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Fun Find Friday

January 23, 2015

Location: Carsland, Disney California Adventure

The town of Radiator Springs, the cutest little town in Carburetor Canyon, has been recreated in unbelievable detail from the 2005 hit film, Cars into sunny California at Disney California Adventure at Carsland. One of the most breathtaking views of the entire land is taken directly from the film:


What's great about this view is one of the greatest details in the land is hidden directly in front of us, but most people look at it without even a second glance. I'm talking of course about Cadillac Range, the group of Cadillac fenders that are sticking up in the distance. While these mountain ranges are clearly made of the tailfins of car, there is, as always, more here than meets the eye.

Cadillac range

Keeping in mind that this area of hills is known as Cadillac Range, it would only make sense that the tailfins were designed after various tailfins found on Cadillacs. Not only is this true, but the various peaks are known as, from left to right, Mount Fifty-Seven, Mount Fifty-Eight, Mount Fifty-Nine, Mount Sixty, Mount Sixty-One, and Mount Sixty-Two. What do the various numbers for the Mountains represent? Each year the Cadillac would slightly change the tailfin on their car much like each one of these mountain peaks changes slightly from the peak next to it. Due to this, each mountain peak is a representation of the tailfin that was popular for the Cadillac from the year 1957 through 1962!


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