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May 13, 2016

Location: Marketplace, Disney Springs

Disney Springs has been doubling in size over the past few years and this coming up weekend several new restaurants and shops will be opening up. This week one of the quick service restaurants went into a soft opening.

B B Wolfs

B.B. Wolf's Sausage Co. is modeled after the Big Bad Wolf from the Silly Symphony cartoon, "The Three Little Pigs."Some of the details at the location are definitely worth checking out. On top of the roof, guests can find the Big Bad Wolf in weathervane form:

B.B. Wolf's

My favorite detail is the Established date of the restaurant. Above the menu, guests can see that it was Established in 1933. Why 1933? That was the year The Three Little Pigs first debuted in theaters of course!

 B B Wolf's

Make sure to join us next week as we discover more details that are arriving at Disney Springs!


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