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Fun Find Friday

June 5, 2015

Location: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Recently Harambe at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Africa) expanded by opening up the brand new Harambe Marketplace. The new area is overflowing with fun details that are just waiting to be discovered. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the most obvious ones that comes with a fun little twist.

If you enter the new area near the Harambe Train Station, you will be quickly greeted by a painting that someone from town drew upon the wall of everyone's favorite mouse, Mickey! So what's so special about this?

Harambe Hidden Mickey

Below the drawing of Mickey are the words "Fichwa! Fellow"In various portions of the Harambe Marketplace there are signs stating that both English and Swahili are spoken in the area so it only makes sense that a Swahili word and English word are found here together, but what exactly does Fichwa mean? It means hidden which means the words here read, "hidden fellow." This could be the most in your face Hidden Mickey ever created without ppeople passing by even realizing it's an ultimate Hidden Mickey!


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