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Fun Find Friday

September 14, 2012

Location: Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Sometimes guests find details throughout Walt Disney world without realizing their connection to the areas around them. The most overlooked details are often found in the resorts due to the fact that guests typically stay on their floor and don't explore the rest of the floors in the building.

While in the Finding Nemo section of Disney's Art of Animation Resort take a look at each level of the buildings to find giant murals in front of the elevators. While on each level you may notice something pretty interesting! Take a look at the pictures below (organized from 4th floor to 1st floor) from the building behind Crush to see if you can figure it out before I reveal the answer:

So what's the detail hidden here? The levels of the resort (from 4th to 1st floor) are meant to resemble the levels of the ocean (from above water to the furthest down). Here's another look at it by taking a look at the pictures found on the Mr. Ray building (again from 4th to 1st floor):

We'll see you next week explorers!


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