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Fun Find Friday

May 5, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

A few years ago we took a look at the barrel  found near the exit of Peter Pan's Flight which honors a Lost Boy who is named Richard Le Pere, Jr. Amazingly enough, this "Lost Boy" also has a reference to him near the exit of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Fronterialdn Crate

Here we can see that according to the crate here in Frontierland, Richard Le Pere Jr. is the Fire chief, but is there a hidden meaning behind his name being here? Of course there is! Richard Le Pere Jr. is a very real person with a very real connection to the Walt Disney World Resort. As time goes on, the crate here will switch as time goes by due to one very specific circumstance: who the fire chief of Reddy Creek Fire Department is.

that's right! Richard Le Pere, Jr. is the actual fire chief of Walt Disney World's fire department. Hidden inside the crate is an actual fire hose that the actual fire department can use in case of a dire situation. Just another clever way to disguise a modern day tool in a setting where that modern appliance wouldn't be found.



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