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Fun Find Friday

June 21, 2013

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Yesterday our very own Sunday Brunch writer, Reuben, and I were at Disney's Hollywood Studios and decided to hop on the Backlot Tour, something he hadn't done for years. While going through the warehouse I began to show him different props from The Rocketeer, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, and more when he pointed something out that I had never noticed before (even though I usually pointed out Big Bunny's eyes nearly right next to it to others around me).

What we saw was the following image:

Backlot Tour - World of Motion

As you can see, there are Big Bunny's eyes on the bottom right part of the screen. A little above and to the left of them, though is a hot air balloon with a person and chicken inside and directly to their left sits a pig. Upon first glance I naturally tried to figure out which film it was from when we soon realize it wasn't from a film, but from a retired attraction!

The first big give away was the person inside the hot air balloon. He has arms and a head that are detailed, yet his body is clear: a standard mark of an Audio-Animatronic figure! The clear body allows Imagineers to see the mechanisms within the Audio-Animatronic when it doesn't have the normal clothing on. So the big question then was, what attraction did this belong to?

The biggest give away is the fact that the show scene clearly dealt with a hot air balloon at one point. Reuben guessed almost instantly World of Motion. After looking at it a little closer we noticed the chicken (from one of the most famous scenes of the attraction) along with the look of the man seemed to belong in this classic Epcot attraction. After further investigation, I learned that not only were the man and chicken in the hot air balloon during the attraction, but the pig joined them as well!

Amazingly enough, this attraction has had parts of it scattered throughout the parks for years now since the attraction first closed. Several of the chickens made their way to the original Barnstormer attraction, one of the original automobiles used to sit in the line for Test Track, and the dragon (my favorite character from the attraction) at one point sat in Disney's California Adventure! So keep your eyes open for more hidden treasures next time you are in the Backlot. But in the meantime, remember that it's fun to be free!


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