meant to represent the inside of a printing press shop, so due to this, scattered throughout the store are various items that one may find in a printing press. On the shelves are a total of ten letters scattered around revealing a nice nod:

Base Line Tap House

Writer's Stop

Tap House

If you read all the letteres from left to right you can see that it reads Writer's Stop. Not only that, but the letters found here are the actual letters from the sign from the old shop!


September 29, 2017

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

While guests enter into Walt Disney World's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, they will pass underneath the following sign at the entrance:

Castillo del Morro

When the attraction first opened up in 1973, the name written here was simply El Castillo, which translated from Spanish means The Castle, a fitting name due to the fact that the fortress that Pirates of the Caribbean is housed in looks reminiscent of of a castle. The name of the fort would eventually be renamed to the Castillo del Morro due to the influence that the Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico had for the design of the attractin's exterior.

Underneath the Castillo del Morro section of the sign, guests can find the date MDCXLIII A.D. While originally the Roman Numerals found here were a representatation of 1973, the year Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Walt Disney World,, the reference here is actually to 1643, the year that the actual fort in San Juan was established!


September 22, 2017

Location: All-Star Sports

The All-Star Resorts are often overlooked by most guests as cheap and gimmicky resorts that may not have as much backstory as the rest of the resorts found throughout Walt Disney World property. While that may be true at times, there are some details found within these resorts that are often overlooked by guests even though the details are larger than life.

In the Football section of All-Star Sports, guests can walk through a football field that has various plays laid out upon the large field. While the play may result in a a touchdown, it's the pennants that circle the section that lead us into today's fun Find Friday.

While the Baseball section of the resort's pennants focus solely on Major League Baseball teams, the Football section does not feature a single team from the National Football League. Instead, guests can find team names for college teams such as Bulldogs, Boilermakers, and my personal favorite, Badgers.

While that seems like a nice little detail, there's two notable teams from the state of Florida that are missing: the Florida Gators and the Florida State Seminoles. So how can Disney reference so many college teams without paying tribute to the biggest rivalry in the state of Florida?

As mentioned earlier, sometimes details are larger than life and staring at us without us knowing it. The two giant football helmets are painted in Orange and Blue and Garnet and Gold, aka the school colors for Florida and Florida State!

Florida Gators

Floirda State Seminoles


September 15, 2017

Location: Future World, Epcot

Spaceship Earth is one of the most iconic attractions found throughout Walt Disney Word with several details just waiting to be discovered. While we could go on and on about  the audio-animatronics in the attraction (that'll be for another time), today we are going to be looking at a detail found towards the end of the ascent in the attraction.

While guests begin to get closer to modern forms of communication like Newpapers, movie theaters, and television, there's a detail found on the right hand side of the attraction that may be overlooked on your first and second or twentieth ride through. The detail can be found in the radio scene:

Spaceship Earth radio

While the scene seems very simple with not a lot of detail, the item that needs to be given the attention here is the microphone in front of the radio announcer. Here we can see that the radio station is WDI. While this isn't a nod to an actual radio station, it is a nod to the creators behind Disney parks around the world: Walt Disney Imagineering!


September 8, 2017

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pizzafari is one of the most detailed restaurants on Disney property. Every room has a unique theme while focusing on special details throughout the rooms that most people may never notice. The detail we will be looking at today isn't just a detail that most guests miss out on, but a detail that an Imagineer overlooked as well!

The largest dining room in the restaurant is the upside down room. All of the animals painted upon the walls and found scattered throughout the room are hanging upside down in some way with the exception of one animal (which will be a whole different Fun Find Friday). Today, we will be taking a look at the back portion of this room where an Imagineer started a detail that was never finished.

Upon the wall guests can find a row of opossums hanging from a tree. While at first nothing seems to be odd about the picture, but at closer look, you may notice something wrong with the third opossum from the right:

Pizzafari opossum

No, not the one with the body. The third opossum over is missing! Here you can just find a tail hanging from a tree with a missing body!


September 1, 2017

Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland Paris

While in Disneyland Paris one wouldn't expect to find too many references to one of the most American films Disney ever created, however Main Street, USA still pays tribute to all things American including a very slight nod to the walt Disney live action film, "Pollyanna."

Within the gift shops on the right side of the street there are various department signs hanging from the ceiling. While most of these feature items like clothing, children, toys, among other things. In the second section of stores on the right hand side, about half way down, guests can find the following sign:

Harrington's Disneyland Paris

The sign reads Harrington's, and if you recall in Pollyanna, that was the name of the Glad Town that Pollyanna came to and slowly changed the lives of everyone who lived there.


August 25, 2017

Location: Mickey's toontown, Disneyland

It's no question that Mickey Mouse is a pretty big deal. Throughout the past 89 years he has touched the lives of millions in his short films, feature length films, theme park appearances, television appearances, and much more. The mouse has really done it all throughout the years. And what better way to celebrate his achievements, than by walking around Mickey's House in Disneyland's Toontown?

Scattered throughout the house guests are treated to numerous fun finds, but today we are going to be taking a look at this detail found on a shelf in Mickey's living room:

Mickey's House

The certificate of merit reads: "Awarded to Mickey Mouse for excellence in Alpine Climbing" and is dated July 25, 1936. Next to the certificate is a picture of Mickey climbing up a mountain. The picture is from the classic Mickey Mouse short, Alpine Climbers. The short cartoon debuted on, you guessed it, July 25, 1936!

Another detail to pay attention to is the name of the mayor of Toontown. While most characters mentioned around Toontown are familiar to guests, the mayor is a new character made specifically for the land. Her name? Anna Mation


August 18, 2017

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This past Sunday Ellen's Energy Adventure and The Great Movie Ride closed up for good. While the two beloved attractions may be gone, that's not going to stop us from sharing some amazing details in both attractions! This week we will be taking a  look at a detail in the Alien scene of The Great Movie Ride that was often overlooked by guests.

While first entering the spaceship Nostromo, there are multiple computer screens on the lower left hand corner. While some of these just feature nonsense numbers and letters, the first one looks a little like this:

Nostromo Disney's Hollowood Studios

The middle paragraph reads "The Nostromo welcomes all aliens visiting today from the Glendale Galaxy. We hope you have a pleasant stay with us." This is a nod to the fact that Walt Disney Imagineering is located in Glendale, California!


August 11, 2017

Location: Hollywood Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

With The Great Movie Ride closing up in only two days, today we are going to be taking a look at a fun find found in front of the classic attraction. In order to get into this fun find, we need to take a look at a brief history of how the attraction came into being.

The idea for a movie making pavilion was first proposed for one of the empty locations in Future World over in Epcot with the main attraction focusing around a Great Movie Ride that took guests into some of the most classic scenes in American cinema. It was quickly decided that the idea was igger than just an individual pavilion, but had the legs for an entire theme park.

So the idea took off quickly and Disney began to search high and low for various activities that they could do to give guests a completely immersive Hollywood experience while still remaining in Florida. Film production began on multiple films and television shows, animators began to work on films like Mulan, Brother Bear, and Lilo and Stitch, and attractions began to be thought up of that would give guests the ideas of how a film truly was made.

There was just something missing though, and that was the actual celebrities. Sure, guests were meant to be the star of their own story, but Disney wanted to bring actual stars to the guests to feel like they truly were in Hollywood.

It was decided that in front of The Great Movie Ride, handprints would be placed out front mimicing the handprints found in front of the actual Chinese Theater in Hollywood which the exterior of The Great Movie Ride was mirrored after.

Disney brought out some of their biggest stars like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dick Van Dyke, some of their biggest collaborators like George Lucas and Jim Henson, and then of course, some true Hollywood legends. Most of these ceremonies were held in front of actual guests so they could truly get a feel for what Hollywood was all about. I know, I know. What's the Fun Find? Today's Fun Find takes a look at one square which has a very unique background to it:

Audrey Hepburn handprins

April 29, 1989, just days before Disney-MGM Studios opened to the public, several celebrities were invited to have their handprints placed in front of the attraction so guests visiting on opening day woul d have handprints already set in stone to give the theater a feeling of having been around for ages already up to that point.

Audrey Hepburn, who was best known for films like Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, and Breakfast at Tiffany's began to choke up while making her mark in cement. When she was asked why she was getting so emotional she let the press know that throughout her entire career, she had never been selected to have her handprints placed in actual Hollywood and that being honored at Disney-MGM Studios was like having a dream come true for her.

Quickly the actual Graumann's Chinese theater got hold of the story and apologized to her for being overlooked and they quickly insisted that she come out to have her handprints immortalized in front of their theater. She responded by politely declining stating that her handprints were at Disney and that would always be good enough for her.


August 4, 2017

Location: Future World, Epcot

In the Fall of 1999, the entrance of Epcot received the brand new addition known as Leave a Legacy. From 19999 until 2007, guests could purchase a tile that allowed their face to remain at the entrance of Epcot for at least ten years:

Leave a Legacy NSYNC

While looking through the tiles, you can find numerous guests that have visited the parks throughout the years, but one thing most people overlook is the fact that sometimes celebrities visit the parks as well. On the fourth row up in section F on the front right section of the Leave a Legacy, guests can find the five members of the Orlando, Florida based band NSYNC. The band was still together when the Leave a Legacy originally debuted and the five members still stand together here in Epcot:

Leave a Legacy Epcot NSYNC


July 28, 2017

Location: Future World East, Epcot

When I first started this website, it coincided with my book which takes a look at the Disney animated film references found throughout the Walt Disney World. The website would allow me the chance to update new references to films that I may have missed while doing research in 2009. For years I have often wished I hadn't missed an obvious reference in the original draft, but I've been wanting to write about it for quite some time.

The reference can be found at the Universe of Energy's Ellen Energy's Adventure. With the attraction closing in less than three weeks, it's time that we finally take a look at this missing reference.

The most exciting portion of the attraction is when guests have a chance to go through a giant diorama featuring multiple dinosaurs. While several of the influences come from the Grand Canyon Concourse on the Disneyland railroad, one specific scene is taken from the 1940 classic, Fantasia!

During the Rite of Spring portion of the film, viewers watch the struggles that dinosaurs would have gone through including the battle between a Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Luckily for people visitng Epcot, they have had a chance to witness this famous battle for the past 35 years here at the Universe of Energy!

Ellen's Energy Adventure dinosaur scene

Ellen's energy Adventure will be closing for good on August 13, 2017. Make sure to check it out before it's gone for good!


July 21, 2017

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

At times connections between the parks and movies are extremely obvious, like Dumbo the Flying Elephant presenting Dumbo from the classic film. Then there are other references that aren't even meant to represent a film, but due to both the film and the attraction taking inspiration from the same sources, happy coincidences occur. Today we are going to be talking about one of these happy occurrences.

While recently at Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room I took a look at a nearby Tiki statue and was shocked to see a detail that would have meant little to me this time last year:

Enchanted Tiki Room

In addition to the Enchanted Tiki Room being inspired by the islands of Hawaii, the 2016 hit Disney film, Moana, was also inspired by the islands. During the film, Moana is given the task of returning the heart of Te Fiti to its rightful location. Along the way she meets up with Maui who stole the heart in the first place and the two take on the task together while singing some catchy tunes.

The heart of Te Fiti was an already existing shape found in Hawaiian culture and clearly the animators for Moana were not the first ones to take inspiration from the shape. As you can see, the stomach of the tiki god here also features this shape and has for 45 years before it made its debut in Moana!

Heart of Te Fiti


July 14, 2017

Location: Pandora, Disney's Animal Kingdom

We are once again returning to Pandora - the World of Avatar this week to take a look at an often overlooked detail in the exit of Avatar Flight of Passage. While guests travel the first portion of the queue, they enter into a cave featuring multiple hand prints and cave drawings in one of the earliest documentations of the Na'vi residents on Pandora. Amongst these Na'vi handprints are the handprints of humans as well as they began to visit the planet

After leaving the initial cave area, the handprints become less scattered and not as present as they are in the first room. Once guests are leaving the attraction, however, there are three handprints that can be found on the bottom wall on the right hand side in the long corridor that leads back to the land of Pandora. What's different about these three handprints are the initials that accompany each one:


So who are the the owners of these three handprints? They actually don't symbolize characters from the film, but the creators of Pandora (both on screen and in the park). The JR stands for Joe Rohde, who is an Imagineer that not only helped design the land, he was the main creator for both Pandora and the entire park that is Disney's Animal Kingdom. The JC and JL belong to the two main filmmakers for the Avatar film, James Cameron and Jon Landau!


July 7, 2017

Location: Pandora, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Since Disney's Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, there has been a weird phenomenon occurring at Disney parks and it revolves around the evolution of the restroom. Prior to Disney's Animal Kingdom, the theming of the restrooms was practically non-existent and a restroom was just a restroom.

In the past 19 years though, the restrooms around Disney have started to help tell the story found around the land in some way or another and the restrooms in Pandora follow suit with their very own storyline.

Outside of the restrooms located near the entrance to Pandora guests can find the following sign on the building out front:

Pandora decontaimnation

Since the Mo'ara Valley was once inhabited by humans trying to retrieve the energy source precious to the Navi, there are remnants of the culture they left behind scattered all around. The sign outside of the restroom shows that the building that now houses the restroom was at one point a decontamination station.  To take it a step further, the sign even subtly hints that the stalls found within the restroom were at one point decon stalls that would allow guests to get rid of waste they may have caught while exploring the planet. Subtle? Due to the majority of guests passing by the sign without paying attention, it's surprisingly subtle while also being in your face about the new purpose of the decontamination center!


June 30, 2017

Location: Frontierland

The first attraction guests come across in Frontierland is the often overlooked Frontierland Shootin' Arcade. Here guests have the opportunity to shoot 97 different targets that, when shot, interact in various ways. Some of them result in items moving, owls hooting, and tombstones creaking. the most popular target is the sign in the middle of the room, which when shot, turns into a For Sale sign from the usual sign instructing guests that the name of the town is Boothill.

Frontierland Shootin Arcade

But why Boothill? While most people associate it with Tombstone, Arizona  where the cemetery in the legendary town is known as Boothill Cemetery, that's actually only partially true.

Boothill is actually a common phrase for graveyards in the 1800s  where men would be buried with their boots on after losing in gunfights within various towns. So next time you are in Frontierland, stop by and pay respect to those men who just weren't quick enough on the draw.


June 23, 2017

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Beginning in the late 1920s until the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Walt Disney Studios was located on Hyperion Avenue. Throughout the years, Disney has paid homage to the studio where the classic Disney characters, along with the first full length feature animated film was created throughout their parks. Today's Fun Find takes us into the queue of Space Mountain for one of these references.

Space Mountain

While in line for Space Mountain, guests can find several maps on the left wall featuring maps of various galaxies. The second map along the wall  The second map along the wall features the Titan Stations - Sector Two. While most of the locations found here represent names that would appear in a galaxy far, far away, pay special attention to the location on the map on the far right:

Hyperion Resort

That's right! This spot in the galaxy is home to the Disney's Hyperion Resort, a nice little nod to Hyperion Avenue in an attraction that opened forty years after Disney earned money for their new studio in Burbank!



June 16, 2017

Location: Carsland, Disney California Adventure

Today the third film in the Cars franchise will be released so naturally we will be taking a look at a Fun Find in Carsland, the California Adventure land dedicated solely to the very first Cars film.During the credits of the original Cars film, there is a great scene where Mack arrives at a drive in movie theater. In honor of that drive in theater, today's Fun Find Friday will take a look at a nod to a live action Disney film found within the land.

While waiting for Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters, guests can find a bulletin board filled with several memorabilia items placed upon it. While most of these items focus around racing stars in the Cars world, there is a movie poster for a Disney live action film that is set inside the world of Cars. The film? 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea (a play on words for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea):

20,000 Leaks Under the Sea



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