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Fun Find Friday

July 5, 2013

Location: The American Adventure, Epcot

With yesterday being the Fourth of July it would only make sense that for today's Fun Find we would make a trip over to the American Adventure Pavilion.

The American Adventure sign

While at the pavilion you are treated to one of the greatest Audio-Animatronics shows that Disney has to offer at any of its theme parks around the world. However, today we're going to be taking a look at the statues which stand on both sides of the Liberty Theater. While a lot of the faces and people here may look familiar (for instance Charles Lindbergh) one of the statues that you may have never seen before has a very interesting story behind it.

Blaine Gibson, the man who is known for carving several statues found throughout Walt Disney World including the famous Partners statue and most of the presidents in the Hall of Presidents, also helped carve these statues. If you take a look at the Self-Reliance statue, you will notice that the statue is a farmer. Blaine, wanting to pay tribute to his father who was a farmer, created this statue in his father's likeness.

Spirit of Self Reliance in American Adventure

So next time you're at the American Adventure Pavillion make sure you take a look at these intricately designed statues. You never know what kind of story they are sharing.


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