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Fun Find Friday

August 10, 2012

Location: All-Star Sports Resort

Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Three characters that did the near impossible in the Disney world. They began in a simple comic strip for one purpose: to irritate their Uncle Donald. Their one appearance proved to be so popular that they eventually made their way into short cartoons which in turn led to them having their own television show in the late 80's/early 90's! Although these characters have a big following, they don't have a huge presence throughout the Disney parks.

However, they do make one appearance at All-Star Sports which is my favorite, and keeping with our Olympic theme, it fits in quite perfectly. While Donald Duck is always determined to beat his nephews at everything they do (quite the Uncle, right?) he seems to have taken it to an even more intense level while competing against them. Luckily for our amusement, the nephews have decided to team up to give Donald more trouble than he asked for! How? Well, just take a look at the pictures below! Enjoy!

Donald in All-Star Sports
Donald ready to take on his nephews

Wait a second Louie! Is that a baseball? (notice Donald in the background)

Huey and Dewey showing Donald that if he won't play fair, neither will they!


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