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Fun Find Friday

June 22, 2012

Location: Epcot

It's time to change your fate. In the past Disney has come up with some creative ways to help promote new films they are releasing. In late 2004 and early 2005 a giant Chicken Little hung out near the Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios, also in 2004 some characters from Home on the Range received their own float during the Magic Kingdom parade, and just a few years ago Lotso joined Block Party Bash to help get more excitement for Toy Story 3!

Just a few weeks ago Disney came up with a brilliant idea on how to help spread the word about the newest Disney/Pixar film, Brave! One part of the film revolves around the Highland Games, a competition to determine which son from a Scottish clan will be the lucky person to marry Merida. So naturally, Epcot has set up their own Highland Games!

After you enter the area you get to spin a giant wheel that determines your fate and the family you are going to be playing for in these games! I ended up getting MacGuffin. After you are assigned your family you receive a button to celebrate who you represent!

The first game up is Merida's personal favorite, archery! Every guest gets to take one spot in hopes of achieving the ultimate goal: a bullseye!

After taking your shot you step up to the next station, the hammer drop! At this station guests place a bean bag on top of a slingshot and slam down the hammer to propel it into the air with the goal of making it land in a basket in front of the launching pad! Unlike the archery segment, each guests gets two shots at this one!

The next step in the Highland games is the bean bag toss (much like the Scotts did in the olden days)! Your goal this time is simple. Throw a bean bag into one of the holes being guarded by Hamish, Harris, and Hubert! Guests get two throws during this game as well.

The final game is the log toss. Here guests are handed a log that they must flip in the air at least once and try to make it lie in a straight line. This was probably the most fun of all the games (probably because it's the only one I actually accomplished what I was supposed to)!

As I stated earlier, Disney has always done a great job of promoting future films, but I think this is one of the most clever, and interactive, ways I have seen so far. If you are in Epcot in the near future make sure you stop by for this very cool Fun Find! While in the area check out the following tapestry to get a nice overview of all the main characters from the film:


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