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Fun Find Friday

August 29, 2014

Location: Streets of America, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The American Idol Experience will be accepting its last batch of hopefuls tomorrow as the attraction approaches the final day of being open. Yesterday I had the opportunity to get a tour of the attraction and while there I discovered a fun find that I never knew existed until the tour!

The American Idol Experience

Whenever hopeful stars go to audition, they enter through the back entrance to the attraction near the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. While they are here they can find a wall which features all of the previous winners of American Idol:

American Idol Experience

While the wall doesn't seem to be anything special, there is one small addition to the wall that is often overlooked. In the middle of the wall is a mirror so guests can see themselves within the wall as a future American Idol. That's not all though! If a guest stands on the manhole cover, and has another guest stand on the spot on the ground to the right of it, then it provides a secret photo opportunity not advertised to guests, but just waiting to be discovered!

The american idol experience


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