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Fun Find Friday

March 31, 2017

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Throughout the years I've mentioned several times about how I love the intricate storyline found throughout Dinoland, USA. There are multiple characters found throughout the land in the form of documents scattered throughout the land and nearly every visit to the land I discover a new detail hiding under my nose. Today's takes us to the Boneyard near this dinosaur:


Actually, it takes us behind the dinosaur to the very first step. Upon the step I stumbled across some carvings into the cement., at first glance it appears to be someone who has vandalized the park in a subtle way, but upon closer inspection, I saw the following:


On here we can see the name Sam Gonzales along with '76. In addition to that is a R+A +Sam's name.This helps answer a few questions we've always had about Dinoland, USA, but also opens up a new one. Sam Gonzales' name is found throughout the area and in addition to being one of the researchers of the area, but he's also the computer brain of the area as well.

One of the big questions that has always been asked about the land is when the researchers we are with first made appearances around Dinoland, USA.We know from the story that the Boneyard was founded in 1948 while the Dino Institute was created in 1978. Thanks to tis new discovery we now know that they were there in 1976 at least.

The question is,, who is A and M? Around the land are more references to other characters, however, for this week's Fun Find Friday, the mystery stops here and will be looked into more in a future Fun Find Friday!


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